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R u s t a v i


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about city

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R u s t a v i

  1. 1. Rustavi - My city Autor: Piqria sidamonidze A little something about me:
  2. 2. Rustavi is a city in the southeast of Georgia, in the province of Kvemo Kartli, southeast of the capital Tbilisi. It stands on the Mtkvari River. It has a population of 116,384 (2002 census) and is dominated by the Rustavi Metallurgical Plant. The history of Rustavi has two phases: an early history from ancient times until the city was destroyed in the 13th century, and modern history from the Soviet era to the present.  Georgia (country) on the map:  Wikipedia about region Kvemo Kartli: Rustavi on the map: ,+Geguti,+Georgia%4042.23665188032057,42.69287109375&z=10
  3. 3. City Flag and Emblem (information about heraldyc
  4. 4. Rustavi Metallurgical Plant Georgian Steel, formerly Rustavi Metallurgical Plant is a Georgian steel company located in Rustavi. It was founded in 1948 by Soviet planners to process iron ore from Azerbaijan. The first steel was melted in April 1950 Georgian Steel Company page
  5. 5. Rustavi is one of the oldest city. According to historical sources, BC. Sec. IV century in the city of Rustavi. There, in Rustavi is located the oldest fortress. The fortress wall Had three different periods of it's existence. Initially (V-VIII centuries). Fence had rectangular towers, on the other, Inner wall, semi towers. Both of the fences merger (IX-XI cc.). Third, e. Sec. the outer wall had gates with tunnel (XII-XIII cc.). The two had been together in the east of the prison fence. Rustavi’s fortress is the only fortress in Georgia, where murals. The Blog About a new Rustavi:
  6. 6. Iaghluji Ridge, a series in the region, on the right bank of the Kura River, it borders Soganludi has met the lower flow of the river valley between Algeti. Length 17 km, width 11 km. The absolute height of 788 m. Iaghluji ridge crosses the eastern part of Tbilisi Kazakhstan Highway. Ialghuji’s mountain in winter
  7. 7. The beach of river Mtkvari
  8. 8. Residential neighborhoods in the city
  9. 9. The city view in the winter
  10. 10. The new Christian orthodox church’s view
  11. 11. The new building of the city police, the so-called "Glass House"
  12. 12. of the city pharmacy and police car..
  13. 13. The Petrol Station
  14. 14. HOTEL ’’RUSTAVI’’
  15. 15. Municipality of city the official web-site Rustavi city:
  16. 16. in the Municipality building..
  17. 17. interesting links about RUSTAVI
  18. 18. Participants of the project
  19. 19. Thank you for attention! with respectfully Piqria Sidamonidze