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Advert Research


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research into digipaks adverts i found on the internet.

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Advert Research

  1. 1. For this advert the magazine used an extended version of the album cover. They increased the size so they could show the necessary text on the front. Like the info for when you can get hold of the album and also the critical review of it. The picture is very well chosen as they are also advertising the single ‘blue skies’ and in the poster there is a blue sky. In this cover it is actually an enlarged image of the artwork that is used, as opposed to extending the original, as the Noah and the Whale artwork did. Also this advert shows an inset picture of the actual album cover whereas the Noah and the Whale poster already shows the entire album. There does seem to be a similarity in the adverts where both titles of the bands are in block capitals. Something I will be doing.