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From Start-up to Scale-up, Disrupting banks or not ? by Dominique Adriansens - FinTech Belgium Summit 2016


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From Start-up to Scale-up, Disrupting banks or not ?
Dominique Adriansens, Twikey - FinTech Belgium Summit 2016

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From Start-up to Scale-up, Disrupting banks or not ? by Dominique Adriansens - FinTech Belgium Summit 2016

  1. 1. From Start-up to Scale-up Disrupting banks or not ?
  2. 2. Twikey is a Mandate Service Provider (MSP) With Twikey it is possible to Initiate online legal Sepa Direct Debit mandates Manage the mandates Automate the full Sepa Direct Debit flow on own accounts
  3. 3. Advanced validations & partnerships in Benelux
  4. 4. Subscriptions Sepa Direct Debits used in Additional amounts Long time rental Automatic engine (in a wallet) Personal loans Repayment plans One-off payment
  5. 5. Re-inventing Sepa Direct Debits Omnichannel usage Optimized user experience Simple configuration per channel Conversion rate of 99% API availability - Corine van Drunen - MyOrder “Door de innovatieve oplossing van Twikey zijn wij in staat om direct nieuwe klanten te onboarden in onze app.”
  6. 6. Making signing more efficient More optimal methods vs eID 4 % 96 %
  7. 7. Paper Direct Debits Handling cost between 6 & 15€/doc Between 900 & 2,1 M€ /year Traditional electronic payment instruments 350k€ / year Electronic Direct debits Between 150k€ & 200k€ / year Result of joined efforts Banks & Twikey Case with 200000 new recurrent subscriptions
  8. 8. Evolutions in the market: Payment instruments
  9. 9. Difficult for a bank to compete with a specialist… Bank 1 (BE) Bank 2 (BE) Bank 3 (BE) Bank 4 (BE) Bank 5-X Banks (NL) Twikey Functional offer Sepa Direct Debits of Belgium & Dutch Banks
  10. 10. Banks: positioning of new entrants… Enablers : help the banks Challenger of the bank
  11. 11. What are banks doing in the Fintech scene? First steps toget in touch withthe startup ecosystem Start up program Partnering up withspecific startups, for instanceby means of jointventures,to accelerate innovationfor bothparties Partnering with startups Fundingfor startups in orderto accelerate innovationand enhance cooperation Venture funding Acquisitionofan innovative startup Acquiring Theadditionof an own innovative subsidiary Launch own subsidiary
  12. 12. Anticipation on new evolutions by banks
  13. 13. www.twikey. com Questions?