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Modern Usability Tools & Techniques


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Modern Usability Tools and techniques, discussed and presented at Firecat Studio 12/7/12.

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Modern Usability Tools & Techniques

  1. 1. Modern Usability Firecat StudioTools & Techniques December 7, 2012
  2. 2. What Is Usability?
  3. 3. What Is Web Usability?
  4. 4. Usability Starting Points
  5. 5. Modern Usability Tools
  6. 6. The Usability Lab
  7. 7. Heuristic Evaluations
  8. 8. Paper Prototypes
  9. 9. Usability Tools We Like•  Silverback – Records user face and screen during tests. Mac laptop, uses built-in camera, records face and screens.•  Morae — Similar to Silverback, but not Mac-only•  Optimal Workshop’s OptimalSort: Open or Closed Card Sorting•  Optimal Workshop’s Treejack: Navigation tree testing “I’d find it here”•  Optimal Workshop’s Chalkmark: Click tests, produces Heatmaps•  SurveyMonkey: Can embed low- or high-fidelity designs (wireframes or comps) and ask questions•  Usabilla – Similar to Optimal Workshop’s Chalkmark•  Loop11 — Robust recorded testing with live or existing sites•  5SecondTest — Free and low-cost quick task-based tests.•  Adobe Acrobat — Send your wireframes and comps and conduct a “paper prototype” session remotely
  10. 10. Silverback and Morae Captures user’s face and screens!
  11. 11. Optimal Workshop OptimalSort Open or Closed Card SortsDocumentation MUCH Easier!
  12. 12. Optimal Workshop Treejack Test Navigation Structure & Labels
  13. 13. Optimal Workshop ChalkmarkUse Sketches, Wireframes, Comps or Screenshots
  14. 14. Reporting Results•  Keep it short•  Top findings w/video highlights•  Showstoppers/Criticality•  Low-hanging fruitRESOURCES:•  Usability as a Conversation – Greg Bell•  Why Do Usability Problems go Unfixed?– Steve Krug and Caroline Jarrett
  15. 15. Firecat StudioSusan Price, CEO & Chief StrategistFirecat Studio LLC918 Nolan #104San Antonio, TX 78202210.320.2391 studio210.872.0445 mobilesusan@firecatstudio.comhttp://firecatstudio.comFirecat Studio on Facebook@FirecatSue