10 Easy SEO Tips for Business


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Susan Price of Firecat Studio offers these 10 tips for helping Google, Bing and Yahoo find and index your site for keywords that matter to you.

Includes advice for hiring SEO providers that work in your best interest - not theirs.

Presented May 2, 2012 to San Antonio Business Journal Business Owners Success Series attendees (B.O.S.S.).

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  • Directory listings: You need to own the URL
  • 10 Easy SEO Tips for Business

    1. 1. Optimize Your Website for Google and Bing 10 Easy SEO Tips for Business By @firecatsue
    2. 2. What Is SEO?
    3. 3. Natural SEO vs. Paid SEMSearch Engine Search EngineOptimization Marketing• NATURALLY RELEVANT RESULTS • PAID PLACEMENT• On-site coding & tags • Google AdWords• Content strategy • Bing/Yahoo AdCenter• Social media profiles and links • Pay-per-click• Directories • Daily Budgets• Professional Association listings• Continual
    4. 4. Anatomy of a Search Result HTML Title Tag Meta Description Tag OR first text Google finds
    5. 5. #1: HTML Title & Desc Tagshttp://searchwritten.com/title-tags-explained.html
    6. 6. #2: Target some Keywords •Google’s Keyword Tool
    7. 7. #3: Friendly Domains & URLs
    8. 8. #4: Register for the Locals•Google Places•Bing Local Listing Center•Yahoo Local
    9. 9. … Claim free directory listings. •Yelp •Citysearch •Insider Pages •Merchant Circle Do it yourself, if you are able. Be thorough. Don’t pay more than $400 to get placed in these.
    10. 10. #5: Link Social Media Profiles
    11. 11. #6: Consider Blogging • First, try social media • Put your site in a content management system (CMS) • Leverage OPC — “other people’s content”
    12. 12. #7: Talk About What You Do
    13. 13. #8: Craft Content for Extra Mojo • Headings • Linked text • URLs • Domains • Video
    14. 14. #9: Maintain Your Pace• Search engines reward fast-loading sites• Don’t cheap out on hosting• Keep your content fresh
    15. 15. #10: Repeat what Works•Google Analytics or other metrics•Figure out what keywords pull best•Use a URL shortener/tracker to track relative popularity of links shared* bit.ly•Watch the referring domains and URLs in your metrics
    16. 16. Google Analytics
    17. 17. Watch for Snake OilApply Credibility Tests to Enthusiasts, Vendors
    18. 18. Run Away!• We’ll get you the #1 spot on Google, no problem!• “EVERY business needs ___.”• Let’s focus on PAID search right away…• First you need a blog…• Let’s get you going in Facebook & Twitter & MySpace & SecondLife & Delicio.us & Groupon & LinkedIn & YouTube & _____ & …• We’ll buy your domain, set you up in our systems….
    19. 19. More Like It• “Let’s see how people are getting to your website now.”• “Are you Local, Nationwide, Worldwide?• “Are you paying Yellow Pages or another vendor to manage this for you now?”• “What are you trying to accomplish?”• “Are you doing some Social Media?”• “How often does your content change?”• “Is your website ready for the traffic?”
    20. 20. Twitter: @firecatsue LinkedIn: Firecat-Studio Facebook: Firecat Studio Website: firecatstudio.comemail: susan@firecatstudio.com