#FIRMday 15th nov 2013 tom chesterton, tonic agency how being useful will make you more attractive


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#FIRMday 15th nov 2013 tom chesterton, tonic agency how being useful will make you more attractive

  1. 1. How being useful will make you more attractive
  2. 2. Power Shift Context HelpMarketing
  3. 3. Recruitment used to be easy
  4. 4. Your products and services Your corporate brand Your employment message
  5. 5. Generations of recruitment
  6. 6. Community is the new source of talent
  7. 7. Conversation means a mindset shift Audience Community Who is our community? Message Experience Where do they hang out? What value can we add? Target Invite Media plan Interest plan Penetrate Collaborate What should our content be? How will people get involved? What will make it ongoing? How will we measure success?
  8. 8. We need to think like marketers. We need to build engagement and interest. THE ACQUISITION AND ENGAGEMENT OF TALENT Social conversation Strong reputation Talent community Brand traction Delivery of promise Candidate Journey Unaware Follow Colleague advocacy Participate Advocate Join Engaged champion Reduced attrition people plan, Mission, Perform Increased productivity Business strategy, vision & values Align Commit and Achieve Reduced cost to hire Reduced time to hire Self selection and selection process Higher engagement Increased profitability Measurement
  9. 9. But how?
  10. 10. Option one Build and they will come Option two Go where they are... and help
  11. 11. Option one
  12. 12. Friend of mine awareness (Jay Baer) “Friend of mine awareness is predicated on the fact that companies are competing against real people for the attention of other real people. To succeed, your prospective customers must consider you a friend. And if, like their friends, you provide them real value rather than simply offer a series of coupons and come-ons, they will reward your company with loyalty and advocacy, the same ways we reward our friends.” !
  13. 13. HelpMarketing means actively supporting the people we need before they know they need us.
  14. 14. Jay Baer’s blueprint Identify your customer needs Map customer needs to useful marketing Market your marketing Make it a process, not a project Keep score
  15. 15. Marketing that’s helpful h#p://techland./me.com/2013/03/05/finally9a9billboard9that9creates9drinkable9water9out9of9thin9air/!
  16. 16. Marketing that’s really helpful h#p://mashable.com/2013/04/30/lowes9vines/!
  17. 17. Marketing that’s helpful (& sticky) h#p://www.phoenixchildrens.org/community/injury9preven/on9center/child9passenger9safety/car9seat9helper9app!
  18. 18. Marketing that’s helpful (& sticky 2) h#p://www.columbia.com/iPhone9Knot9App/iPhone_App_Page9WhatKnot,default,pg.html!
  19. 19. Marketing that’s not marketing h#ps://twi#er.com/HiltonSuggests!
  20. 20. Marketing that marketing www.tonicthinking.com!
  21. 21. Conversion (thanks Jay) Understand what your community needs to know Identify your customer needs Think about how you could help them Map customer needs to useful marketing Tell people where they can find help Market your marketing This is not a short term solution Make it a process, not a project Measure everything Keep score
  22. 22. Who could you help? Engineers working on a complex project IT guys looking at a technical challenge Graduates settling in to university HR people looking at brand and reputation CEOs looking at culture change
  23. 23. ! How can you be helpful? @tonictweeting Tonicthinking.com @tomchesterton 020 7183 2556
  24. 24. www.tonic-agency.com