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buy ologyS Y M P O S I U Mby Martin Lindstrom
A revolutionI   n more than 70% ofcases, the decision to buy                                This groundbreaking           ...
Truth and LiesAbout Why We BuyH      ow much do we knowabout why we buy? What                                 and products...
$7 milliongroundbreaking                                                                 A riveting read. Challenging,rese...
Want to know a secret?An amazing day of                                         You’re a victim of subliminal advertising ...
An amazing day of                                          God Inc.                                                       ...
A riveting showB     uyology is he biggest      astounding 76% of                                 Lindstrom’s audience    ...
The world’s biggestmarketing symposiumAmericas        Europe continuedCanada          PortugalMexico          SpainUnited ...
The book        The world’s biggest        publisher, Random        House Doubleday        New York, the        publisher ...
Martin Lindstrom                                                         Lindstrom understood the wisdom of the net       ...
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Buyology symposium brochure


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Buyology symposium brochure

  1. 1. buy ologyS Y M P O S I U Mby Martin Lindstrom
  2. 2. A revolutionI n more than 70% ofcases, the decision to buy This groundbreaking research project, theone item in favor of a biggest in history, hascompetitor product is made revealed how everythingin the four seconds before we believe about why wethe consumer takes their buy is wrong. By examiningchoice from the store shelf. consumers’ brains, using the most sophisticatedF-o-u-r s-e-c-o-n-d-s! brain scanning technology available, Lindstrom andWould you like to know his team have analysedwhat goes on during those consumers in the U.S., thefour seconds? Why your United Kingdom, Germany,brand was rejected or Japan and China. Andaccepted? What trigger d they’ve discovered thatthe decision in favor of your we’re hardwired to buycompetitor? brands.No-one has been able to The research results are Martin Lindstrom is one ofunlock what happens in mindblowing. For the firstthese four seconds – until time ever, Lindstrom has branding’s most original thinkers –now. proven how it is possible to his insights surprise even the most predict the success of a savvy marketer.With the support of 20 brand – without asking theleading scientists, Martin consumer ‘s opinion. But Robert A. Eckert, CEO & Chairman Mattel Inc.Lindstrom and his global this is far from the full ”team has spent four years story…researching what Lindstromcalls our ‘buyology’.
  3. 3. Truth and LiesAbout Why We BuyH ow much do we knowabout why we buy? What and products. His startling results shatter much of Why do rational people act irrationally? Written like a fast-paced detective novel, Buyology unveils what neuromarketers knowtruly influences our decisions what we have long believed about our decision-making so we can buyin today’s message-cluttered about what seduces our and sell more An eye-grabbing interest and drives us toadvertisement? A catchy buy. Among the questions Dr. Mehmet C. Oz, The Oprah Showslogan? An infectious jingle? he explores:Or do our buying decisionstake place below the surface, Does sex actually sell? Toso deep within our what extent do people insubconscious minds, we’re skimpy clothing andbarely aware of them? suggestive poses persuade us to buy products?In Buyology, Lindstrompresents the astonishing Despite government bans,findings from his does subliminal advertisinggroundbreaking, four-year, still surround us – in bars,$7million neuromarketing on highway billboards, andstudy, a cutting-edge on supermarket shelves?experiment that peered insidethe brains of 2,000 volunteers Can ‘cool’ brands, likefrom around the world as iPod, trigger our matingthey encountered various instincts?logos, commercials, brands
  4. 4. $7 milliongroundbreaking A riveting read. Challenging,research program exciting, provocative, clever, and, even more importantly, useful!Can other senses – smell, What are the top tentouch, and sound – be so Andrew Robertson, CEO BBDO Worldwide mistakes that companiespowerful as to physically are making, resulting inarouse us when we see a billions of dollars wastedproduct? every year?Do companies copy fromthe world of religion and Is it possible to predict thecreate rituals – like drinking success of a new branda Corona with a lime wedge before it is even released,– to capture our hard- just by looking into ourearned dollars? brainsDoes product placement Filled with entertainingwork at all? In partnership inside stories about how wewith the world’s most respond to such well-watched TV show, known brands as Marlboro,‘American Idol ‘, Lindstrom Nokia, Calvin Klein, Ford,discovered the truth about and American Idol,product placement and its Buyology is a fascinating ,true effect on our brains. captivating and shocking journey into the mind of today’s consumer.
