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Ycc Yahoo! Bot Maker Help

  1. 1. YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker Help Version 2.4.1 Yahoo! Coder’s Cookbook http://ycoderscookbook.com YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker is a program designed to quickly and efficiently create Yahoo! accounts. The accounts created by YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker can be used for any of the Yahoo! services such as Yahoo! Mail or Yahoo! Instant Messenger (Y!M). YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker mimics a web browser by requesting the same pages the browser would during a normal account sign-up process (https://edit.yahoo.com/registration?). YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker then displays the information in a more friendly Windows application and solicits a response from the user for the appropriate information to create an account. YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker also has the ability to automatically fill in the requested account information with pre-generated or automated data. As a method to create even more accounts, manual proxy and proxy list support is included. Quick Start 1. Leave all the default settings and press Process under Processing Options (1) 2. Once a CAPTCHA control has been shown in the queue (7), enter the CAPTCHA and press Submit for the respective control. 3. Wait and the next CAPTCHA will appear. 4. The results are stored in the bots.txt file in the program root directory.
  2. 2. Operation 1. Decide which type of name you would like to cerate (4). The choices are Random, Sequential, Web Dictionary, User Dictionary, or None. a. Random – This creates a username from completely random characters. The character set is lower, upper, and numbers. An option is given for the minimum and maximum length for the username. b. Sequential – This method takes a base username and then adds an incremented number to the end of it. The Sequential Start is the number that will initially be added to the end of the chosen username. The Sequential Increment is how much the number will be increased between names. c. Web Dictionary – This creates usernames from an online random word generator and modifies the words to create random sequences. d. User Dictionary – This uses names from a file specified by the user. e. None – Only the username typed will be created.
  3. 3. 2. Decide if you want random passwords. The default is random and can be found at the bottom of the Name Options (4). 3. Decide if you want random user information. The default is random and can be found at the bottom of the Sign-Up Information. Otherwise, fill in all of the user information shown except Alternate Email which is optional. 4. Select which proxy option you will use. None uses your native machine IP address, Manual uses only the proxy information given, and List imports a proxy list supplied by the user. 5. Click Process under Processing Options (1) and wait for the CAPTCHAs to appear. The CAPTCHs will appear in the Queue section (7). 6. Type the CAPTCHA into the Submit field of the respective control when it turns green and then click Submit. 7. If Continue Queue under Processing Options (1) is checked then the queue will be populated with another name based on the initial options. 8. The results are stored in bots.txt which is located in the program root directory. Detailed Function Processing Options A. Process – This starts the account making process. B. Add – Add one additional name to the queue. C. Stop – Stop all queue processing and clear the form. D. Queue Size – Number of names to initially populate the queue with. E. Continue Queue – Automatically add another name to the queue once a name has been processed. Please note that regional servers have been removed due to a change to the Yahoo! account servers. All regional servers redirect back to https://edit.yahoo.com which negates the need to specify the servers. Username and Password A. Username – This is the username that will be created for the Yahoo! account. B. Password - This is the password needed to access the Yahoo! account that is created. C. Domain – The domain that the account will be created on such as user@ymail.com D. Random Domains – Create accounts with random domains. Sign-Up Information – This is the user information required by Yahoo! All fields must be completed except Alternate Email to have a successful registration. More detailed information about each field can be found by manually navigating with your web browser to the Yahoo! account signup page at https://edit.yahoo.com/registration?. A. Random User Data – If you would like all of the Sign-Up Information filled in for you check this box. This option is preferred because all the data
  4. 4. fields are checked for their respective requirements before the name is processed. Name Options A. Random – A random username is created B. Sequential - This method takes a base username and then adds an incremented number to the end of it. The Sequential Start is the number that will initially be added to the end of the chosen username. The Sequential Increment is how much the number will be increased between names. C. Web Dictionary – This creates usernames from an online random word generator and modifies the words to create random sequences. D. User Dictionary – This uses names from a file specified by the user. The names stored in the user dictionary should be separated by a new line. If the delete entry option is checked then the most recently used dictionary entry will be removed from the dictionary list which is useful for not reusing names by accident. E. None – Only the username typed will be created. F. Random Passwords – The password field will be automatically generated. Proxy Options A. None – No proxy will be used and the IP address native to you machine will be used. B. Manual – The proxy listed in the manual settings will be used. The address must be prefixed by either http:// or https:// and localhost is not permitted. This is useful if you use third party proxy management software that automatically rotates proxies for you. C. List – The proxy currently highlighted in the user provided proxy list will be used for the current account creation. a. Proxy List i. Open - The open folder icon populates the proxy list and removes any proxies already in the list. ii. Append - The open folder with a + icon appends (add without deleting current proxies) additional proxies to the list. iii. Save – The save icon saves the current proxy list to a user supplied location iv. Add - Add a single proxy, specified by the text box to the right, to the list v. Remove - Remove the currently highlighted proxy from the list. b. Remove Proxy From List on Error – If a proxy from the list generates an error while connecting such as protocol error, connect error, or 999, it will be removed from the proxy list and not used for account creation again. c. Increment List After Use – This causes proxy rotation for each account. Once a proxy is used, the highlighted proxy will move to the next proxy in the list.
