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  • by 2020 Enormous impact on globally challenging problems
    by 2015 Finland into the top ten high-growth communities in the world
    2010-2011 Producing success stories and building confidence in Aalto Community and Beyond

  • by 2020 Enormous impact on globally challenging problems
    by 2015 Finland into the top ten high-growth communities in the world
    2010-2011 Producing success stories and building confidence in Aalto Community and Beyond

  • KEY MESSAGE: Commitment and participation needed from inventors constantly. Revenue sharing applies according to area distribution. ACE supports especially in evaluation and development of the proposal into innovation.
    NOT TO MENTION: ACE takes ideas and inventions and develops them further & patents. Overemphasis our role as ”case owners”
    Competence commercialization process aims at efficiently realizing economic potential of ideas and inventions
    ‘competence commercialization’ is the structured way of working with submitted ideas & inventions.
    Investment decisions are done by ACE management based on assessment on three streams. All decisions are documented and communicated to inventors. Aim is to handle all cases with same level of intensity and give all equal chance to prove potential.
    NOT TO MENTION: Customer can choose route and get investments by own decision. Process is only for investing money into cases. process is highly structured with detailed descriptions of what to do.
  • KEY MESSAGE: Not all cases become start ups. Not all are patented. Exceptional cases are put forward with speed (external IP, mature case). Some cases lack commercial potential and/or require more research / thinking. Other organizations are linked by ACE.
    NOT TO MENTION: only the best ones are selected in evaluation.
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  • Premises in Garage – Shanghai Expo
  • We work on all 3 campuses, office located in Otaniemi. More information and our TTMs by schools.
  • Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship

    1. 1. Will Cardwell Head, Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship Enablers of Growth Entrepreneurship – Company and Policy Views.
    2. 2. My Background and short case Study: Valimo Wireless
    3. 3. WHAT PUT US OVER THE TOP? Facebook Roberto Carlos HR Agility Finnish Network Reverse Learning Focused IP WHAT HELD US BACK? Complex Ecosystem Unproductive Partnerships Distressed Customers Dripfed Finance Fragmented Technical Solutions Uneducated Public Small home market
    4. 4. The four cornerstones of ACE Building successful companies that create jobs and prosperity. Entrepreneurship Research Entrepreneurship Education Innovation Services and Technology Transfer Growth Venturing and Start-Up Services Innovation research SME research ??
    5. 5. Highlights for ACE 2010 Major new sales of Aalto patents to Finnish industry. Record number of inventions from Aalto.111 50 15 Record number of priority patent applications filed based on Aalto Research. Record number of startups formed from Aalto- based ideas. Strong new partnership with Stanford Technology Ventures, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, Tokyo University 3
    6. 6. Degree of participation Department Inventor / team ACE team Aalto competence commercialization process Aalto community / research Markets Commitment from all parties is needed to make it happen!
    7. 7. Aaltocommunity Start-ups Licenses Intellectual Property Rights Proposal Evaluation, concept development & validation of knowledge Business potential Feasibility Intellectual property Competence commercialization process
    8. 8. 300 250 30 10 Start-ups 15 Licenses >200 k€ income Intellectual Property Rights 15 prior. apps Innovation ‘fast track’ Evaluation Concept development Validation 10550 200 10 All are evaluated, not all commercialized Proposal
    9. 9. 9 - Inspiring Stanford Faculty on the potential of Finland - Inspiring Aalto community on value of Stanford collaboration - Identifying key Aalto faculty and student change-makers, and executing initial exchange Click to edit Master text styles Click to edit Master text styles Roadmap for Stanford Partnership - Building out new curriculum contributions and adding courses - Continue inspiring, developing, and exchanging 2011 2012 2013 The program is 3-years, with the following high-level roadmap: - Facilitating a growing amount of exchange - Building Aalto curriculum and offering first courses - Continuing inspiration, i.e. executing the Accel Roundtable on Entrepreneurship Education
    10. 10. Amount of VC into Finnish early and expansion stage companies through May 2011, 4x 2010 or 2009 We see many things in the ecosystem around Aalto that are encouraging: Aalto startups Rovio (Angry Birds!) and Remedy Entertainment created number 1 and 2 global game titles . NO:1&2 92m€ 2M€+ Large funding round to University spinouts, i.e. Canatu and Blaast, and more forthcoming Some Positive Signs
    11. 11. 11 Messages to entrepreneurs & policy-makers
    12. 12. Why do we believe startups are important? Research shows almost all new jobs are created in comapanies under 5 years of age, so we must raise the next generation of changemakers.
    13. 13. 13 For ”High Growth Startup DNA” in Europe Focus on extreme competence and competitive advantage. Extreme work. Positioning such that companies thrive amid totally unpredictable market shifts
    14. 14. A Grounding for Decision-Making under High Uncertainty Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director, DFJ Video Link
    15. 15. On the Value of Technology (a) Kathy Ku, CEO, Stanford Licensing Office Video Link
    16. 16. 16 On risk taking and failures Ecosystem: promotes pioneering spirit embracing uncertainty, risk-taking and tolerating failure Video Link
    17. 17. 17 On Youth and Energy Entrepreneur: Start early! Universities will probably drive the next Black Swan. And, DON’T BE PATIENT! Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook
    18. 18. On Youth and Energy Ecosystem: Attract founders, who are ideally young, energetic and often migrants, and support them patiently
    19. 19. It is Happening!
    20. 20. Powerkiss Powerkiss technology provides a simple, user-friendly and efficient way of keeping all your dear devices charged on top of any surface. 1
    21. 21. AudioDraft AudioDraft offers companies a new and innovative way to order custom made audio from the artist and audio designer community by creating audio competitions. 2
    22. 22. ZenRobotics ZenRobotics Ltd., is specializing in robotic recycling technology. The company's main product is ZenRobotics Recycler, a waste sorting system which separates raw materials from waste 3
    23. 23. Do you have a potential success story waiting to be developed ? File in the Invention or the Other Idea Online at http://ace.aalto.fi/