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Prospects from AMPLIFIRE


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FIRE Vision 2020 pre-FIA workshop:
Prospects from AMPLIFIRE - Hans Schaffers (AmpliFIRE project coordinator, Aalto University)

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Prospects from AMPLIFIRE

  1. 1. Amplifying Future InternetResearch and Experimentation fora Sustainable FutureFIRE Vision Towards 2020May 7, 2013, DublinHans SchaffersAalto University School of Business, CKIRE-mail:
  2. 2. AmpliFIRE Support Action Support the FIRE Community to prepare FIREfor 2020, by strengthening the exploitationand impact creation capacities of FutureInternet Research and Experimentation (FIRE)facilities. Bring the concept of open innovation into theworld of Future Internet research andexperimentation, involving a wide range ofstakeholder groups and communities Enhance the awareness for FIRE-enabledresearch and innovation opportunities in thebusiness community, in societal domains andin the existing FIRE community.Consortium:AALTO (c)InterInnovLTU-CDTIT InnovationMARTELiMindsTelefónica R+DHebrew UniversityDuration 30 months:Jan 2013 – June 2015PO:Nikolaos Isaris, JorgePereira (CNECT E4)
  3. 3. Coordination and Support ActionsFUSIONExperimentally-driven ResearchExploratoryResearchReal-scaleExperimentationValidationRequirementsCONVERGENCEHOBNET NOVICONECTEULERLAWA SPITFIREEVARILOSIRATIECO2CloudsEAR-IT3D-LIVEALIENSocial&SmartSTEEROFERTIERELYonITCREWTEFISBonFIREBuilding the Experimental Facility and stimulating its useEnlarged EnlargedFed4FIREUsers UsersWisebedOnelab2PIIVital++ParadisoFireworksOpnexPerimeterEcodeN4CSmartNetSelfNetFIREBALLMyFireCoordination& supportactions Call 5Coordination& supportactions Call 8Researchprojects Call5 (STREPs)Researchprojects Call7 (STREPs)Researchprojects Call8 (STREPs)FacilityProjects (IPs)Call 5FacilityProjects (IPs)Call 7FacilityProjects (IPs)Call 8ProjectsendedFIRE Projects (January 2013)FIRE STATION AmpliFIRESCAMPICityflowCLOMMUNITYOpenlab Experimedia CONFINESmart SantanderOFELIA
  4. 4. AmpliFIRE’s Vision on FIREIn 2020, Internet infrastructures, services and applications form thebackbone of connected regional and urban innovation ecosystems.People, SMEs and organisations collaborate seamlessly acrossborders to experiment on novel technologies, services and businessmodels to boost entrepreneurship and new ways of value creationFIRE facilities as FItechnology developmentplatforms backbone ofEuropean R&I ecosystemsFIRE experimentalresearch and user-drivenco-creation are connected(push – pull)FIRE facilities integrateelements of user driven openinnovation, working with large-scale user communitiesA hybrid sustainabledevelopment model isoperational for FIRE facilities,grounded in Future Internetvalue networks
  5. 5. FIRE towards 2020
  6. 6. AmpliFIRE Project Objectives1. Develop a Vision 2020 of Future Internet research andexperimentation, including the role of FIRE facilities; settingout a transition path towards a “FIRE Ecosystem 2020”2. Assess today’s capabilities and resources, finding thoserequired to realize the future vision, finding gaps to beaddressed3. Explore collaboration opportunities and models to realizelonger term sustainability of a European-wide FutureInternet experimental facility, based on service offer portfolio4. Enhance awareness and impact of Future Internet researchand experimentation for business and society, identifyexploitation opportunities
  7. 7. Overview of AmpliFIRE projectactivities
  8. 8. Expected impact of AmpliFIRE
  9. 9. Final remarks After FIRE STATION end, AmpliFIRE continues several of itsactivities to support the FIRE Community: in particuloarcommunication and dissemination, and community building Compared with FIRE STATION, AmpliFIRE focuses on thefurther, sustainable, evolution of FIRE facilities, serviceoffering and user communities AmpliFIRE with FIRE Community develops a FIRE future visionbut also prepares a plan supporting the transition path
  10. 10. Thanks for your attention !Contact:Hans Schaffers, AmpliFIRE project coordinatorAalto University, CKIRE-mail: