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FIRE - Future Internet Research and Experimentation overview

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FIRE overview

  1. 1. "The views expressed in this presentation are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission"Future Internet Research andExperimentation - FIREwww.ict-fire.euPresenter: FIRE STATION Project TeamE-mail: contact@ict-fire.eu3D videos at: 31.05. 2013
  2. 2. 2FIREFIRE - Future Internet Research and Experimentation
  3. 3. Future Internet Research: WhyThe Internet of today: it works, but:Designed as a best effort service infrastructureMultiple unforeseen usages - data, voice, video, TV,…Scalability issues, Security, trust, mobility..Fixing the perceived deficiencies of todayTomorrow, more to comeConnected objects, Sensors;Geo location services, physical meet virtual worldClouds, virtualisation,Preparing for the usages of tomorrowUltimately every object/process “Internetised”Towards smart usages and applicationsSmart cities and environmentsTackling societal challengesFI underpinning smart societies and economies
  4. 4. Internet of Services, Service WebNetworks of the Future3D & Media InternetInternet of ThingsTrustSecurityA multi dimensional technological approachFuture Internet Research: What
  5. 5. 5Test bed 1 Test bed 2 Test bed 3Test bed 4Test bed 5Test bed 6 Test bed 7 Test bed 8Test bed 9Federated Network TestbedsTest bed 1 Test bed 2 Test bed 3Test bed 4Test bed 5Test bed 6Test bed 7 Test bed 8Federated Service TestbedsExp1Exp 3Exp 2Exp 4Exp 5User CommunitiesFIRE Experimental FacilityRequirementsValidationResearchLarge ScaleExperimentsFIRE ResearchWhat is FIRE?FIRE - Future Internet Research and Experimentation
  6. 6. time tomarketTechnologyriskPilotingdeployment2-3 years 5-10 yearsCIP / ICT PSP large scale trials(using existingtechnology) Smart Cities market oriented R&D adaptation to specificdemands.. FIRE Testing facilitiesand experimentsFuture Internet: Comprehensive EU approach6FP7 / PPPFP7 / FIREFuture Internet
  7. 7. Benefits of FIRE for Europe• The FIRE initiative creates anopen research environment,which facilitates strategicresearch and development onnew Internet concepts givingresearchers an instrument tocarry out large-scaleexperimentation on newparadigms7
  8. 8. FIRE - Experimentally driven R&Dcoordination and support measuresexperimental facilityexperimentally-driven research Supporting research and innovation on new networkand service architectures Through large scale experimentation, predictbehaviour and assess non-technical impact8
  9. 9. InfrastructuresServicesApplicationsWireless /SensorsFixed/ WiredCompute/StoragePeripherals/DeviceIMSService DeliveryPlatformsMedia eHealthTransport .......research,developmentandoperationInternetUsersClouds/GridsFIRE and the FI Ecosystem:InfrastructuresDemandEnablingTechnology
  10. 10. Coordination and Support ActionsFUSIONExperimentally-driven ResearchExploratoryResearchReal-scaleExperimentationValidationRequirementsNOVIEULERLAWA SPITFIREEVARILOSIRATIECO2CloudsEAR-IT3D-LIVEALIENSocial&SmartSTEEROFERTIERELYonITCREWBonFIREBuilding the Experimental Facility and stimulating its useEnlarged EnlargedFed4FIREUsers UsersWisebedOnelab2PIIVital++ParadisoFIREworksOpnexPerimeterEcodeN4CSmartNetSelfNetFIREBALLFIRESTATIONCoordination& supportactions Call 5Coordination& supportactions Call 8Researchprojects Call5 (STREPs)Researchprojects Call7 (STREPs)Researchprojects Call8 (STREPs)FacilityProjects (IPs)Call 5FacilityProjects (IPs)Call 7FacilityProjects (IPs)Call 8ProjectsendedFIRE Projects (June 2013)AmpliFIRESCAMPICityflowCLOMMUNITYOpenlab Experimedia CONFINESmart Santander OFELIAMyFireTEFISCONVER-GENCEHOBNETCONECT
  11. 11. • Expanded scope related tonetworking and far beyond:Service architectures and cloudsSensor NetworksNetworking:Cognitive radio, Open flowIncreased emphasis on systemlevel testing• Demand-driven open federation of facilitiesJoint architecture board moderated by FIREstation• Massive stimulation of users/experimenters:Open calls in facility projects reserved for innovative experimentsCalls by projectsFIRE Projects
