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Fintech Belgium Summit 2017 - Tech Impact- Belgian Mobile ID - CEO Kris Derijk


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Belgian Mobile ID - CEO Kris Derijk talked about eIdentity at our annual summit 2017.

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Fintech Belgium Summit 2017 - Tech Impact- Belgian Mobile ID - CEO Kris Derijk

  1. 1. Kris De Ryck, ceo 14.12.2017
  2. 2. car rental banking university medical records delivery box eRetail security camera news bike rentalenergy fitness club Login with itsme® • 1single login for all touchpoints • strong authentication within 1app • always the same easy process at different partners
  3. 3. transfer medical rec. booking time sheets driving lessons birth movie on demand payment LOA eGov help desk donation • no more card readers • easy and fast confirmation of orders • secure approval Confirm with itsme®
  4. 4. visitor statement • no more form to fill in • easy onboarding of clients • 100%accurate data • verified ID • replaces KYC process • transparent Share ID with itsme® event eRetail pharmacy holiday booking insurance KYC moving gambling sharing economy
  5. 5. Our Services 4 strong enablers for every process digitalization project Share data Sign Confirm Log in
  6. 6. Go-to-market of itsme® 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 01 02 03 04 05 06 Qualified signature 2018 2017 100K users When do you become itsme?
  7. 7. User action Application (Software) • Gemalto SDK • ID data are not on the Smartphone • Native development Network Operators (Hardware) • SIM binding • Transaction security checks • User Phone Account status checks Internal Processes • ISO27001certified Smartphone iOS or Android is highly secured (multi-factor by design) PSD2 compliant authentication method
  8. 8. Open Banking PSP BankGateway Auth. hubCards PSD2 Credit transfers TPP BankGateway Auth. hub
  9. 9. From check-out to check-in