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Building an Inhouse Talent Acquisition Team


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Focus group outputs from 05/04/12 with members of The FIRM

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Building an Inhouse Talent Acquisition Team

  1. 1. Building an Inhouse Talent Acquisition Team Focus Group Outputs 4th April 2012
  2. 2. Recruitment Team StructureHow do different organisations structure their operational resourcing teams?• Typical structures included: • Talent Acquisition Manager/ Recruiter/ Partner/Adviser • Resourcer/ junior recruiter • Support (centralised/ decentralised) • Also increasingly one or two in-house exec search teams
  3. 3. Recruitment Team StructureWhat do you pay your resourcing teams? RPO Senior recruiter £40,000 - 50,000 + 20% bonus Talent Acquisition Manager/ Senior recruiter £39,000 - 50,000 Resourcer/ Junior Recruiter £24,000 - 28,000 Resourcing Support/ Co-ordinator £24,000 - 25,000 Resourcing Admin £24,000 - 25,000 Inhouse Exec Search £60,000 +
  4. 4. Recruitment VolumesHow many vacancies do your teams handle at any one time? 15 roles 15-20 roles (external only) 6-8 Exec search 15-20 roles 20-30 roles 15-30 roles (including internal) 15 roles (external only) (60% internal) 15 roles (external only) 40 roles 80 with one high volume recruiter!
  5. 5. Metrics and reportingTypical targets amongst the group Time to Hire •65 days – including 10 internal advertising days •45 calendar days/ average 30 •49 calendar days •30/40/50 day targets dependant on level of role •90 calendar days •Target start date – percentage hit rate
  6. 6. Metrics and reportingTypical targets amongst the groupCost per HireMeasured predominantly in two ways: • Fully loaded (Attraction/ selection/ SWB/ IT & telephony) • Attraction and selection onlyCost Per hire varied from £1100 to £8000 Industry requirement for one consistent Cost per Hire standard in order to run external benchmarks!
  7. 7. Metrics and reportingWhat do the group use to measure qualityof Hire?• Customer satisfaction metrics• HRBP satisfaction metrics• ‘Empty Chair’/ How long is the gap metrics• New recruit performance metrics• Probation statistics
  8. 8. Key Challenges• ATS systems! • Lack of relevant search functionality • Lack of CRM functionality • Poor candidate experience• Line Manager engagement• Measurement• How to charge back the total resourcing cost• Balancing business of today requirements vs implementing transformational activities to support business of tomorrow• Cross border recruitment
  9. 9. Many thanks to all the focus group attendees for their inputs and insights