Social Revolution: are you ready?


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An introduction to social media marketing including some national and local case studies, the five requirements to be in social media marketing, and tips / ideas for good social media marketing

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  • The corporate mullet is a term I coined a few years ago to explain social media marketing to high level executives. Its about putting your best foot forward and the formality of business communications. Once you build a relationship - things get messier and control is relinquished in exchange for a deeper more meaningful relationship. At Firebelly, we live and practice the corporate mullet
  • Chris Hadley is bravely leading the Hunt Construction marketing team into the social media sphere.
  • Leopardo has a wide social media marketing program. While the platforms are well thought through, their facebook strategy is more push than pull at the moment - however it’s a great effort overall with a well thought through blog strategy
  • Clearly a leader with social media marketing in the construction space
  • Leopardo has an very interesting youtube strategy
  • Social Revolution: are you ready?

    1. 1. U ready for the social revolution? Duncan Alney Firebelly Marketing
    2. 2. Duncan: the scoop Grew up in India Lived in London & Toronto Came to America to be a cowboy Brand Marketing Experience Entrepreneur: Firebelly Social Media Focus Marathons Loves Food Film maker and photographer 3 cats 1 wife
    3. 3. You ready for this: its everywhere!
    4. 4. NO REALLY! u ready 4 this?
    5. 6. Famous mullets Billy Ray Cyrus Don Johnson John Stamos Phil Collins Bono Business in the Front Party In the Back
    6. 7. Social Media: where does it fit?
    7. 9. <ul><li>What is the Corporate Mullet ? </li></ul><ul><li>Put your best foot forward </li></ul><ul><li>Most interactions are social </li></ul><ul><li>Business can be social </li></ul><ul><ul><li>• it has deep roots in social behavior </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>• you can be both formal and social </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Tremendous potential for mixing business & social </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Build relationships by adding value </li></ul></ul>
    8. 10. Brands: No Control!
    9. 11. People: have the power
    10. 12. People: want to trust you (be real and open)
    11. 13. Humanize: your brand!
    12. 14. Good Content: It’s Engaging!
    13. 15. Evangelists: they’re out there!
    14. 16. Case Studies
    15. 17. Starbucks Consumer feedback Submit, vote, review in action Asking for involvement
    16. 18. Blendtec Will it Blend? video series 7 million views of iPhone YouTube sensation 5 fold increase in sales Clever, low cost
    17. 20. Dell Hell Dell ignores blogger Jeff Jarvis He writes Dell Hell First Blogs then mainstream media Huge blow to Dell’s image and sales IdeaStorm Significant changes in process and $
    18. 21. Local : J.C.Hart
    19. 22. J.C. Hart objectives Increase exposure and traffic to company site Increase J.C. Hart’s results in image and video searches Community-building to retain existing residents
    20. 23. J.C. Hart strategies Replace paper community newsletters with blogs Flickr account with images optimized for search Establish a YouTube channel and launch a resident video contest for user-generated contest and testimonials
    21. 24. J.C. Hart results Traffic to the website increased substantially Social media sites delivered qualified traffic and leads Property occupancy rates are ahead of industry average by 10-15% YouTube channel received over 10,000 views in 2 weeks
    22. 25. Top 10 Website Traffic Sources
    23. 26. Top video & image search results for “Indianapolis apartments”
    24. 27. Video contest a hit with residents and is getting good publicity
    25. 28. Local : Yats Restaurants
    26. 29. Yats objectives Generate awareness and traffic to the website and restaurants Create more Yats restaurant results in the Google SERPs Help ailing location break even Increase Tuesday business and overall revenue
    27. 30. Yats strategies Build community of 3,000 online Presence on Myspace, Facebook & Twitter to facilitate dialogue Make Joe Vuskovich more accessible to hard core “fans” Integrated SMS and social campaign
    28. 31. Yats results Vibrant online community with insight and energy Website - 7K visits/month Online menu - 5K visits/month Mobile club - 1000% growth in 90 days Email, blog, e-commerce, and new website in the works Tuesday and overall sales up
    29. 32. Increased content and positive reviews in Google SERPs
    30. 33. Community of over 12,000 members
    31. 34. Hundreds of people volunteered to take part in Yats commercial
    32. 35. Small restaurant group: 4 Indy locations CEO believes in social media Vibrant Twitter/Facebook/MySpace Mainstream media watching Mobile 4 redemption Tuesday is 4th best day / Overall sales up 5% Grew sales at weak location by 25% Blog, Email & New site
    33. 37. Be Brave: these guys are
    34. 43. Should I take part in social media?
    35. 44. Do you have buy in from the top?
    36. 45. Do U / Will U have good content?
    37. 46. R people involve with your brand?
    38. 47. Can you implement consistently?
    39. 48. Can you measure consistently?
    40. 49. U need all five!
    41. 50. 10 things that you can do with social
    42. 51. Provide real value to the community: Cool photos Behind the scenes Access Insider Perspectives Make them feel special
    43. 52. Identify people who love you: Get them talking. Meet up with them.
    44. 53. Identify people love who to say nice things about you: Get them on video. Get them to write. Get them to help.
    45. 54. Identify the haters: talk to them
    46. 55. Promotions work! Use your logo on their profile photo photo contest video contest use mobile for redemption
    47. 56. Provide real value with promos: Big Prizes Real Discounts Access!
    48. 57. Be controversial: take a stand Kanye is a jack ass?
    49. 58. Use good questions: to get conversations started
    50. 59. Exclusive content: Give it to your evangelists first
    51. 60. get your local bloggers: writing
    52. 61. Interviews: Celebs. Locals. Make it fun.
    53. 62. For more on how to make this work for your company call Duncan Alney [email_address] Twitter: @firebelly text duncan to 71813