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  • Google Forms is probably one of the most useful and often underutilized Google tools. Google Forms can be used for surveys, process checks, formative assessments, contact logs, exit tickets, and much more!
  • Google forms - so easy to use

    1. 1. Google forms…so easy to create by Fiona Beal
    2. 2. Reasons for usingGoogle forms…
    3. 3. • You can use them for general surveys• Each form creates its own spreadsheet that collects the responses quickly and easily• You can get quick input from others on various topics• Use it for various kinds of evaluation• Create a survey before and after a lesson/discussion• Use it to collect data• The students can fill in answers to questions in a test• You can get feedback after a lesson• It makes a great book review form• etc. etc. etc.
    4. 4. How can I create aGoogle form?
    5. 5. Join Google and go to Google Docs? (Google Drive if you have updated) Click on Documents
    6. 6. Click on ‘Create’ and choose Form Click on create and choose Form
    7. 7. Basic form template on opening Notice…
    8. 8. Note the variety of question types 7 choices of question types
    9. 9. Write a heading and create the first question 1 First create a heading 2 and then create the first question
    10. 10. Do question 2 Click on the pencil to create question 2 12
    11. 11. Do question 3Click on Add itemand then choose type
    12. 12. From now on always go to ‘Add item’ Click on Add item and then choose type i.e. Paragraph text
    13. 13. Create all your questions Create all your various questions
    14. 14. Click on any further specifications and choose theme Make your 2 choices and 1 then select Theme
    15. 15. Look at the theme options and choose one
    16. 16. Look at a preview of your theme
    17. 17. How can I share aGoogle form once it hasbeen created?
    18. 18. You could ask for it to be emailed (doesn’t include the theme) Share to Google+ Click here to email
    19. 19. Embed on a blog or wiki Click on Embed
    20. 20. Can embed with this code Here is the embed code
    21. 21. You could view a summary or a spreadsheet Click here for Summary or Spreadsheet
    22. 22. How it automatically collects information on a spreadsheet This is what you see under Spreadsheet
    23. 23. It also collects statistics insummary form all the time This is what you see under Summary
    24. 24. Where will I find myoriginal form?
    25. 25. How it shows up on your Google Docs page It gets listed in your Documents
    26. 26. How can I go back to theform creation page andedit my form?
    27. 27. To get back to your form Go to Form and choose your options
    28. 28. For example, you want to change the theme Make your changes
    29. 29. What is the final result?
    30. 30. The final look of the form
    31. 31. Example from the embedded form on the TeachMeet International Wiki
    32. 32. Additional excitingthings…
    33. 33. Step by steps instructions for GradingAssessments in Google Forms Tutorial on the internetQuickWriteNeeds assessment
    34. 34. Why not create and use a Google form today? Thank you! Click here for more tips on Google forms