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Fintech Belgium Summit 2018 - Pitch Battle -_Riskconcile


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Plug and Price

Published in: Technology
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Fintech Belgium Summit 2018 - Pitch Battle -_Riskconcile

  1. 1. PLUG&PRICE Lieven Op De Beéck - CTO
  2. 2. Founders Karl Ottevaere CFO 30 years of experience in financial markets and private equity Jan De Spiegeleer CEO PhD., MBA, 20 years of experience in derivatives and risk management. Visiting professor at KU Leuven in financial engineering Prof. Wim Schoutens Head of Research Prof. in financial engineering. Expert in valuation techniques and modeling Lieven Op De Beéck CTO 15 years of experience in IT and finance. 10 years as equity portfolio manager
  3. 3. Founders Advisory Board Prof. Dr. Katrien Antonio Expertise: actuarial models, stochastic insurance modeling Prof. Dr. Jan Beirlant Expertise: actuarial statistics, extreme value theory
  4. 4. Finance Mathematics Technology
  5. 5. Finance Mathematics Technology Solutions fully automated for specific problems requiring complex mathematics
  6. 6. PRIIPS EU Regulation Asset Management Industry 100% Ready, Onboarding Clients
  7. 7. Plug&Price Pricing Derivatives Using Machine Learning 60x Faster
  8. 8. Plug&Price The Subject Complex Financial Derivatives €257bn outstanding (and growing)
  9. 9. Plug&Price The Problem Internal Valuation Capacity Increased Regulation Calculation Time
  10. 10. Plug&Price The Solution More Computing Power Machine Learning
  11. 11. Plug&Price Valuation through Machine Learning Price Gamma Delta Market Data Training API Bank
  12. 12. Plug&Price Valuation through Machine Learning Valuation as a Service 60x Faster Full Transparency Accessible via API
  13. 13. talk to us Lieven Op De Beéck CTO