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Startup Pitch Battle AcceptEmail - FinTech Belgium Summit 2016


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Startup Pitch Battle AcceptEmail
FinTech Belgium Summit 2016

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Startup Pitch Battle AcceptEmail - FinTech Belgium Summit 2016

  1. 1.
  2. 2. We have an App !!!!
  3. 3. App usage: 46% uses 1 to 5 apps per week 36% uses 6 to 10 apps per week Installed apps: 25% are never used 26% are abandoned after first use Google Smartphone owners typically use about 3 apps frequently
  4. 4. But our app is for billing and payment!!!
  5. 5. billing... … sucks!!
  6. 6. Not for lack of trying to make billing sexy…. • My energy provider has its own app: My… • My telco provider too • My utility company uses a common app • My insurance company has an interesting one too • Everybody has an app…
  7. 7. To be honest… I am a bit fed up with all these apps.
  8. 8. I don’t like to pay bills but I know I have to.
  9. 9. I have better things to do so make it easy and fast
  10. 10. Why re-invent the wheel??
  11. 11. Our app is already on your mobile It’s your messaging app!
  12. 12. Paying bills the easy way. Simple and secure.
  13. 13. Make static bills dynamic with Smartpix To be Paid Due in x days Paid Past Due/Cancelled USP Smartpix
  14. 14. Start bill payment from text message 1412 Dear customer, this is your energy bill from CleanNRG. Please pay your bill from your mobile or online via: Kind regards, CleanNRG
  15. 15. Start bill payment from Whatsapp
  16. 16. From biller to your customers Give Your Customer Freedom of Choice via any (preferred) billing and payment channel
  17. 17. Start sending AcceptEmails now AcceptEmail is already used by more than 600 customers in the Netherlands.  Telecom  Insurance  Utility  Collections  Financial Services  Retail
  18. 18. AcceptEmail Luc Vanhecke +32 476 449 239