#FIRMday Manchester 27 Sept 13 Innvotions in Graduate Recrutiement, Nicky Garceas, Capp


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#FIRMday Manchester 27 Sept 13 Innvotions in Graduate Recrutiement, Nicky Garceas, Capp

  1. 1. Innovations in Graduate Recruitment Nicky Garcea, Director, Capp
  2. 2. Capp • Capp is a Strengths-based assessment consultancy • Offering Strengths-based assessment solutions across the employee life cycle 30,000 SST completions in 2012 Revenue: $293MFounded 2005 Global Footprint: work delivered globally 600 Strengths practitioners Users in 200 Organisations 65,000 Realise2 Completions 30,000 SST completions in 2012
  3. 3. Strengths Adopters 1. Culture Shaping
  4. 4. Today: what they are and why use them? applied across assessment and selection practical application and value Strengths:
  5. 5. 1. You do it well – Performance 2. You feel good doing it – Energy 3. You do it a lot – Use (Linley, Biswas-Diener, Willars, 2010) Strengths Defined Performance Energy Use
  6. 6. Differentiating Strengths
  7. 7. Signs of a Strength Strengths Relaxed Focused/energised Tone Terminology Authentic Passionate Visualise Childhood memories Weaknesses Anxious Drained Agitated Inauthentic Shorter response No examples
  8. 8. Strengths-based Recruitment Drivers
  9. 9. Graduate Screening Process Attraction Application Form Situational Strengths Test Numerical screening Telephone / Video Screen Assessment Centre On- boarding
  10. 10. About Strengths-based Interviewing • Greater variety of question styles - open, closed, hypothetical / situational, past-behavioural • No probing • No interpretation of the questions • Rapid fire • More natural responses • Less well-rehearsed past-behavioural examples • Not reliant on past work experience
  11. 11. Competency Question • Tell me about a situation when you have had to demonstrate your credibility?
  12. 12. Strengths Question 1 How do you feel when someone challenges you in your area of expertise? (Wait for response) Why do you feel like this? 0 Tentative response. Mentions that they feel nervous or uneasy. Mentions that they don’t like having to defend their knowledge to others. 3 Provides an indifferent response. States that they feel fine and ok being challenged. Explains that defending their area of expertise is something that they expect to do. 5 States that they feel motivated and passionate about defending their knowledge and area of expertise. States that they do this because they enjoy demonstrating their knowledge and expertise to others.
  13. 13. Strengths Question 2 What makes people pay attention to your opinion? (Wait for response) How has this helped a recent situation? 0 Response suggests that this does happen but infrequently. Provides weak or no evidence for sharing how they develop their credibility. 3 Demonstrates that they do believe people respect their opinion and acknowledges that this is due to their credibility. A hypothetical or general reason is provided of why they take this view. 5 Demonstrates that they do believe people respect their opinion and acknowledges that this is due to their credibility. A specific example is provided of why they take this view.
  14. 14. Interviewer Feedback “Quick-fire questions meant candidates have to think on their feet, which really shows the strong candidates and how their thinking processes work.” “Overall very impressed with the ability to assess candidates fairly and really focus on their strengths.” “This technique is excellent for candidates with minimal or no work experience. It also prohibits the interviewer from guiding the interviewee into the answer. This style appears to relax candidates in a timelier manner than that of traditional techniques.” “I liked it a lot. It was visibly tougher on the candidates and it made it more difficult for them to serve up past answers. The consequence was that the interviews were more enjoyable for the interviewer. I’m actually looking forward to the next one!”
  15. 15. Long Term Benefits Improved Retention Attrition reduced by 50% in first 12 months 100% of Interns recruited into role Employer Brand 33% increase in positive candidate perceptions Increased recognition on campus Happier Customers Customer satisfaction up 12% Diversity / Social Mobility Women recruited into technical roles increased from 22% to 67% Improved social mobility Performance Productivity increased by 21% Faster goal delivery Cash Savings Cost per hire reduced from £950 to £577
  16. 16. Thank You nicky.garcea@capp.co www.capp.co uk.linkedin.com/in/nickygarcea @NickyGarcea