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A winning presentation that was presented to our client in Saudi Arabia Microsoft, which was a mix of traditional media solutions, and viral advertising.

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  1. 1. This concept for ATL and Viral communication Was presented to our client Microsoft
  2. 2. Microsoft approved the viral part of the campaign And will soon be executed as an online strategy To re-launch windows 7 in Saudi Arabia
  3. 3. Windows 7 Re-launch
  4. 4. Real AchieversSEVEN days, Seven people, Seven storiesWindonw 7 is a tool that enables you to achieve, It can be personal, professional etc…But how do we convince the public?Through real recommendation, and real examples from real peopleIn this campaign we will use real,influential, creative, SOCIABLE people. We’ll givethem the chance to try windows 7 through an optimized computer according to theirneeds, and we film their experience, their honesty, and their originality.Being social in nature, these people will promote themselves through word ofmouth, and will be promoting windows 7 too, especially since they will be connected tothe world, with our state of the art tools.
  5. 5. Our People will spontaneously act in our TVC, and should have the following profiles.
  6. 6. The Architect
  7. 7. The Businessman
  8. 8. The Designer
  9. 9. The Gamer
  10. 10. The IT Manager
  11. 11. The Photographer
  12. 12. The Teacher
  13. 13. Each one of these people will receive a task to finish, and this will be their achievement with windows 7
  14. 14. Online, Viral, & Social Networking
  15. 15. Teaser Banner
  16. 16. Revealer, Micro site, and information channel
  17. 17. Information & Links Channeled through the site
  18. 18. Corporate Press AdIn our printed communication, we will expose our heroes to thepublic, and render their achievement a public celebration.With windows seven, we transformed an everyday person to apublic figure, because of his achievement with windows 7The final press ad will be more natural, spontaneous and realistic.Even the headline will be quoted from our ambassadors.
  19. 19. Tactical Press AdOur heroes are now windows 7 spokes people. They have thepublic’s attention and trust, and they will advise them in eachservice we need to promote.
  20. 20. Thank You