One Persons Thought Rev (12/19/09)

To dear SS members who read this comment I just like to share my personal thoughts wit...
Casting SS Contest Votes
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Casting SS Contest Votes


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Casting SS Contest Votes

  1. 1. One Persons Thought Rev (12/19/09) To dear SS members who read this comment I just like to share my personal thoughts with you. I welcome your comments. I think its spineless cowardly action for any person that votes negative without the decency to articulate a comment as to the reason why they vote to dislike a slide show (RED) under Slide comments. I believe if you do not like a slide show then don’t vote unless you have the GUTS to express you’re your sincere and honest view points. My thoughts as to why SS member may choose to vote negative SS contest: 1) Bigotry and prejudices due to religious biases 2) Prejudices due to personality conflicts 3) Chauvinist biases 4) Objective critique with specific facts that are substantiated 5) SS contestant credibility due to plagiarism, copyright infringement, not the originator/creator of the slide show. 6) Track record of poor authenticity on credibility past experience 7) Personal emotional conflicts 8) Gaming to negate SS member’s positive votes for their personal gains in hope to win SS holiday spirit contest. 9) Creating bogus alien SS accounts in the interest to vote favorably to their slide show but further voting Red (negative) to other SS member’s slide shows. This is a real occurrence. See the comments bellow…. 10) More………… I have voted one person negative because she has falsified under PPT slide properties her brand name on all her slide shows posted on SS. Her profile states carnival disclaimers with weaseling words as excuse to justify her actions. She has downloaded over 600 slides since July 2009. She claims most of the posted slides that she is not the originator nevertheless a mere collector to PPT slides from other talented artist’s work from the internet. Yet she has the audacity to place under slide show PPT properties her brand name. You be the judge for this kind of insanity a person displays on SS if this is an ethical behavior to deserve an honest positive vote. BTW, if you leave any objective comment of questioning the authenticity of her slide shows she will cherry pick and delete your comment. A rhetorical question a person needs to ask oneself is should a SS member’s RED vote on a slide show was displayed and shared with all SS viewers what would their action be. SMILES……………….. I would hope SS leadership would modify next time some further tightening up of slide show contest rules in spirit to serve TRUTH for outcome of contestant winners. Let’s just take lesson’s learned and improve for next talent show. I wish you all the very best this Christmas Season Blessings to all of you for a prosperous and healthy New Year ahead Varouj p.s. Any SS member’s personal artistry work to slide shows is too precious by the fruits of labor to deserve a negative vote in our SS community. If you don’t like it just do not vote.