  5. 5. Want to know a secret?An amazing day of You’re a victim of subliminal advertising It was banned in the 50s. Or so we thought. Lindstromknowledge sharing… and his team explored the facts behind subliminal advertising and used the brain as the direct source ofMarketing, Meet Neuroscience evidence for it. The revelations are astounding.The Buyology Symposium sessions Explore the future of subliminal advertising. Learn what not to do – and what you’d better do.Brands on the Brain Understand the secrets of our consumer brains andThe world’s largest neuromarketing research how to translate them into brand action.project challenges everything you’ve learned about Secure fascinating knowledge about the nextadvertising and branding generation of product placement: what will it look like, and how can you make the most of the technique forThis session reveals Project Buyology’s extraordinary your brand?findings: What works? What doesn’t? What are brand-builders doing right? And what can we change tooptimize marketing plans? Buyology’s revelations signala break with the marketing rules we’ve followed over The Mind Game, No More Secretsdecades. This presentation change your approach to And lots of action points!advertising, reorienting the way you build brands. Forget theory. The Buyology Symposium is practical and Learn what’s next for market research, now that hands-on. It will inspire, provoke and, most importantly, Buyology has roundly challenged conventional change the way you advertise and build brands forever. By methods. combining practical cases and fascinating scientific insights Discover Buyology’s raft of new and extraordinary with his workshop-style presentation, Martin Lindstrom will marketing techniques. They help boost your leave you with: marketing results immensely. Examine the groundbreaking consumer contact a practical to-do list of action points to implement techniques that spin out of Lindstrom’s global immediately; neuromarketing project. knowledge about the things you should change, improve and Explore fascinating concepts, like Mirror Branding retain to strengthen your advertising and brand campaigns; and Somatic Brand Markers. an intriguing sneak preview into tomorrow’s world of advertising that will give you a decided advantage over your competitors.
  6. 6. An amazing day of God Inc. How religion and brands affect our brainsknowledge sharing… Religion has been part of human culture for as long as humans have formed communities. Brands have beenMarketing, Meet Neuroscience with us for mere hundreds of years. There’s plenty thatThe Buyology Symposium sessions the world of branding can learn from the world of religion. Lindstrom has uncovered parallels and lessons that have astounded the most hardcore scientific teams.Smash Your Brand 2.0Discoveries that shocked the scientists What did the scientists discover when drawing parallels between religion and powerful brands?Lindstrom broke the branding rules in 2005 with his Secure a fascinating knowledge about the power ofrevolutionary Smash Your Brand methodology. Now religion as a branding tool.he’s rewriting the marketing handbook again. Learn how to adopt elements from the world of religion into the way you build and market your brand.Buyology’s results have proven what has beentheorized by some, practised by few, and documentedby none. As wide-ranging as it is deep, Buyology’sfindings will build unprecedently powerful brands. RevolYOUtion You no longer own your brand – your customers do!Smash Your Brand 2.0 brings Lindstrom’s uniquemethodology into union with Buyology’s fascinating Forget about owning your brand. The consumer has alreadyfindings as Lindstrom shares his arresting insights into stolen it from you. YouTube, MySpace and FaceBook attractwhat happens in consumer brains when we use sound more attention than any TV commercial is ever able toand smell to build brands. generate. Lindstrom explores desire in the brain of Generation Tomorrow. Lindstrom draws on his extraordinary findings to reveal how neuromarketing can help tomorrow’s marketers. So long logo! Learn what’s next. Discover how to optimize your brand, based on the latest neuroscience. Learn how to run marketing campaigns, paid for by your What are you already doing right? And what do you customers. need to improve urgently? Discover the next Big Thing: micro branding. Where are the pitfalls and the opportunities in Understand what to do when the consumer runs your brand. smashing your brand? Prepare your brand for Generation Tomorrow.
