FLASHOVER -Hazel Township


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FLASHOVER -Hazel Township

  1. 1. 4-19-2007 Hazelton Firefighter caught in Flashover 598-600 Manhattan Court Two children Killed
  2. 2. The following information has been provided by Joel Mumie Firefighter with Pioneer Fire co. Ladder 1 Firefighter Mumie was caught in the flashover while searching for the trapped victims.
  3. 3. The fire was a 1/2 block from my house I went out my front door and heard terrible screaming and knew we had a bad one. Drove down the block and radioed county of the working fire with entrapment, fire showing side "D" geared up and awaited for E-2 to arrived when it did I grabbed the 16ft roof ladder threw it to side "A" and found a mother in the window, grabbed her and pulled her out and she said her kids were in their room and begged me to get them as my partner moved her down the side of the roof to a safe area, and I entered the room, searched in about 5-6 feet found the crib but no child, attempted to continue searching when in seconds the conditions became unbearable and I made my way back to the window and as I exited the 2nd floor flashed. I thought for sure I was burned but lucked out, I had all my PPE in place and it did it's job and I am still here to talk about it. Can't stress enough the importance of wearing it and wearing properly. I know you guys feel the same way about it and this may seem like I am "preaching to the choir" but I figured I would send the pictures of it and the damage so you can use it for training and stressing the importance to other members of you departments or future students you will teach. Sad to say that we could not reach the 2 boys in time, but I was able to get the mother who by the way is 6 months pregnant with another child and is expected to make it through ok, so not all was totally lost. Be carefull out there!
  4. 4. entering to search for the children after removing the mother
  5. 5. 2nd floor as it flashed and if you look close under the window venting fire on the left you can see the outline of firefighter Mumie as he exited
  6. 15. His PPE
  7. 29. Miscellaneous information <ul><li>Its has been reported that the fire started with an unattended pot of oil on the stove. </li></ul><ul><li>There were also two smoke detectors without batteries. </li></ul>
  8. 30. A Special Thank You to Firefighter Mumie for sharing his pictures so we can reinforce the importance of PPE.