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Summary of ACE's role at Aalto University

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Will cardwell ace nov 2011

  1. 1. Overview of ACE Aalto Center forEntrepreneurshipWill Cardwell, Director
  2. 2. Aalto UniversityA merger of three leading Finnish higher education institutesArt & Design Science & Economics,founded 1871 Technology, founded founded 1911 1849 •
  3. 3. Aalto UniversityA unique community:• 4,300 faculty and staff, including 300 professors• 20,000 students• 75,000 alumniTotal annual budget 400 million € (2011)Vision 2020 The best connect and succeed at Aalto University, an institution internationally recognized for the impact of its science, art and learning. 3
  4. 4. Mission Aalto University works towards a better world by:• promoting top-quality and interdisciplinary research,• pioneering education,• surpassing traditional boundaries, and• embracing renewal. Aalto University educates responsible, broad-minded experts with a comprehensive understanding by Hanna Maunuksela, of complex subjects to act as Graduate of Aalto School of Art and Design society’s visionaries and agents of change. 4
  5. 5. SchoolsSix Schools (from January 2011)• School of Art and Design• School of Chemical Technology• School of Economics• School of Electrical Engineering• School of Engineering• School of Science
  6. 6. Research“We are dedicated to long-term, high-quality research ofhigh scientific value and impact on society”. • Computation • Global • Service Core Growing Emerging and economic Economy Modelling business processes • Digitization • Materials • Process and • Energy • Design Systems Competance • Human- • ICT orientated • Architecture living • Media environments • Art
  7. 7. The Four Cornerstones of ACEBuilding successful companiesthat create jobs and prosperity.Entrepreneurship EntrepreneurshipEducation ResearchInnovation Services Growthand Technology Venturing andTransfer Start-Up Services Public Private Partnership between Aalto University and TEKES
  8. 8. Types Of Entrepreneurship• Lifestyle Entrepreneurship• Small Business Entrepreneurship• Scalable Entrepreneurship• Big Company Entrepreneurship• Social Entrepreneurship• One size does NOT fit all! 8
  9. 9. 90%of new jobs andradical innovationsare born innew technologycompanies,startups
  10. 10. Creating ”Startup DNA”1. Focus where competitive advantage is2. Enable and reward extreme work3. Agility to thrive amid unpredictable market shifts 10
  11. 11. Silicon Valley PartnershipPartnership with Stanford – Go learn fromand with the Best.
  12. 12. Aalto Entrepreneurship SocietyStudent-run. +3000 members strong.
  13. 13. Summer of startups10 weeks. 35 students. Global.
  14. 14. Startup Saunas200 applicants, 10 startups.Coached by real entrepreneurs with $200M VC raised and 20exits among them Venture Garage Video
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  19. 19. 1 Powerkiss Powerkiss technology provides a simple, user-friendly and efficient way of keeping all your dear devices charged on top of any surface.
  20. 20. 2AudioDraftAudioDraft offerscompanies a new andinnovative way to ordercustom made audiofrom the artist and audiodesigner community bycreating audiocompetitions.
  21. 21. THANKS!Will.cardwell@aalto.fi