Stanford lille presentation march 2011


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presentation to French entrepreneurs with Stanford Technology Ventures Team.

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Stanford lille presentation march 2011

  1. 1. Enablers ofGrowth Entrepreneurship –Company and Policy Views.Will CardwellHead, Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship
  2. 2. 1. Background
  3. 3. A generation of thought leadersAalto University engagesits students in a passionateculture of seeking newknowledge, learning andresearch.Tuula Teeri, Aalto University
  4. 4. Aalto UniversityA merger of three leading Finnish highereducation institutes: business, art &technology
  5. 5. Why do we believe startups are important?Raising the next generation of changemakers.
  6. 6. 90%of new jobs andradical innovationsare born innew technologycompanies,startups
  7. 7. Aalto Center for EnterpreneurshipBuilding successful companies that createjobs and prosperity.
  8. 8. Innovation researchThe four cornerstones of ACE SME research ??Building successful companiesthat create jobs and prosperity.Entrepreneurship EntrepreneurshipEducation ResearchInnovation Services Growthand Technology Venturing andTransfer Start-Up Services
  9. 9. Highlights for ACE 2010Major new sales of Aalto patents to Finnishindustry.111 Record number of inventions from Aalto. 50 Record number of priority patent applications filed based on Aalto Research. 15 Record number of startups formed from Aalto- based ideas. 2 Strong new partnership with Stanford Technology Ventures and Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship.
  10. 10. Highlights from companiesWe see many things in the ecosystem aroundAalto that are encouraging:NO:1&2 Aalto startups Rovio (Angry Birds!) and Remedy Entertainment created number 1 and 2 global game titles . Largest VC funding round of recent 9M€ history in Finland for research-based company went to Beneq (9m€), which relies significantly on Aalto expertise 3M€ Large funding round to Canatu and Blaast (3+m€), recent Aalto spinouts (i.e. based on Aalto IP)
  11. 11. 1 Powerkiss Powerkiss technology provides a simple, user-friendly and efficient way of keeping all your dear devices charged on top of any surface.
  12. 12. 2AudioDraftAudioDraft offerscompanies a new andinnovative way to ordercustom made audiofrom the artist and audiodesigner community bycreating audiocompetitions.
  13. 13. ZenRobotics2 ZenRobotics Ltd., is specializing in robotic recycling technology. The companys main product is ZenRobotics Recycler, a waste sorting system which separates raw materials from waste
  14. 14. 2. Case: Valimo
  15. 15. A Short Case Study: Valimo Wireless Mobile Payments Mobile Identity Management Mobile Signatures /WPKI
  16. 16. What the Solution Looked LikeEntities involved BANK Action Flow Valimo iD END USER Web Bank Server CA Bank’s own or Trusted Third Party User Database Certificate Repository OPERATOR Validator - MSSP OTA Gateway
  17. 17. In 2004, Our Partners Were…
  18. 18. In 2004, Our Customers Were… Mobile Mobile Operators mGaming mBanking Corporate mServices AuthenticationDigital ePaymentSigning Public eBanking Digital TV Services Government Gaming ISP Media Retail Fixed
  19. 19. WHAT PUT US OVER THETOP? Finnish Network HR Agility Facebook Roberto Carlos Focused IP Reverse Learning WHAT HELD US BACK? Dripfed Finance Complex EcosystemUnproductive Partnerships Distressed Customers Small home market Uneducated Public Fragmented Technical Solutions
  20. 20. 3. Messages to entrepreneurs & policy-makers 20
  21. 21. For ”Startup DNA” in EuropeFocus on extreme competence and competitiveadvantage. Extreme work. Positioning such thatcompanies thrive amid totally unpredictablemarket shifts 21
  22. 22. Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director, DFJA Grounding for Decision-Makingunder High Uncertainty Video Link
  23. 23. On risk taking and failuresEcosystem: promotes pioneering spirit embracinguncertainty, risk-taking and tolerating failure 23 Video Link
  24. 24. Tina Seelig, Executive Director, STVPOn risk taking and failuresEntrepreneur: you must not fail! (but BTW its OKif you do, keep trying!) Video Link
  25. 25. Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of FacebookOn Youth and EnergyEntrepreneur: Start early! Universities will probablydrive the next Black Swan. And, DON’T BEPATIENT! 25
  26. 26. On Youth and EnergyEcosystem: Attract founders, who are ideally young,energetic and possibly migrants, and support thempatiently
  27. 27. Company Foundation Founder Age Founder Company AgeMicrosoft 1975 Bill Gates 20 Hasso Plattner SAP 28Microsoft 1975 Paul Allen 22 Dietmar Hopp SAP 32Oracle 1977 Larry Ellison 33 Hans-Werner Hector SAP 32Apple 1976 Steve Jobs 21 Klaus Tschira SAP 32Apple 1976 Steve Wozniak 26 Francis Bernard Dassault >36Cisco 1984 Len Bosack 29 Pier Luigi Zappacosta Logitech 30Cisco 1984 Sandra Lerner 29 Daniel Borel Logitech 30Sun 1982 Vinod Khosla 27 Bernard Liautaud Business Objects 27Sun 1982 Bill Joy 28 Denis Payre Business Objects 27Sun 1982 Andy Bechtolsheim 26 Jamie Urquhart ARM 32Google 1998 Larry Page 25 Mike Muller ARM 31Google 1998 Sergey Brin 25 Tudor Brown ARM 31eBay 1995 Pierre Omidyar 28 André Auberton-Hervé Soitec 31eBay 1995 Jeff Skoll 30 Jean-Michel Lamure Soitec 44Yahoo 1995 David Filo 29 James Collier CSR 40Yahoo 1995 Jerry Yang 27 Glenn Collison CSR 35Netscape 1994 Marc Andreesen 23 Mike Lynch Autonomy 31Intel 1968 Robert Noyce 41 Richard Gaunt Autonomy 28Intel 1968 Andy Grove 32 Marc Lassus Gemplus 49Amazon 1994 Jeff Bezos 30 Daniel Le Gal Gemplus 37HP 1939 Bill Hewlett 26HP 1939 David Packard 27Dell 1984 Michael Dell 19 27
  28. 28. Steve Blank, Seriel EntrpreneurOn Customer DevelopmentEcosystem: Willing customers participate in trial and errorprocess with innovators.Entrepreneur: Get out of the office all the time – live andbreathe with customers. Video Link
  29. 29. Martin Eberhard, Co-founder, Tesla MotorsOn team-building (a)Freedom offered to talent who should not be snatchedfrom start-ups. Talent (+ capital!) MUST be mobile!Bring in the best wherever they come from (and many willcome from abroad!) 31 Video Link
  30. 30. Ron Conway & Mike MaplesOn team-building (b) Link 32 Video Link
  31. 31. On the Value of Technology (a) Video Link
  32. 32. John Doerr, KPCBOn the Value of Technology (b) Link 34 Video Link
  33. 33. Any Ideas? Invented Something?Contact us directly: Will Cardwell, Head, 040 514 1325Pauli Laitinen, Innovation Services Team Leader, 050 338 0509Or look at: 35