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FinTech Summit 2018 - Open Banking - Deposit Solutions -Louis Dewavrin


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Deposit Solutions -Louis Dewavrin

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FinTech Summit 2018 - Open Banking - Deposit Solutions -Louis Dewavrin

  1. 1. The Open Banking platform for Deposits FinTech Belgium Summit October 22nd, 2018 Louis Dewavrin Director France & BeNeLux
  2. 2. Establish Open Banking as the new industry standard for savings deposits Our Mission
  3. 3. Deposits are a crucial product for banks and savers and with USD 50+ tn one of the largest markets globally Data source: Canada 3tn US 12tn Brazil 1tn Japan 10tJapan 10tn South Korea 2tn India 2tn Belgium 1tnEU 14tn China 27tn Australia 2tn In USD
  4. 4. Our platform de-duplicates retail infrastructure, creating genuine efficiency gains for the entire industry N x M accounts N + M accounts
  5. 5. Connecting banks from across Europe to savers through our Open Banking platform Product BanksClient Banks / Point of SaleDepositors
  6. 6. Our Open Banking platform variabilizes the costs of deposit taking Our Business Model Bank Saver Revenue share to non-proprietary PoS or pay CAC for proprietary PoS Bank pays for funding on volume PoS Deposit Solutions
  7. 7. On path to becoming industry standard for savings deposits Reaching more than 30m depositors through various channels 30+ m depositors Active in 16 European countries since 2011 16 countries Connecting 70 banks across Europe with our Open Banking platform 70+ banks
  8. 8. We have built the #1 B2C deposit business in Europe, even though started as a side project Total Transmitted deposits through our B2C business alone (in EUR) 1bn November 2016 +2bn +3.5bn +8bn “One of the world's fastest growing fintech platforms started as a side project.” “The fastest growing financial startup globally is from Germany: Deposit Solutions.” June 2017 November 2017 June 2018
  9. 9. We are ready for further significant growth Backed by First class international team driving our success +250 employees Ensure independent growth of platform Renowned investors Proprietary, scalable and customizable Open Banking technology 1 platform and Peter Thiel