  7. 7. A riveting showB uyology is he biggest astounding 76% of Lindstrom’s audience ”branding revolution in 50years. It will solve the members rate his on-stageproblem of decreasing performance as excellent.returns on ever-increasing 21% rate it as very good.advertising expenditure. It And 3% hail it as good.will turn every conceptyouve learned about Lindstrom’s style is punchybranding inside out and and irreverent. Short, sharp ,upside down. memorable messages engage the imagination andCEOs of McDonalds, Mattel reinforce an riveting learningand Disney have applauded Philip Kotler has declaredthat the book contains Buyology is fiery, provocative"mandatory knowledge for and even shocking. Anyoneevery marketer". Seth who wants a competitiveGodin has stated that he’s edge cant afford to miss the The audience loved Lindstrom – hein awe about the size of the book or the symposium. is one of the best speakers we’veproject and the Their messages willconsequences this will have optimize the value of any ever had!on advertising. marketers budget in the Scarlett Van Der Meulen, General Manager most visionary way. No NCR WorldwideA poll of 12,437 people in wonder Tom Peters56 countries, conducted by concluded: “It is a wonderfulresearch institute, Millward book, an original to be sure.Brown, showed that an More important, it is a necessary book!"
  8. 8. The world’s biggestmarketing symposiumAmericas Europe continuedCanada PortugalMexico SpainUnited States SwedenColombia SwitzerlandChile TurkeyVenezuela The NetherlandsEcuadorArgentina Asia PacificBrazil SingaporePeru TaiwanUruguay KoreaEl Salvador Hong KongCosta Rica ChinaEurope Australia New ZealandAustria JapanBelgium Philippines Move over Tipping Point and Made toDenmark IndonesiaEngland Thailand Stick because there’s a new book in town:Finland Malaysia Buyology. This book lights the way forFrance India smart marketers and entrepreneurs.GermanyGreece Middle East Guy Kawasaki, author of The Art of the StartIceland IsraelIreland BahrainItaly KuwaitLuxembourg Saudi ArabiaNorway United Arab Emirates
  9. 9. The book The world’s biggest publisher, Random House Doubleday New York, the publisher behindBuyology, rates Lindstrom’sforthcoming book as one ofthe top global titles for2008.Buyology is set to breakevery record. Releasedglobally in 35 languages,and simultaneouslypublished in the U.S., theUK, Australia, Scandinaviaand South America.
  10. 10. Martin Lindstrom Lindstrom understood the wisdom of the net before most of us did. Don’t miss out!M artin Lindstrom, isthe CEO and Chairman ofthe LINDSTROMcompany and the and has appeared on CBS’ ‘60 Minutes’, ABC’s ‘Today Show’ and BBC’s ‘Panorama’. A contributor Seth Godin Author of Permission Marketing and Purple Cow ”Chairman of BUYOLOGY to the ‘Harvard BusinessINC. As one of the world’s Review’ and ‘Advertisingmost respected marketing Age’, Lindstrom’sgurus, he advises top columns are featuredexecutives of leading regularly in journalsglobal companies around the world.including the McDonald’sCorporation, Nestlé, His previous book,American Express, BRAND sense, wasMicrosoft, The Walt acclaimed by the ‘WallDisney Company and Street Journal’ as one ofGlaxoSmithKline. the ten best marketing books ever published.Lindstrom has been His books on brandingfeatured in the pages of have been translated intothe ‘Wall Street Journal’, twenty-five languages,the ‘Financial Times’, and he speaks to a‘USA TODAY’, ‘Fortune’, global audience of close‘Fast Company’, and the to a million people every‘Washington Post’, year.
  11. 11.