  12. 12. FIRE Facility projectsCognitiveradioCloudServicesSmartSantanderSmart CitiesIoTNetwork &Services*Open flowCommunityNetworksFutureMediaExtendingFIREtestbeds12FIRE Federation* The TEFIS project is finished but service offering continues onTEFIS portal at:
  13. 13. FIRE Facility Projects - Roadmap13
  14. 14. 14FIRE FacilityProjects – Call 8(started October 2012)• Fed4FIRE:• Fed4FIRE will deliver open and easily accessible federatedfacilities to the Future Internet experimentation communities,which focus on fixed and wireless infrastructures, services andapplications, and combinations thereof.•
  15. 15. 15FIRE FacilityProjects – Call 7(started October 2011)• OpenLab: PlanetLab Europe (PLE), NITOS, w-iLab.t wireless, IMStelco; LTE cellular wireless; ETOMIC high precision measurement;HEN emulation; and ns-3• Experimedia: Offering testbeds for large-scale experiments usinglive events and real-world communities to accelerate the adoption ofthe Future Media• Confine: Community networks incorporating wireless and opticallinks, heterogeneous nodes, routing protocols, applications and end-users utilising
  16. 16. 16FIRE Facility projects Call 5(started mid - 2010)• BonFIRE: Building service testbeds for Future InternetResearch and• CREW: Cognitive Radio Experimentation• OFELIA: OpenFlow in Europe – Linking Infrastructureand• Smart Santander: Large scale sensor network in theSpanish city of• TEFIS: Testbed for Future Internet
  17. 17. 17FIRE STREP Projects (1)• LAWA: Longitudinal Analytics of Web Archive data. Aims atbuilding an Internet-based experimental testbed for large-scale data analytics.• FIBRE: Future Internet Experimentation between Brazil andEurope. Its goal is to Create a common space between theEU and Brazil for Future Internet (FI) experimental researchinto network infrastructure and distributed applications, bybuilding and operating a federated EU-Brazil FutureInternet experimental facility.• Scampi: Service Platform for Social Awware Mobile andpervasive Computing. SCAMPI will investigate techicalsolutions for a service platform in mobile and pervasiveopportunistic networks.
  18. 18. 18FIRE STREP Projects (2)• SPITFIRE: Semantic-Service Provisioning for the Internet ofThings using Future Internet Research by Experimentation.SPITFIRE works towards the realization of a strongerconnection between the natural and the digital worlds.• CONECT: Cooperative Networking for High CapacityTransport Architectures. It will develop novel performancebounds of wireless network information flow.• CONVERGENCE: CONVERGENCE proposes to enhancethe Internet with a novel, content-centric, publish-subscribeservice model, based on the Versatile Digital Item.
  19. 19. 19FIRE STREP Projects (3)• EULER: Experimental UpdateLess Evolutive Routing. The mainobjective of EULER is to investigate new routing paradigms soas to develop a distributed and dynamic routing schemesuitable for the future Internet.• HOBNET: Holistic Platform Design for Smart Buildings of theFuture InterNET. The goal is to maximize the use of FIREplatforms by multidisciplinary developers of Future Internetapplications focused on automation and energy efficiency forsmart buildings.• NOVI: Networking innovations Over Virtualized Infrastructures.It aims at composing virtualized e-Infrastructures towards aholistic Future Internet (FI) cloud service.
  20. 20. 20FIRE STREP Projects (4)• CityFlow Future Internet experiment will create a multi-autonomous-system experimental signalling overlay on theOFELIA OpenFlow infrastructure.• IRATI’s goal is to achieve further exploration of the RecursiveInterNetwork Architecture (RINA) architecture.• RelyonIT: By embracing vast quantities of wireless sensorsand actuators, the Future Internet will reach into the real worldand provide online access to the state of things and places.The resulting Internet of Things (IoT) is deemed to enableapplications of utmost societal value including smart cities,smart grids, and smart healthcare.
