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Social Media Freshness via Editorial Calendar


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Delivered at #BlogitSATX number two, @Geekdom, by @Firecatsue

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Social Media Freshness via Editorial Calendar

  1. 1. Editorial Calendar Workshop Firecat Studio November 9, 2013
  2. 2. Editorial Calendar Workshop Agenda • Intro: Why fresh content is important — and why it’s hard to do well • Touchpoints: List channels where you need fresh content • Sources: Internal • Sources: External • Cultural Zeitgeist: Staying in sync with your community
  3. 3. Freshness
  4. 4. Firecat’s Touchpoints Grid Channel Focus Website The Full Story, Business Firecat Studio Blog Articles, In-Depth Expertise Facebook San Antonio Community, Personal Twitter, Instagram Mix – bit of everything FourSquare, Yelp, FB Places Travel, Movement EventBrite Events & Registration LinkedIn, Quora Events, Q&A, Business, Groups TPR Community Events Cal Events KENS Events Calendar Events Silicon Hills News Events San Antonio Bloggers Events, Community TEDxSanAntonio Community
  5. 5. Content Channels = Mouths to Feed
  6. 6. Internal Content Sources & Triggers • • • • • • • • • Events Hirings, Promotions New Product New Service New Client Charity Work Community Involvement Sponsorship Participation in Trade Show/Conference
  7. 7. Content Triggers, External • • • • World events Local events Client events Community events
  8. 8. Calendar Tools
  9. 9. WordPress Plugin
  10. 10. Editorial Calendar Spreadsheets
  11. 11. OPC = Other People’s Content
  12. 12. BRING IT! Your Favorite Techniques?
  13. 13. Firecat Studio Susan Price, CEO & Chief Strategist Firecat Studio LLC 918 Nolan #104 San Antonio, TX 78202 210.320.2391 studio 210.872.0445 mobile Firecat Studio on Facebook @FirecatSue