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A time for every Season...

Published in: Spiritual, Technology


  1. 1. To Everything There is a Season The Book of Ecclesiastes King Solomon… Prepared: Varouj Music Vangelis “Roxane’s Veil”
  2. 2. Theme of Ecclesiastes Book: Outside of a real and dynamic relationship with God, even a“Successful” life will be full of futility and vanity…
  3. 3. A Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven (ECC 3:1-8)
  4. 4. A Time to be Born And… A Time to Die
  5. 5. A Time to Plant And…A Time to Plunk ... what is Planted
  6. 6. A Time to Kill And…A Time to Heal
  7. 7. A Time to Breakdown And…A Time to Build up
  8. 8. A Time to Mourn And…A Time to Dance
  9. 9. A Time to Cast Away Stones And…A Time to Gather Stones
  10. 10. A Time to Embrace And…A Time to Refrain from Embracing
  11. 11. A Time to Gain And..A Time to Lose
  12. 12. A Time to Keep And…A Time to Throw Away
  13. 13. A Time to Tear And…A Time to Sew
  14. 14. A Time to Silence And…A Time to Speak
  15. 15. A Time to Love And…A Time to Hate
  16. 16. A Time of War And…A Time of Peace…
  17. 17. Life under the sun from a purely human perspective with all the worldlywisdom, power, popularity, fame, prestige, riches, wealth, pleasures… will not have a greater meaning apart from God…
  18. 18. The key thought in thebook of Ecclesiastes is “vanity”It’s Emptiness of trying tobe happy apart from God…But that’s your CHOICE…
  19. 19. In the final conclusionfrom ancient writings…“FEAR GOD AND KEEP HISCOMMANDMENTS, FOR THIS IS MAN’S ALL” (ECC 12:13)
  20. 20. “In much Wisdom is much grief and one who increases knowledgeincreases sorrow.” (ECC 1:18)
  21. 21. “God shall judge the righteous and thewicked, For there is timethere for every purpose and for every work…” (ECC 3:17)
  22. 22. Wisdom excels folly asLight excels darkness (ECC 2:13)
  23. 23. “Wisdom is good with inheritance and profitable to those who see the sun.But Excellency of knowledgeis that wisdom gives life to those who have it” (ECC 7:11-12)
  24. 24. “In the day of prosperity be joyful, But in the day of adversity conceder:Surely God has appointed the one as well as the other, Sothat one can find out nothing that will come after him.” (ECC 7:14)
  25. 25. Skepticism anddespair melt awaywhen one views life daily a gift from God…
  26. 26. Perhaps… Let’s just take a deepbreath and accept life one day at a time and seek God through prayers for His guidance the gift of life for His Glory.
  27. 27. Many have passed before usand many will come after us. The most precious meaning life enables us to have a genuine “PURPOSE”.So I ask you to consider thisgift and enjoy the blessings. For GOD is “LOVE”
  28. 28. Only through God you will find the essence inthe meaning to “LOVE” When you receive it inyour heart then you may understand the real meaning to life… I call it “TRUTH”