  21. 21. 21FIRE STREP Projects (5)• ALIEN will deliver an innovative network abstractionmechanism targeting the control and managementconvergence and interoperability of heterogeneous networkelements building strong foundations for Software DefinedNetworks. The NOS of ALIEN will be based on control andmanagement framework of OFELIA FIRE facility.• Social & Smart is a research project using the housekeepingscenario to experiment a pervasive Future Internet network thatprovides real services to a wide population. The goal is todevise an infrastructure allowing all appliances in the home tospeak to a middleware where any user can easily createcognitive and scalable solutions in the cloud to manage them.
  22. 22. 22FIRE STREP Projects (6)• EVARILOS addresses one of the major problems of indoorlocalization research: The pitfall to reproduce research resultsin real life scenarios suffering from uncontrolled RF interferenceand the weakness of numerous published solutions beingevaluated under individual, not comparable and not repeatableconditions.• Eco2Clouds will investigate strategies that can ensure not onlyeffective application deployment on the cloud infrastructure butalso reduce the resultant energy consumption and CO2emissions.• STEER will address the community-centric digitally-basedecosystem which we refer to as “Social Telemedia”, a cross-breeding of social networks and networked media.
  23. 23. 23FIRE STREP Projects (7)• EAR-IT: Audio sensors are cheap and often easy to deployand, with the growing power of processing and networkingcapabilities it is possible to exploit audio data for a broad rangeof applications incl. energy efficiency and traffic monitoring.• 3D-LIVE project aims to develop and experiment a User DrivenMixed Reality and Immersive (Twilight) platform connected toEXPERIMEDIA facilities in order to investigate the FutureInternet (FI) broadband capacity to support Real-Timeimmersive situations as well as evaluating both the Quality ofExperience (QoE) and Quality of Services.
  24. 24. 24FIRE STREP Projects (8)• OFERTIE addresses an important emerging class of distributedapplications known as Real-Time Online InteractiveApplications (ROIA). These include multi-player onlinecomputer games, advanced simulation-based e-Learning andtraining platforms, and other applications dependent uponsynchronised bidirectional media distribution.• CLOMMUNITY project aims at addressing the obstacles forcommunities of citizens in bootstrapping, running andexpanding community-owned networks that provide communityservices organised as community clouds.
  25. 25. 25Internet & Society project - Call 7(started October 2011)• FIRE related Internet & Society project• EINS: European INternet Science is a Network of Excellence aimingat developing Internet Science as a foundation for the understandingand evolution of the Internet as a societal and a technologicalartefact.More
  26. 26. FIRE Projects – Current (06/2013) 26
  27. 27. One single access viawww.ict-fire.euThe FIRE Offering27 of Use Casescan be found at:
  28. 28. FIRE for Experimentations* www.ict-fire.euFacility Portal28InformationPortal*ResearchApplicationsServicesNetworking--------------InformationNewExperimenters,UsersExt. ContactsInformationqueriesEtc.
