Something fishy 1.1


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Chapter 1.1 of my Sims 3 Legacy

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Something fishy 1.1

  1. 1. C hapter1.1
  2. 2. Meet Sophie McCarn. Shes just arrivedin the island town of Barnacle Bay inthe hopes of fulfilling her dream ofbecoming a world-famous author. WhyBarnacle Bay, you may ask? Becausesomething fishy is going on in thistown and Sophie has plans to get to thebottom of it.
  3. 3. Her new home is spacious, but ratherlacking in commodities.Sophie: I have no house. No toilet, nofridge, no bed. Nothing except for arather curious-looking mailbox and agarbage can.
  4. 4. Well, lets work on that, shall we?Time to get employment! Sophie rollsup a wish to get a job in the Medicalcareer, which doesnt really match upwith her lifetime aspiration, but its ajob that will pay the bills for a littlewhile.
  5. 5. She calls a cab and heads to thenearest hospital, excited to check outthe sights of Barnacle Bay on the waythere.
  6. 6. Apparently, all you have to do to get ajob in the medical field is just show upat the hospital. Sims really do live in afantasy world.
  7. 7. Sophie might be having secondthoughts, though. Feeling a littlesqueamish, Sophie?Sophie: I really dont do all that wellaround bodily fluids.
  8. 8. Just think of all the dreamy youngdoctors youll meet. Speaking of which,while Sophie fills out her jobapplication, Im going spouse-hunting.
  9. 9. Heres a cute scruffy-looking guy. Illkeep him in mind. Hopefully hes notalready attached.
  10. 10. Oooo, is this one a firefighter! Everygirl likes a manly, ruggedly handsomefirefighter, right?
  11. 11. And across the street in the park are aold lady and gentleman duking it outon the chessboard. It looks like a prettyintense match. I think the guy here is abit old for Sophie.
  12. 12. Coming out of the hospital, Sophiespots the attractive young firefighterand hurries over to introduce herself.Sophie: Ooo, a firefighter!
  13. 13. His name is Roger and he is not afirefighter, sadly. Hes quite famous inBarnacle Bay, though he doesnt makeclear exactly why hes famous.
  14. 14. Hes much too famous to be botheredwith a poor little nobody like Sophie,though. Roger, youve just celebritiedyourself off the legacy spouse list.
  15. 15. Sophie remains undaunted and headsover to the park to meet some otherpeople. Some non-famous ones.Sophie: You really should turn yourhead when you sneeze.
  16. 16. Sophie: And now Im shaking yourgermy, sneeze-covered hand.Mario: My name is Mario.Sophie: And I suppose youre a plumberby trade?Mario: How did you know?Wait. Really? Yes, sure enough, hername really is Mario. Go figure.
  17. 17. Reversed-gender classic video gamecharacters aside, Sophie didnt havemuch luck meeting any eligiblespouses...I mean, new friends in thepark. Everyone is this freakin town isa celebrity. These two tow-heads aremembers of the Goldbeard clan. Bothare celebrities.
  18. 18. Sophie tried to introduce herself, butthe young teenager was only interestedin swinging on the swings. And thelittle boy was only interested in money.Obsessed with treasure, huh? Soundslike a pirate to me!
  19. 19. In spite of all his celebrity star levels,this gentleman here deigns to have aconversation with Sophie. I imaginehes spreading rumors about the oldlady who beat him at chess.
  20. 20. Man: That old lady is probably takingsteroid pills. Thats the only way shecould have beat me. Brain steroid pills.Barnacle Bay is rampant with them!
  21. 21. Sophie: This problem needs fixing! As amedical professional, I vow toinvestigate the level of celebrity druguse in this town!Being an organ donor really doesntqualify you to be a medicalprofessional, Sophie. And Im rathersuspicious of your motives.
  22. 22. And right after her declaration, Sophierushes over to meet that famousSimdiva, Dina Caliente. Its not everyday a girl gets the autograph of such afamous Sim.
  23. 23. After a busy day of meeting celebritiesand being rejected by them, Sophieheads home and starts working on herart skills.Sophie: Some day Im going to be acelebrity artist. All my paintings will bein prestigious art museums around theworld and Dina Caliente will ask me formy autograph.
  24. 24. Sophie scarfs down a quick dinner ofbread and jam, then curls up on hernot-so-comfy park bench and drifts offto sleep. I feel guilty about her lack ofa decent bed, so about half-waythrough the night, she wakes up to aspecial treat.
  25. 25. In her new but still rather shabby bed,Sophie dreams of days of yore, whenwriters penned dusty tomes with quilland ink. Just keep that dream in yourhead, Sophie, when you get sick ofliving on the lawn. At least you havemodern plumbing.
  26. 26. Next morning, Sophie wakes up bright and early for hernew job.And what are you wearing, Sophie?Sophie: My work uniform.What are you going to be doing all day, hanging out at thebeach? Youre not wearing any shoes! Do you even knowwhat organ donors do?Sophie: Well, whatever they do, they obviously dont needshoes to do it!
  27. 27. And while Sophie gets to donatingorgans, (Not any vital ones, I hope!) Iget to more spouse hunting!The mailman isnt too bad. Gotta love aman in uniform!
  28. 28. No one in Barnacle Bay realizes, butthe mailman dreams of one daybecoming a commercial airline pilot:expanding his horizons, seeing theworld...maybe even visiting exoticSimChina one day!
  29. 29. Meanwhile, near the hospital, DinaCaliente is late for an importantappointment. This looks verysuspicious. Where could she be going?
  30. 30. She stops on the deserted sidewalk,looking around the area, checking forany unwanted onlookers.
  31. 31. Minutes pass and a limo pulls up. Dinagets inside. Something fishy isdefinitely going on in this town.
  32. 32. Down at the local beach clubhouse,Roger, the not-a-firefighter celebritysnob, looks worried.Roger: Im very concerned.Concerned about what, Roger?
  33. 33. Roger: Im concerned about thealarming number of teddy bears inBarnacle Bay. Practically everyhousehold has at least one. Manyfamilies have one for each child.Teddy bears, Roger? Really, Roger?Really?
  34. 34. Roger: Teddy bears are absolutelyhorrifying! Theyre too cute to not bemass murdering psychotics planning totake over the world!So, teddy bears are going to conquerthe world with, what, snuggly cuddles?Roger: Exactly! Oh the horror!
  35. 35. Lets leave Roger to his teddy bearphobia (That must be what hes famousfor!) and check on Sophie. Works overand her funometer is deep in the red,so shes taking a taxi to a local bar. Iguess donating organs is harder workthan Sophie expected.
  36. 36. At the bar, Sophie discovers a curiousnew device.Sophie: What is this funny box withmetal bars stuck through it? Is it agame of some sort?
  37. 37. Dont they have foozball where youcome from, Sophie?Sophie: Its called foozball? Well, thatsa silly name.But she has fun playing the new gameanyway.
  38. 38. She hangs at the bar for a few hours,mixing juice with yet another localcelebrity. Everyone in Barnacle Bayseriously has at least one celebrity star.Except for Mario the plumber. Mario hasno stars. (heehee)
  39. 39. So, after Sophie arrived home thatnight, my game promptly crashed. So,Ill be ending the chapter right here.Stay tuned for more mysteriouscelebrity plots, possibly involvingcuddles and teddy bears, next time onSomething Fishy in Barnacle Bay.