Dallas Muni Video Surveillance Tour ASIS 2010


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Dallas Muni Video Surveillance Tour at ASIS 2010 Conference: downtown bus tour, Mobile Command Center, 911 Center, Police Dispatch, and Camera Unit.
Design and integration services from Bearcom; video mesh from Firetide; video management/PSIM software from OnSSI,

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Dallas Muni Video Surveillance Tour ASIS 2010

  1. 1. Wireless Video Surveillance System The City of Dallas and the Dallas Police Department Technology Providers: BearCom, Firetide, and OnSSI
  2. 2. Agenda Who we are Wireless video surveillance technologies City of Dallas History and timeline Funding Where we are today Results
  3. 3. Wireless Video Surveillance Technologies
  4. 4. City of Dallas Goals Improved quality of life Urban revitalization Reduction of crime through better deterrence, detection, and investigation Reduction of operating costs Challenges Department of Homeland Security listed Dallas among top 10 cities to be targeted by terrorists Police department staffing and budget limits Potential disruption to infrastructure, primarily streets
  5. 5. City of Dallas (Continued) Technology solutions Wireless video surveillance system Fixed and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras Dedicated wireless mesh network Sophisticated monitoring software Future integration with mobile units Operational solutions 24x7 monitoring by experienced police officers Coordination with patrol officers to respond to incidents Data capture and storage for future use
  6. 6. City of Dallas (Continued) Benefits Overt system to help deter crime Provide evidence of crimes for use in court System scalability Extend coverage by adding nodes and cameras Ability to handle high-quality video traffic from cameras Bandwidth and video quality (e.g., ability to read license plates from three blocks away) Operational savings Force multiplier
  7. 7. History and Timeline 2005: Pilot at three sites; secured funding for initial deployment March 2006: Issued RFP for Downtown project November 2006: Public demo and outreach campaign December 2006 to February 2007: Deployment in Downtown Summer 2007: Deployment in Jubilee Park neighborhood 2008: Deployment in Jefferson Blvd. corridor 2008 to 2010: Expansion in Downtown and Jubilee Park 2010: Deployment in Uptown 2011: More expansion
  8. 8. Funding Public/private partnerships Initial Downtown installation funded by Dallas-based Meadows Foundation Expansion of Downtown installation funded by Downtown Dallas, Inc. Jubilee Park neighborhood installation funded by Jubilee Park Association Jefferson Blvd. corridor installation funded by various Jefferson Blvd. merchants City of Dallas Monitoring personnel Ongoing maintenance
  9. 9. Where We Are Today 152 cameras One of the largest municipal wireless video surveillance systems in the U.S. Additional cameras to be incorporated in 2011 165 mesh nodes 8 monitoring stations New Mobile Command Center (2009) Can access wireless mesh network and video feeds throughout City of Dallas New Monitoring Center in City Hall (2010)
  10. 10. Results 2008 2009 2010 (YTD) Calls Involving Cameras 4,388 6,259 7,422 Arrests Made 1,142 1,536 2,138 Offenses Recorded 249 285 389 Events Monitored 70 253 176 DVDs Created 59 70 39
  11. 11. Results (Continued) Non-Violent Violent Crime Total Crime Crime Downtown Dallas Down 35% Down 35% Down 35% Uptown Dallas Down 31% Down 37% Down 37% Jubilee Park Neighborhood Down 52% Down 60% Down 59%
  12. 12. Technology Providers BearCom Nationwide wireless communications dealer and solutions integrator Headquartered in Dallas Firetide Provider of wireless mesh networks for IP video surveillance OnSSI Supplier of intelligent IP video surveillance software
  13. 13. Thank You!