  5. 5. Last Queue – This the status of the last name request Queue – This is a display of several username requests (the number is determined by the Processing Options). When the CAPTCHA image turns green the control is ready for you to type in the CAPTCHA and hit submit. Each control gives the username, domain, and response code for each request. You may also cancel a request by clicking the . Addition information for each request can be found by clicking the . Queue Focus Options A. First Item – The first account in the queue will retain keyboard focus. B. Current item – The account that you are currently working with retains keyboard focus C. None – No keyboard focus is assigned Statistics – Success, Fail, Canceled, Removed proxy and Total count. Application Settings A. Save User Setting on Exit – This saves the various form fields for the next time the application is started. This is convenient if you have particular data that you like to use. B. Check for Updates on Start – Query ycoderscookbook.com for application updates. C. View Bots File – Show the completed accounts. The accounts are stored in bots.txt which can be found in the application root directory. Status Bar – This displays useful information pertaining to the various functions performed. Help A. – Open the help file. B. – About YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker C. – If you find this application useful please donate. Requirements • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or above (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/ netframework/default.aspx) • Internet connection • HTTPHelper.dll (included) • ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll (included) Troubleshooting • The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135) – This means that the Microsoft .NET Framework is either missing or the incorrect version.
  6. 6. Visit http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netframework/default.aspx for the latest version of the .NET Framework. • 999 Error – You can only process so many accounts per IP address before Yahoo! flags you for abuse. Please see http://ycoderscookbook.com/tutorials/999_Error.html for more information. Uninstallation YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker does not use Windows Installer so it is safe to just delete the YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker Folder. Additionally, YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker saves settings in the "C:Users*your user*AppDataLocalYCC" folder under Microsoft Vista or "C:Documents and Settings*your user*Application DataYCC" folder under Microsoft 2000/XP. License Agreement The software, YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker, is distributed under the Creative Commons GNU General Public License which can be found at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/GPL/2.0/ The major points follow: 1. No commercial distribution without permission. 2. You are allowed to modify the program and source, all I ask is you keep the original credit. 3. If you do modify the program it will fall under the same license agreement. I have chosen this license to allow users to do pretty much what they want with the program. The big thing that I ask is please don't redistribute this software without acknowledgment to YCC and a link back to http://ycoderscookbook.com. I would love to hear what you think about the program and if you have made useful changes. A forum for YCC Bot Maker can be found at http://www.ycoderscookbook.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=8. As with any piece of freeware, I have made every effort to make the software useable and friendly. With that said I take no responsibility for damage created by this program or the user’s actions. You may be violating the Yahoo! Terms of Service by using this program. The user takes full responsibility for their actions. Contact
  7. 7. Main Website http://ycoderscookbook.com/ YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker http://ycoderscookbook.com/code/YCC_Yahoo_Bot_ Source and Design Maker.html Documents YCC Blog http://ycoderscookbook.com/blog YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker http://www.ycoderscookbook.com/forums/viewforum.p Forum hp?f=8 Other YCC Programs http://ycoderscookbook.com/code/index.html Donations http://ycoderscookbook.com/donations/index.html YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker and many other useful programs are housed at Yahoo! Coder's Cookbook (http://ycoderscookbook.com). Also at Yahoo! Coder's Cookbook is a full tutorial section explaining much of the Yahoo! Messenger protocol, a frequently updated blog, other code samples for Yahoo! Messenger, and much more. Development Services If you would like a particular feature added to YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker or any other YCC program visit the donation page (http://ycoderscookbook.com/donations/index.html) and read about the services that I offer.