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How to create a new Google document


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How to create a new Google document

  1. 1. Create a new documentWhen you open GoogleDocs click on Create to seeyour options. We’ll talk about Google Drive in Week 3 If you would like to use a template click here to see the gallery of options
  2. 2. We’ll start with a word processor Click here on Document
  3. 3. Just click onUntitledDocument torename yourdocument
  4. 4. This becomes like any otherword processer with font, fontsize, colour, alignment etc.
  5. 5. Collaborators can write comments This could become a way of marking a student’s work. These comments can easily be removed.
  6. 6. How to share a document Click on Share at the top of the document
  7. 7. Make your choices on the window that opens Click on Change to change the settings. At the moment only I can see this document. Click on Change If this was just for you and your students you can add their email addresses.
  8. 8. Now you can makefurther choices.
  9. 9. Download as a MS Word Document! If you click on File/Download you can even add it to your Word documents!
  10. 10. You can see your revision history! If you click on File/Revision History you can see all your changes to the document. This could be useful when marking students work.
  11. 11. Please explore the menu asthere are so many great option Please look through these You don’t have to save in Google Docs – it does it automatically!
  12. 12. You can also import MS Word Documents If you click on the little icon here you will see Files. It will give you the option to upload a File or even a folder of files
  13. 13. Working with spreadsheets I am not going to deal with Spreadsheets because what I have said regarding Documents can be applied here as well.