Building capability 2013 - Building a Targeted Talent Acquisition Campaign


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Jobsite's Mervyn Dinnen's presentation from our May 2013 Building Capability Conference. 'Gaining competitive advantage through a targeted talent acquisition campaign'

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Building capability 2013 - Building a Targeted Talent Acquisition Campaign

  1. 1. our job is searching for your jobGaining Competitive Advantage Through aTargeted Talent Acquisition Campaign
  2. 2. our job is searching for your jobMervyn DinnenJobsite Content & Community Manager@MervynDinnen@JobsiteUK
  3. 3. our job is searching for your jobWhy You May Need More thanBasic Advertising
  4. 4. Something new?• Need to create awareness for a new / differentdivision within an already recognised business.• Want to position the business above competitionfor attracting top talent.• Want candidates to engage with the brandearlier in the recruitment process to secureplacements.
  5. 5. Or maybe a different route to market…• Traditionally relied on recruitment agencies sothe brand has been hidden in the hiring process.• A need to reduce cost per hire and increase staffretention.
  6. 6. our job is searching for your jobWhat are the Best Ways to HelpBoost Brand?
  7. 7. How to get in touch with relevant people…• Target only candidates with the skillset you require withbehavioural targeted banners.• Attract top talent from your area with geographicallytargeted email campaigns.• Position yourself above your competition with sponsored“Jobs by Email” alerts.• Streamline the recruitment process by driving all traffic toyour own company careers page.
  8. 8. Featured recruiter…
  9. 9. …Directory of Recruiters…
  10. 10. …Corporate Brochure…
  11. 11. …Leading to all that recruiter’s vacancies…
  12. 12. Sponsor a Skillword…
  13. 13. …and create a Skillword Banner…
  14. 14. …leading to a Branded Advert
  15. 15. …or if preferable, a Bespoke Advert
  16. 16. our job is searching for your jobCase Study 1 – HondaResearch & Development
  17. 17. The Need…• Enhance awareness of the R&D Division within Honda• Increase Honda’s exposure to relevant candidates withinthe R&D field• Emphasise that Honda R&D is separate from HondaManufacturing to aid candidate capture• Enable Honda R&D to double their annual recruitment ofexecutives from 10 to 20• Help them to save money as traditionally they haverelied on recruitment agencies
  18. 18. The Solution…3 Month Talent AcquisitionPackageTo increase exposure to the right candidates and to offer aproactive service to discover the best talent that usesJobsite, relevant to the roles that Honda R&D have to fill…• Unlimited Vacancy Postings• CV Search & CV Watchdog• 3 x Bespoke Targeted E-mail (each sent to up to 10,000candidates)• Run of Site Banner/Skyscraper• I x Homepage Button (live for 3 months)
  19. 19. 3 Month Brand Awareness Campaign• Corporate Brochure• Company Profile Page• Homepage Button in “Currently Recruiting”• Candidate Homepage Button in “Currently Recruiting”• Page Google Optimised• Brand highlighted in “Featured Jobs” on search resultspage• Brand highlighted in search results page• Vacancies Google Optimised
  20. 20. Targeted e-mail to up to 10,000 Project Engineerswithin the Automotive Industry
  21. 21. Banner for candidates within theAutomotive sector
  22. 22. Corporate Brochure…
  23. 23. Branded Advert…
  24. 24. Bespoke Advert…
  25. 25. After 3 months…• Two experienced hires saving agency fees of£19,000• 5 qualified candidates being progressed forother roles
  26. 26. our job is searching for your jobCase Study 2 - UCAS
  27. 27. The Need…• Increase traffic to new careers site• Previously relied on recruitment agencies andnot focused on direct recruiting strategies• Reduce cost per hire
  28. 28. Corporate Brochure…
  29. 29. Sponsored Banner…
  30. 30. After 3 months…• Average cost per hire reduced from £9,000 to£689• Increase in traffic to careers site
  31. 31. Summary…• Targeted, branded digital talent acquisitioncampaign can increase exposure to candidateswith required skillset• Behavioural targeting can increase relevancy• Ultimately delivering higher quality applications• Reduce cost per hire
  32. 32. our job is searching for your jobMervyn DinnenJobsite Content & Community Manager@MervynDinnen@JobsiteUKAny questions?