The Morgan Legacy: Introduction


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The prologue of the Morgan Legacy.

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The Morgan Legacy: Introduction

  1. 1. The Morgan Legacy: Introduction by fireflower314 De chooses the founder of her latest legacy.
  2. 2. De groaned. She didn't have to look down at her list to remember how she had been spending the last two days. After her Selwyn legacy had failed to work out, she had been determined to find a new founder and try again. This time she wanted a legacy that would be remembered by many; a legacy that would mean something to the Simming world and, more importantly, to her. However, none of the people she had met with so far had struck her as being worth sponsoring. She'd kept a list, just in case, but she knew that none of them would work out. So now it was day three, and she had more interviews to get through.
  3. 3. "Hey, De," Marina said, arriving in the office doorway. Marina was one of her best friends and assisting her in this venture. "The next candidate is here." De managed a smile. "What do you think of them?"
  4. 4. For the first time, Marina smiled. "I think she might work." That was the first time she'd made any such indication. De felt better already. "Okay, show her in."
  5. 5. Marina nodded and returned to the lobby. A few seconds later a teenaged girl walked into the room, her head held high. For some reason, De found herself liking the girl immediately.
  6. 6. "I'm Danielle Morgan," she said. "I want to start your next legacy."
  7. 7. "Morgan?" De asked, surprised. "As in-" Danielle groaned. "I was hoping you wouldn't make the connection."
  8. 8. De beckoned for her to sit, and Danielle did so. "If you're Jeremiah Morgan's daughter, you're already in a notable family," the Simmer pointed out, watching the girl across her slouch. "Why do you need to found a legacy?"
  9. 9. The teenager sighed. "I'm going to college tomorrow," she explained slowly. "I've been accepted to Academie le Tour, and my down payment has been made and everything. I'm all set." "Are you looking forward to it?" De asked politely. Danielle's eyes lit up. "Yeah, I am. I really can't wait." Then her enthusiasm faded. "But yesterday, Mom called me in to the living room..."
  10. 10. "See, my parents were disappointed when I was born. They wanted a son, but of course I'm just a daughter. When my brother was born they pretty much ignored me completely. But Mom told me that as soon as I graduated, I was expected to marry one of their business associates. She said that if I refused she wouldn't pay my way through college, and she'd disown me."
  11. 11. "I wouldn't mind being disowned," she continued with a quick shrug. "I've never felt like part of the family, anyway. But I need to get through college. This was the first way I could think of to do it." She smiled a little. "Plus I want to start my own family. I want my kids to feel loved and accepted, and I want to raise them far away from the Morgans. Being in a legacy would be perfect for me."
  12. 12. De felt a huge burden lift from her shoulders. She and Marina had been right. Danielle would work. "We'll pay your way through school," she promised. "There'll be a little left over for you to spend, too. But not much. And the restrictions on this legacy won't be as severe." She smiled. "You can marry for love, not looks."
  13. 13. "Really?" Danielle stood, beaming, and De walked over to her. "I can't believe it! I was hoping, but... wow..." De beamed back. "Thanks for coming in, Danielle. I'll see you soon."
  14. 14. Danielle looked so happy. It made De feel even better about her decision. "Thank you so much!" "No, thank you."
  15. 15. Marina was waiting in the lobby. De's cat, CK Dexter Haven, had plopped onto the sofa awhile ago, content to keep the Simmer company.
  16. 16. De walked out, beaming. "Danielle's perfect." Marina grinned. "Good. I can't wait to see you doing a legacy again." "I can't wait, either!"
  17. 17. CK leaped off the couch and strolled to De, purring. She obediently crouched down and stroked the top of his head. "What do you think about that, CK?" she asked with a grin. "I'm going to be writing another legacy!"
  18. 18. And what better way to start an author's note than with a picture of Marina congratulating me for kissing Rhys? *evil grin* I swear, Marina, this was ALL your Simself's doing. Looks like even she's rooting for me to "get some of that evil tail", as Ben put it. Anyway! Yep, I'm starting an honest-to-God legacy . Hopefully it'll be different- for one thing, they really will marry based on chemistry rather than looks. I want NPCs and Simselves/famous Sims only, though. (But not Rhys. He's mineminemine. *cough* Er, sorry. Right then.) I'm also going to do it in narrative form rather than a back-and-forth between me and the Morgans. I hope you'll like it! * Marina, aka smoothiequeen87, writes the fabulous Fitzhugh legacy