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Evaluation q2

  1. 1. Q2. How does your Media productrepresent different social groups?
  2. 2. What social group is represented and what particular way are they represented?• My Media magazine is representing young people. This is shown through the use of young people on the cover. The magazine could also be a representation of young males and females. This is through the use of having young males on the cover and the use of a young female pictured on the contents page. The magazine could also be a representation of mainly male artists, this is because most of the bands and articles that will be featured in my magazine are male bands. My target audience are those who are interested in the Indie rock genre and those who dress accordingly, I have targeted my preferred audience by advertising bands who are part of the indie rock genre and by designing my magazine around the colours that are associated with the genre. I gained knowledge on the colours that are associated with indie rock through my audience research and I used the knowledge to create a magazine that represents the indie rock genre. I represented the people in the genre as quite moody, this is a typical young person stereo type and when doing research on magazine similar to my own the artists are rarely photographed smiling. In a way by photographing them as quite moody it could be negative as it is showing young people in a negative moody way. This is falling for the typical teen stereotype but I think it looks effective on my magazine as their expressions go well with the colour scheme because it would look unusual if I had a dark colour scheme with happy smiley people on the front.
  3. 3. How I have presented the people in my magazine.• The image at the top features on the contents page. It’s my friend Amber and she is being advertised as an acoustic artist. She is wearing dark makeup to match the dark colour scheme of my magazine. Her hair is in a beanie hat that is also a dark colour and her clothes are also quite dark. The set is just a coloured wall that is plain except for an imprinted pattern. The image is Amber with a guitar to show that she is an acoustic artist.• The image I used for the band on stage ‘Playing The Ghost’ was just taken at one of their local gigs. This was used for a realistic setting for an article on ‘Playing The Ghost talking about their latest tour’. There was no real set up for this just me photographing them at their concert. This allowed for a good setting and the band are presented as themselves.• The image I used for the front cover is of the anecdotes. I asked them to wear dark colours to go with my dark colour scheme. Photographed them looking serious to fit in the typical indie rock genre. I let them do their how they want because they do typically fit the indie stereotype. In the article I basically asked the boys what plans they have for the band and what their next EP will be like. The set was simple, it was just a white background this was so it would go with my colour scheme of red, white and black. I portrayed The Anecdotes as quite sarcastic as I used answers they said and put them in the article “ It’s the greatest collection of sounds ever committed to tape *sarcasm*” this sarcasm makes it look like they don’t take themselves to seriously.
  4. 4. Why is each social group presented in this way?• I presented the social group in a moody typical teenager kind of way, although when you look at the article you can see that the teenage boys are quite friendly, laid back and happy which goes against the typical teenage stereotype of a moody teenager. I didn’t want the anecdotes smiling because I didn’t want them to appear like a cheesy pop magazine. I wanted the anecdotes to be like the typical conventions of an indie rock magazine. The picture of the anecdotes in the garden does not look intimidating at all, I think this is a positive representation of the band because they just look like they’re chilling out and relaxing.• The picture of Amber Davenport on my contents page also does not have her smiling. This is again because I am going along with the typical stereotypes of the indie rock genre.• The way I have presented the social group isn’t negative because the boys appear friendly in their article, also they all appear quite clean and smart in their pictures showing they are not intimidating. I think the images fit with the genre of music because when comparing my magazine to other magazines such as the NME, you can see that the images are similar and the way the bands are presented are similar.