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Twitter in a Crisis


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Presentation on Amnesty UK's social media response to the Egypt crisis, given at NFP Tweetup in February.

Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Twitter in a Crisis

  1. 1. Twitter in a Crisis @amnestyuk and #Egypt
  2. 2. 25th JanuaryOur initial aim was to justbecome part of the conversationand bring the human rightsangle to coverage.Started to use Twitter formonitoring the action on theground. Campaign managerpassed on contacts to follow onTwitter to enable us to better stayon top of updates.
  3. 3. 30th JanuaryHaving a man on the ground changed our role online fromhighlighting content to being a source of information
  4. 4. 3rd FebruaryOur team arrested, we werebecoming part of the storyAsked supporters to take actionvia email and social mediaOver 11,000 emails sent in lessthan 24 hoursOur staff members were(thankfully) released by the endof the next day
  5. 5. 4th FebruaryBy the end if the week we started toround up coverage into:Campaign centreBlog postMedia team blogPhoto galleries
  6. 6. 7th February
  7. 7. 12th FebruaryFull digital team in attendance: Tweeting, live blogging, filming, takingphotos, uploading...
  8. 8. Organising globally with #feb12global
  9. 9. Social media mentions of Egypt and Amnesty International and#feb12global
  10. 10. Social media mentions of #feb12global by type
  11. 11. Direct 18% Email7,358 Visits 27%9,455 Pageviews79.15% New Visits Social Media 29% Comments 26%
  12. 12. But, nothing was quite as cool as the rickshaw!
  13. 13. Any questions? Fiona McLaren / @fionamclaren