Channel strip (mixer)


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Channel strip (mixer)

  1. 1. Using : 1. software : Audacity 2. hardware : Behringer xynx 1202
  2. 2. To open the mixer board, alt v (view) then m (mixing board
  3. 3. Mixer Board is an alternative view to the Channel Strip, analogous to a hardware mixer board. Each audio track gets its own meter, gain and pan sliders and mute/solo buttons, echoing the Track Panel controls. The meters are post-fade like Meter Toolbar, each being affected by their respective sliders. The Mixer Board... command is enabled whenever there's an audio track - it can even be brought up during playback.
  4. 4. Mixer using behringer xynx 1202usb
  5. 5. • Mic input channel for the XLR connector also can do for the condenser type microphone • Line in is mono input for the ¼ connector can do for the balance of the unbalance • Gain is for control the input gain better always in minimum set when connect or disconnect
  6. 6. • Comp is for amount of compresion effect in this channel mostly for help vocal cut through a mix better. • Equalizer for this xynx 1202 have 3 band eq for the low tone, mid tone and high tone and its British type eq, also there in low cut filter for 80 hz to eliminate the unwanted low freq signal • This is repeat to other mono channel
  7. 7. • Fx : this is for drive effects devices reverb, delay. • Pan for the stereo right and left in the midle means the signal maintained at constant level • Level control determines level of the channel signal
  8. 8. • Stereo line inputs two balanced inputs ( ¼ jacks) for left and right, this can also accept unbalanced jack • Phones jack to the headphones • Fx send is connect to the input of external effects unit • Main mix is for the connector unbalanced jack • 2 Track input bring the external signal source cd player or ipod or mp3 • 2 track output for recording device
  9. 9. • Main Mix : the main mix adjust the volume. • Phones/control room : this control adjust the level of both headphones and main monitor outputs. • Phones : this is to phones jack to adjust the level output • There is power led and led for right and left if the led is green ok then if red should be reduce the signal • Also there is 48 v lights up when the phantom power is on, this is for the supply xlr cable connector
  10. 10. Usb cable send stereo signal from the mixer to the computer and same of the main bus, Output connector of the mixer go to the pa
  11. 11. Introduction to Music Production