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Blogging questions


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Blogging questions

  1. 1. This presentation looks at…1.How can people join my blog?2.How can I add a blogroll to my blog?3.How can I edit a post I have just written4.How can I change my backgroundtemplate?5.How can I set up my comment box?
  2. 2. 1.How can people join my blog?
  3. 3. This is where you start off when you sign in Click on the name of your blog
  4. 4. You will be taken to the stats page Click on ‘Layout’
  5. 5. On the Layoutpage clickon Add a gadget
  6. 6. Choose‘Followers’ and click the +
  7. 7. You’ll see it has been added. Place itwhere you want it
  8. 8. People can now join your blog which makes it easier to comment This is how it looks on the blog
  9. 9. 2. How can I create a blog roll?This is when you want to keep a listof blogs running down the side bar.
  10. 10. Once again in Layout choose Add a gadget
  11. 11. Choose Blog List
  12. 12. It will ask you what you want to add for each blog in your blog rollStart adding
  13. 13. A new box appears.Add your first blog Click on Add a blogfor the next oneDon’t forget o click on SAVE
  14. 14. Move the blog listwhere you want it
  15. 15. DON’T forget to save thearrangement
  16. 16. Take a look at the blog
  17. 17. 3.How can I edit a post that I have just written
  18. 18. Click on Design
  19. 19. Then click on PostsYou will get to the Blogger dashboard Click on the post you want to write in
  20. 20. Make your changes and click on Update
  21. 21. 4. How can I change my background?
  22. 22. Go to Layout and then Template Designer
  23. 23. This takes you to the template designer section. Choose Background
  24. 24. Now choose a new background. Go through them all and choose something you like Choose Done when you are done
  25. 25. 5. How can I set up my comment box?
  26. 26. Go to the dashboard and click on Settings
  27. 27. Choose Posts and comments
  28. 28. Go through the list and make your choicesIt is probably better to always get your comments moderated.
  29. 29. That’s all for today!