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How to share video files on facebook


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It is easy to share video files on facebook. Just follow the easy steps and start uploading your favorite videos on facebook and other social sites.

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How to share video files on facebook

  1. 1. How to upload video files on facebook?
  2. 2. Contents• Video Sharing Craze• Facebook Video Sharing Issue• Steps to upload videos on facebook• See Uploaded Videos• Insert Video Information• Video Editing Software• Thanks
  3. 3. How to upload video files on facebook?• Video Sharing Craze• People from all around the world are connected with different social networking sites. Facebook and Youtube are some popular websites to upload your beautiful video. Generally people connect with these sites to share their views in text format as well as video form. Sharing videos is one of the best ways to make famous in social network. Some of the people are engaged in this work to earn money also. Because people from various places visit your video page and increase weight of your page.
  4. 4. How to upload video files on facebook?• Facebook Video Sharing Issue• If you are beginner in this task then you can take help of this information and start sharing your videos on Facebook and others. It is easy to upload videos on facebook. Facebook allows you to share videos directly from your computer or mobile. Facebook have some guidelines to upload videos like the video that you like to upload that must be 20 minutes long. It allows you to share video having less than 1,024 megabytes size. The video should be original created by you or your friends. It should be copy of other videos.
  5. 5. How to upload video files on facebook?• Steps to upload videos on facebook are:• Step1. Log in to Facebook or Make an Account If you have already facebook account then just log in if not then creates an account with any email id. To upload video or to share video files facebook account is must required.• Step2. Locate the Video Files After creation of facebook account click on the photos that is located on the left hand side of your news feed page. Above photos you will get link of news feed, messages and events. Once photos are loaded then you can start video uploading, it is located at the top of the page.• Step3. Start Uploading Videos
  6. 6. How to upload video files on facebook?• See Uploaded Videos• You will see link to upload video. Just click on that. It allows you to browse and locate file on your computer. Find your video that you want to share and select it. Click Open then video uploading start shortly.
  7. 7. How to upload video files on facebook?• Insert Video Information• Within few minutes your video will be uploaded completely and become viewable to others. You can check that video after uploading. You can insert information about your video here and give a title and comments. When it is finished then this video comes on your wall and home page for all your friends.
  8. 8. How to upload video files on facebook?• Video Editing Software• Before uploading videos you can perform video editing to increase beauty of the video. Video editing software can help you in this regard. This software makes your video editing tasks easier. When you share video files after editing then it gets more popularity on web.
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