#Firmday 28 march 2014 Barclays UK RBB - making diversity a reality


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Elaine O'Loughlin, VP Resourcing at Barclays RBB will share with us 'Barclays – Making Diversity a Reality', the journey to make D&I a normal part of life at Barclays

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#Firmday 28 march 2014 Barclays UK RBB - making diversity a reality

  1. 1. Diversity – Making Diversity a Reality’, The journey to make D&I a normal part of life at Barclays March 2014
  2. 2. Contents 2 • Barclays Global Diversity Strategy • 2013 Diversity impact by agenda/ Highlights • Employee Networks / Feedback • Support for our Colleagues • Resourcing Diversity Strategy / Aspirations • Results • Questions
  3. 3. Strategy • Increase representation and decrease turnover of women at Vice President and above levels • Maintain an ongoing positive climate of inclusion and engagement • Increase external recognition as a global employer of choice •50/50 gender balance in recruiting Success Indicators Delivery Global Agenda/Listening Groups: Business Cluster Diversity Councils Data: Metrics/Measurement Intent: Talent Management Diversity & Inclusion Business Plans Diversity Networks Gender Multigenerational Multicultural Disability LGBT Diversity & Inclusion Strategy: Recruit, Develop, Enable & Engage Our Global D & I Strategy: Driving Us to Become the Go-To Bank 3 | Diversity & Inclusion | 25 June 2012 HR Processes Talent Mgmt Gender Multigenerational Disability Multiculturalism LGBT Measurement/Accountability D&I Strategy Org Development, Citizenship, Commercialisation Respect, Integrity, Excellence, Service, Stewardship Barclays Customer, Colleague, Company, Citizenship, Conduct
  4. 4. Diversity Councils Executive Diversity Council WIM Diversity Council CIB Diversity Council Barclaycard Diversity Council RBB Diversity Council Africa Diversity Council * Diversity Leader responsible for the business area Ops & Tech Diversity Council Global Functions Diversity Council −Balanced Scorecard implemented wth Diversity measures contributions goals being socialized across all councils Goals 1) Increase the female representation of Senior Leaders (MD and Directors) 2) Decrease attrition of female MDs and Directors 1) Maintain rate of female MD and Director promotions: 2) Achieve 100% participation of MD’s and Directors in the Unconscious Bias Leadership programme. 3) Deliver a Gender/Diversity Event to top 125 4) Become the Most Accessible Bank across RBB UK & expand in to Europe 1) Positive impact on overall employee engagement eg. Disability, LGBT, Multi-generational 2) Ensure all RBB MDs and directors have quantifiable Diversity & Inclusion performance objectives 3) Engage all Councils within RBB
  5. 5. Cultural Diversity Network (CDN) Spectrum – The LGBT* Network Women’s Initiatives Network (WiN) Reach Working Families and Carers (WFCN)/Parents and Families Networks (PFN) Gender Disability LGBT Multicultural Multigenerational Employee Networks That Support Our Agendas Network membership Reach 1,300 Members 330 Members 450 Members 641 Members 1,926 Members
  6. 6. ‘Arena: The network for professional women’ launched on Linked In 3rd February. Designed to inspire, develop and champion in business. It will be a place that like minded women (and men if they choose) can come together to share ideas, advice, networking opportunities and achievements, helping themselves and others to go further professionally. 4 main areas of interest will be explored: • Thought Leadership • The Working World • Achieving Goals • Work Life We have recruited some inspiring people and senior leaders within Barclays RBB to act as ambassadors for the group - they will be sharing their expertise and experiences to spark discussions. Next Steps • Further promotion of group to increase growth in members via: - Social channels - Media linked to social hub on careers site - ATM’s for International Women’s Day w/c 6th March • More internal ambassadors from wider Barclays clusters • External ambassadors on board Resourcing gender initiatives 7 876 members since launch
  7. 7. Rita Ross Head of RBB Diversity and Inclusion 8 | Work and Family Show | January 2014 What do we do now?...  Over the years Barclays has evolved to adapt its policies and procedures and these help us support our colleagues. Policies and schemes that we have to support working families and mothers are: Barclays has established policies and support networks in place to help colleagues and customers achieve their ambitions in the right way! Flexible Working 1)You Shaped Banking: Working around ways to best suit your needs 2) Location Independent Working. Being based at a location of your choice 3) Part Time Working and Job Share 4/5 Days: Working a full 35 hour week in 4 days instead of 5 working days Additional Parental Support 1)Maternity/Paternity coaching 2)Emergency Carers leave 3)Transition days 4)Career break 5)Employee networks 6)Buy and Sell annual leave 7)Keep in Touch Events
  8. 8. Rita Ross Head of RBB Diversity and Inclusion 9 | Work and Family Show | January 2014 Keep in Touch Events/Values days  Designed to ensure that individuals don’t feel as though they are out of touch with the organisation even though they may be non-operational in the business. One great example of this is ensuring that Mothers can bring their babies along to a values sessions that we hold. By providing a crèche facility this ensures that mothers can be up-skilled and kept up to date with what is happening in the organisation.  https://www.limme.co.uk/colleague/barclays-purpose-values-and- behaviours/maternity-values-event/
  9. 9. Great Success!... 2013 Awards  As an organisation we have been recognised throughout 2013 as being a place that recognises the importance of having a family. Some of the awards that we have won in 2013 are shown below. Family Friendly Award - Mumsnet Top Employer Award for Family Support - workingmums. Best of All Stages of Motherhood Award - My Family Care Listed in Top 10 Employers for Working Families