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Firefly Creative is operated as a division of One Firefly, LLC and is a full service marketing and public relations agency that caters to the custom electronics industry’s member contractors and manufacturers. Firefly Creative is based in Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale, Florida and has been operating since 2007.

Our team’s dedication and hard work has enabled us to build a strong customer base located through out the world. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our customers and always provide a high level of service regardless of the project size. Our strong commitment to technology and innovation has enabled us to adapt to change within the marketplace as well as the changing business needs of our clients.

We are a skilled team comprised of marketing experts, graphic designers, web designers and social media specialists. Our unique approach and dedicated focus to all facets of the custom electronics industry including member companies of CEDIA, Infocomm and CEA, positions us to serve our clients with expert knowledge, quality and outstanding creativity. We enjoy helping our clients generate more leads and build brand awareness.

We operate under the same roof as our two sister divisions, Firefly Design Group and Firefly Programming. We continuously evaluate opportunities where all of our available resources will bring value to our client. We desire to be the leading marketing and PR company in the custom electronics industry by delivering an exceptional product inclusive of a best in class customer service experience.

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Firefly Creative

  1. 1. visit us online at Marketing Services To Help Grow Your BusinessThe goal of Firefly Creative’s Marketing Services is to help you earn the attention of potential customers by makingyour business easily found on the internet and drawing customers to your website and/or blog. We utilize strategiessuch as social media marketing, case studies, press releases, newsletters and blogging to drive qualified leads toyour door step.Our Inbound & Outbound Marketing efforts are contracted annually and invoiced monthly. Listed below are theservices and their associated packages and definitions.Facebook: Newsletters: Share Your Updates, Press Releases:Start Reaching the 1 Billion Active Users Awards and Successes with Your Network Share Your News with the WorldFirefly Creative can deliver a beautifully Stay in the thoughts and minds of your cur- Stay connected and relevant with local,designed Facebook for your brand to ex- rent, past and new customers with email national, and international publicationpand its reach. Firefly also offers manage- newsletter services. Firefly Creative pro- services by sharing exciting news aboutment services to keep content fresh and vides planning, copywriting, and design your AV integration firm. By optimizingrelevant on your Facebook page. Face- to ensure that your company newsletter the release over the wire services, it givesbook is a great place to share company reaches and influences your readers. Email an added opportunity for search enginepublished content like blog posts, newslet- newsletters offer a highly effective market- rankings to drive traffic and new leads toters, case studies, press releases and You- ing tool for those integrators seeking to your website.Tube videos. drive website traffic, generate new leads Package C1: $400 x 12 ReleasesPackage D1: $180 x 12 Months and sales, and increase the subscriber and Package C2: $450 x 6 ReleasesPackage D2: $320 x 12 Months view base to your company blog. Package C3: $550 x 4 ReleasesPackage D3: $480 x 12 Months Package B1: $300 x 12 Newsletters/Year Package C4: $700 x 1 ReleaseFacebook Account Setup Fee: $600/ 1 time fee, Package B2: $350 x 6 Newsletter/Year Distribution Fees are typically $199.includes purchase of IWIPA Facebook Plugin for $100 Package B3: $450 x 4 Newsletter/Year Newsletter Account Setup Fee: $500/ 1 time fee. We utilize as our standard platform.Blog Services:A Key to Web Marketing Success Project Submissions:Blogging gives your AV integration firm the AV Industry Awards Project Submissionsability to produce unique content, while Case Studies: Showcase Your Never miss an opportunity to feature yourbuilding a healthy website that drives or- Expertise and Integration Success Stories one of a kind integrated project to a lead-ganic traffic and generates leads. Firefly By providing potential clients with samples ing AV journal, magazine, or manufacturerblog copywriting services ensure that your of previous projects you completed you award submission. Firefly Creative keepsorganization’s blog remains active and gain creditability that your AV firm can you up to date and makes it easy for youupdated with content that brings value deliver results. Case Studies are perfect for to showcase all your stunning projects. Weto your target audiences and helps drive showcasing on your website and creating make the process simple, so that you cantraffic to your website. marketing and sales tools, or even using as stay focused on the business at hand.Package A1: $225 x 8 Posts/Month an editorial submission to leading design Package F1: $250 x 1 SubmissionPackage A2: $250 x 4 Posts/Month and integrator publications. Package F2: $200 x 2 SubmissionsPackage A3: $275 x 2 Posts/Month Package E1: $500 x 4 Case Studies Package F3: $180 x 3 SubmissionsSetup Fee with Firefly created website: $900/ 1 time fee Package E2: $600 x 2 Case Studies Package F4: $170 x 4 SubmissionsSetup Fee w/Non-Firefly created website: $1100/ 1 time fee Package E3: $700 x 1 Case Study Package F5: $160 x 5 Submissions For more details regarding our services call Toll-Free 877.334.1144 or visit us online at
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