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Fintech Belgium Summit 2018 - AI & Machine Learning


Published on by Eric Rodriguez

Published in: Technology
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Fintech Belgium Summit 2018 - AI & Machine Learning

  1. 1. Introduction Slide Lightning up FinTech with AI Eric Rodriguez Co-founder
  2. 2. Introduction SlideData is the new oil Bitcoin is the new internet Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity 2006 2010 2016
  3. 3. Introduction SlideIs AI Beyond Hype?
  4. 4. Introduction Slide Why?
  5. 5. Introduction Slide Competitive Advantage Less errors More Efficient Technology Ready Better Faster Stronger
  6. 6. Introduction Slide What is AI?
  7. 7. Introduction Slide The many faces of AI
  8. 8. Introduction Slide Entity Extraction Unstructured Data Business Graph Business Insights
  9. 9. Introduction Slide Chatbots Wealth management Transaction Analysis & Classification Personal Financial Management Customer Service
  10. 10. Introduction Slide Identity Networks Payments Risk scoring Security & Fraud Detection
  11. 11. Introduction Slide Back-office productivity Straight Through Processing KYC / UBO / Mandates Robotic Process Automation
  12. 12. Introduction Slide Eric Rodriguez Co-founder @wavyx Ready for AI?