Social Media Marketing Case Study: Yats


Published on Social Media Marketing Case Study of Yats, a popular restaurant in Indianapolis.
Yats' social media marketing agency is Firebelly Marketing.

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Social Media Marketing Case Study: Yats

  1. CASE STUDY: Using content, conversation & community to build a relevant social brand.
  2. RELEVANT SOCIAL BRAND Part of the conversation Fresh and hip Cross demographic appeal Referenced in local pop culture Must use social experience effectively
  3. BACKGROUND Founded in 2001 Founder: Joe Vuskovich 4 cajun creole restaurants Indianapolis original Early social adopters Media buzz Best of Indy
  4. PHILOSOPHY We’re in the people business We buy in to a social approach We will create content We will engage We will measure
  5. OVERALL GOALS Stay People focused Sustainable communication YATS brand experience oriented
  6. GOALS YATS as part of everyday Facebook experience Stay in touch Replace paid media Foster brand advocacy Be part of the community
  7. OBJECTIVES Maintain high levels of awareness Maintain traffic to website Increase participation Increase interactions Increase event traffic Influence daily traffic
  8. COMMUNITY 1ST We’re a social brand Our people matter first The media comes second Announced Bar Yats decision to community first
  9. SOCIAL PERSONALITY APPROACH Work off defined personality traits Friendly, sincere, caring, funny, irreverent Focused on people, update consistently
  10. SOCIAL BRAND GUIDELINES (PT 1) Always be human Sustainable Brand relevant Consumer focused Organically funny Irreverent at times Compassionate
  11. SOCIAL BRAND GUIDELINES (PT 2) Respond quickly Solve problems Be open Be conversational We will not bribe people with free food Will not overload Joe’s personality in approach
  12. SET COMMUNITY EXPECTATIONS Our common values: we all love Indy, we appreciate original food, we’re a sometimes irreverent group. Please be a part of our community. It’s for you and us. Tell us how you feel. Tell us what you want. Talk to each other. Make plans. Be happy.
  13. SET COMMUNITY EXPECTATIONS On Facebook, our efforts exist for many reasons: To exchange information To understand each other better To offer access behind the scenes on occasion To provide special promotions To solve problems
  14. SET COMMUNITY EXPECTATIONS Our community is vital to us. We care about our community both online and in the real world. Joe has always said, “We’re in the people business first. We serve food second.” Our work is simple. We’re a community restaurant.
  15. CONTACT PEOPLE Identified under Facebook Info tab.
  16. CONTENT STRATEGY Must be about the brand, the people, the experience Build in call to actions for conversation Build community
  17. CONTENT STRATEGY: LIVE AUTHENTICITY/ QUICK RESPONSE Always understand Try to respond as fast as possible Be real. Be human.
  18. CONTENT Use interesting, brand relevant, experience related content Social personality to be used at all times Questions, Videos, UGC Demo Specific
  19. CONTENT: QUESTIONS Dish Wars Experience (bread, rituals, drinks) Persona stretch Requests for food Life
  20. CONTENT: VIDEOS User generated Created by our team 4 films to date
  21. CONTENT: USER GENERATED CONTENT Photos Videos P2P Interactions
  22. CONTENT: DEMO SPECIFIC Involve people Questions and content for teenagers, students, early 20’s, 30 to 40 somethings People with kids People having a bad day
  23. CONVERSATION STRATEGY Conversations are critical Conversations must be relevant Conversations must be inclusive Conversations can influence behavior
  24. CONVERSATION Use content to start Must be maintained in a timely manner Probing questions Ask for different perspectives Offer incentives Offer a diversity of moods
  25. CONVERSATION STRATEGY: STARTING Content to affect: Involvement Empathy Affinity Opinion
  27. CONVERSATION STRATEGY: ENDING Overly negative Haters irrelevance at times
  28. CONVERSATION STRATEGY: RESTARTING On occasion Very difficult You can repost - that can work, but it may just be played out, not timely & irrelevant
  29. COMMUNITY MINDED The community is our people and our asset We must protect the community We must water the community We must meet the expectations we set
  30. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT Regular content / conversation Mine preferences and behavioral trends Solve problems Events updates Negative is okay Keep it real Major news Promos Integration
  31. COMMUNITY: CROWDSOURCE PROBLEM SOLVING Understand and empathize Apologize when necessary Be open Involve people with solving problems
  32. OBJECTIVES Maintain high levels of awareness Maintain traffic to website Increase participation Increase interactions Increase event traffic Influence daily traffic
  33. RESULTS: AWARENESS 1 out of 20 store visitors make social mentions
  34. RESULTS: SHARE OF VOICE 30 days - vs nearest category competitor
  35. RESULTS SOCIAL MENTIONS Overall mentions online
  36. RESULTS: WEB TRAFFIC Facebook is #5 source, Twitter is the #9 source
  37. RESULTS: PARTICIPATION Facebook Fan Page: 12K+ members Joe’s Facebook Profile: 2K friends Twitter (@Yats): 2.4K followers Twitter (@yatsmenu): 161 followers Mobile club: 2.5K subscribers Other assets: roughly 1,500 additional
  38. RESULTS: PARTICIPATION 7300 in indy & surrounding cities
  39. PARTICIPATION Male: Female Split is almost equal
  41. INTERACTIONS Post Impressions ÷ Comments and Likes = Feedback % Excellent: 1-2% Good: .5-1% Average: .1-.4% consistent use of CTA’s
  42. TWITTER ANALYSIS Followers: 2,462 Klout Score: 35 Specialist, Highly Engaged Used for conversation, some announcements, traffic to other assets Sustainable and not overload follower twitter feed
  43. TWITTER ANALYSIS 8 am to 9 pm
  44. MOBILE 2,500 subscribers Promote events Push slow days Greenwood TYPICALLY OVER SUBSCRIBED
  46. PEER TO PEER INTERACTION Make plans on Facebook or Twitter You might be rewarded
  47. PARTNER WITH ADVOCATES Retweets Blogger Dinner Facebook advocate event
  48. CALLS TO ACTION Questions, discussions, and leading questions
  49. ADDRESS PROBLEMS No menu posted online Styrofoam
  50. NO MENU POSTED Be real Try harder Post on Facebook @yatsmenu
  51. STYROFOAM Crowd sourced discussion group Open approach
  52. APP FOR SUBMITTING PROBLEMS There is a process We have a form We respond to everything that is direct
  53. SHARED VALUES The essence of community is this! It starts with Cajun food “Our common values are we all love Indianapolis, we appreciate original food, and we’re a sometimes irreverent group of people.”
  54. SHARED MISSION For a community to get to the next level, it must have a shared mission. Solving problems Community projects
  55. Duncan Alney @firebelly