Focus Group Outputs - External Talent Pools


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Outputs from our two May 2013 Focus groups looking at external talent pools

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Focus Group Outputs - External Talent Pools

  1. 1. External Talent PoolsFocus Group - Wipro Technologies9th May 2013
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda• Introductions• Objectives for today• Breakthrough Model Exercise• Analysis
  3. 3. Whats not workingSystems-ATS/ HRIS capability-Are we utilising ATS properly?-Lack of effective tools-No central tracking-Forecasting accuracy-Keeping information currentCultural fit?Process-No talent pools!-No defined plan-Dealing with ambiguity-Volume-Selection criteria-Time-Measuring success-Lack of ready to go candidates-Long running advertsCommunication-Candidate engagement-Candidate experience-Internal communicationPeople-Line managers lack of engagement-Pro-active talent pooling-Lack of resource-Behaviour/ mindset change-Alignment/ in scopeEmployer Brand
  4. 4. Whats workingSystems and Process-Linked In Recruiter-Referrals-Competitor mapping-Having a robust processMeasurement-Forecasts-Reduced cost-Size of talent pool Output/Results-Filling difficult hires-Niche and volume recruitment-Quality-Reactive recruitment-Interview ready/ interviewed classificationInternal Communication-Strong relationship with the business-Getting business buy inExternal Communication-Delivering Consistent message-Engagement through contact and content-Increased brand perception-Targeted networking
  5. 5. What’s missingProcess-ATS-Consistent process-Ability to bulk targetcandidates-Information/ knowledgesharing-Reporting-Tracking-Accurate forecastingTalent-Definition of talent-Understanding what a talent pool is-Lack of resource-Niche skills in the marketTime-Do we have time to talent pool-Time to manage the talent poolEngagement/Communication-Engage with passive candidates-Do candidates want to be in a talent pool-Communication to candidates (what, how often)-Wider business understanding-Defined employer brandStakeholders-Buy in/ ownership
  6. 6. What’s PossibleMetricsIncreased hiring efficiencyImproved long term hireperformanceIncreasing speed and qualityLower agency usageReduced cost and time to hireTargeted talent poolsIncreased % of hires from thetalent poolBusinessBetter quality succession planningChange in mindsetIncreased profile of recruitment teamProactive planningCross functional talent utilisationExperience-Silver medallists available-Referrals from successful candidates-Increased initial engagement-ultimate candidate experience-social mediaIncreased understanding of the business-self selectionBetter engagement with hiring communityClear communicationSystems/ processSystems which work for recruiters!Targeted Linked In pages or careers siteMeaningful reportingATS candidate managementMapping – know where the talent is
  7. 7. Themes identified• Systems and process• Engagement and communication• Business/ stakeholder engagement• Measurement, reporting and quality• Employer Brand• Outputs and results• Resource/ time required• Succession planning/ forecasting
  8. 8. Systems• Avature great!• Taleo (use folders, talent community, tag people and send out comms)• Linked In (company page, groups, projects, talent networks, leverageemployees and agencies, use tags)• Other good ATS providers – Qandidate (free)/ Harbour/ Smart recruiter• Step at a time, dont do too much at once!
  9. 9. Business Engagement• Shared ownership• Relate it to cost impact• Use data to influence• Pilot in one functional area• Leverage referral schemes (ensure in KPIS/ PDP objectives)• Don’t try and do everything for everyone at once• Push back• Accurate forecasting is key• Celebrate success• Showcase metrics
  10. 10. Process• Criteria – make sure not just a list of names• Create tags/ pipeline reqs• Consistent application• Make sure it is time bound• Data protection – make sure you are compliant
  11. 11. Suggested Approach 1.GoldBeen through selectionStandardised/ shared processExamples of what good looks likeSalary benchmarkingEngage vendors tooDont forget internal talentSilverReferralsDon’t know right now!May not have all criteriaQualified by recruitersCan’t have too many in this bucketAgency freebies in here?BronzeList of namesNo contactTalent Stalk!Linked In followersAgency freebies?Candidates that have applied for other roles
  12. 12. Suggested Approach 2.1. Know the candidate (worked with or absolute evidence they are highquality)2. Not worked with them but belief they are high quality ( i.e. Qualified byrecruiters and not the business3. Just dont know yet!4. Good but we have better5. Stored but doesn’t fit – useful knowledge
  13. 13. Candidate EngagementGold• Personal contact• Monthly relevant contact• Interesting, useful knowledge• Company insight• Coaching calls• Ask what interaction they would like• Standardise where possibleSilver• Jobs• Events/ open days/ networkingBronze• Stalk• Be visible!
  14. 14. Resource/SupportYou don’t have to do this alone!Try the following providers:• The Executive researchers association• Talent Intelligence• Write Research• Ervena• Avancos• E-sift• Easyweb• Electric marketing (lists only)
  15. 15. Measurement• Source of hire (talent pool/ pipeline but also original source)• Vacancy open in real time• Time and cost per hire• Quality (appraisal ratings• Retention• Engagement
  16. 16. Employer Brand• Make sure you are visible for passive candidates• Clear EVP• Fix the basics• Sort out your company page on Linked In• Website• Put yourself in the candidates shoes – how do they want to becommunicated with...