  29. 29. 29The FIRESTATION Support ActionFIRE Architecture BoardFederation between facility projectsChairman + Moderator + Secretary+ 1 representative per running IP project+ representatives from other relevantprojectsExternal RelationsOther test beds (outsideFIRE EC projects)External ExpertsAdvisory GroupOther initiatives(incl. GEANT,NRENs, EIT,G-Lab, GENI,Asia FI, FIA,FI-PPP, FIF, ETPs,etc.)FIRE STATIONProject MgtFIRE OfficeEntry point from the outsideFIRE STREPand other FIprojects
  30. 30. Beneficiary nameBeneficiary shortname, countryMartel* MAR, SwitzerlandUniversité Pierre etMarie Curie - Paris6UPMC, FranceEurescom GmbH EUR, GermanyGARR GARR, ItalyiMinds iMinds, BelgiumUniversity Lübeck UZL, GermanyUniversity ofSouthamptonIT Innovation,United KingdomInterInnov InterInnov, FranceFIRE STATION Project* Coordinator 30• FIRESTATION is aCoordination &Support Action (CSA)project funded inFrameworkProgramme 7 (FP7),Call 5• Started 1st of June2010 for 36 months•Budget: 1.5 M€
  31. 31. 1 To move the FIRE facility towards a more customer-driven, dynamic,effective, sustainable, easy-to-access and easy-to-use experimentalplatform2 To intensify the collaboration amongst the FIRE Community• FIRE projects and all related stakeholders, such as othertestbeds, testbed initiatives, customers of testbeds -projects, researchers from academy and industryThe objectives of FIRE STATION31
  32. 32. FIRE STATION implements a FIRE Office and a FIREArchitecture Board:- The FIRE Office serves as a single contact point and amediator when looking for experimental resources or newcustomers;- The FIRE Architecture Board involves all FIRE facilitybuilders to decide on the strategy and means to facilitate thedevelopment of FIRE offerings.The organization of FIRE STATION32
  33. 33. FIRE Open Calls• The Open Calls are designed to stimulate the use of thefacilities through new innovative experiments• 9 IP projects have a ready large scale facility infrastructurethat can be used:• Fed4FIRE - a real federation of experimentation facilities• BONFIRE – research in the Cloud• CREW – radio spectrum and measurements of wireless• OFELIA – networking in Open Flow• TEFIS – research in services• Smart Santander – Internet of Things – 20 000 nodes in one city• OPENLAB – advancing capabilities of early FIRE facilities• EXPERIMEDIA – research in Future Media Internet• CONFINE - exploration and advancement of the community networks33
  34. 34. FIRE+ in Horizon 2020Consultation 21 September• Federation towards a European experimentalInfrastructure• More users to be involved in FIRE• Sustainability over time• EIT• National Initiative• Advanced networking experimentation, GEANT
  35. 35. FIRE in ICT Work Programme 2013Call 10 (Objective 1.7/)/a: Testbed Facilities: IPs, Indicative budget: 8M €/b: Experimentally-driven Research: STREPs, Indicative budget: 8M €/c: Coordinatation and Support Actions: CSAs, Indicative budget: 0,5M €
  36. 36. FIRE RoadmapFIRE inHorizon 20202007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015Preparatory projectsunder FP6First wave of FIRE projects(Call 2: Facility + Research)Second Wave of FIRE projects(Call 5: Facility + Research)Third Wave of FIRE projects(Call 7: Facility + Internet Science)FIRE Federation and Sustainability(Call 8: Facility + Experiments)FIRE projects(Call 10: Facility + Experiments)
  37. 37. Status of international cooperation37A Korean Partner in EINS;FIRE STATION involved(KOREN and AsiaFI)TEFIS and MyFIREinclude aBrazilian Partner.FIBRE is from a EU-Brazil joint call.A Russian partnerIn MyFIREAn Indian partnerIn MyFIREOFELIA andCONECT involve USPartnersOpenLab involves aCanadian partnerA Chinese partner inTEFIS, EINS,MyFIREFIRE involved throughEU-Japan Symposium +Call 8 Info DayOpenLab and EINSinvolve an AustralianPartner
  38. 38. The FIRE Website www.ict-fire.euMaintained by the FIRESTATION Support Action38
  39. 39. The word count39Maintained by the FIRESTATION Support Action – June 2013
  40. 40. 40Further InformationNext Key Events in 2013:Future Networks & Mobile Summit 2013 (FUNEMS) 3-5 July 2013Lisbon, PortugalMore at: 2013: Create, Connect, Grow 6-8 November 2013 Vilnius, LithuaniaMore at: – FIRE website - FIRE Brochure – FIRE wiki - FIRE / EU Commission
  41. 41. Thank you for your attentionThe research leading to these results has received funding from the European Unions Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 2007-2013, ICTobjective 1.6) under grant agreement nr. 257439 FIRESTATION.More information: Contact: