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How Gugin can help develop a corporate culture


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Anyone can copy your product - no one can copy your culture.
This presentation shows you how Gugin work with you to create a strong, sustainable corporate culture that supports your organisation's goals and aspirations

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How Gugin can help develop a corporate culture

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 !1 Help you leverage from the Cultural Diversity Gugin How to maintain and develop the corporate core values in a family owned company going global. Gugin - -
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 Whyis Culture important? !2 Did you know that your corporate culture is the most important factor for your organisation to succeed when going through a turbulent time? Research shows that companies with a strong corporate culture easier gets through mergers, acquisitions, cost cuttings and structural changes than other companies. This presentation is about how Gugin can help you develop that strong corporate culture that makes you successful even in difficult times. Gugin - -
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 !3 Anyonecan copyyour productbutno onecancopy yourculture This is why you need to focus on your corporate culture The corporate culture of your company is essential for your company’s performance and ability to change. A strong corporate culture: 1. Carries the true values of your organisation. 2. Prevents your best people from leaving on a rainy day. 3. Saves you a lot of money. 4. Is a cornerstone in your branding. 5. Enables you to change your organisation without loosing momentum Gugin - -
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 !5 The key levers to work with when adjusting the corporate culture. Gugin assess each lever separately in your organisation in relation to the strategic objectives and key challenges of the organisation. It is a quantitative and qualitative process where we collect existing information, observe, interview people and use tailored questionnaires. The analytical process will produce you cultural DNA, which tells you who you really are. Gugin - -
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 Phase1:Assessment We compare the Cultural DNA we discover through the cultural due diligence process with the cultural DNA you should have in order to support your strategic objectives in the best possible way. We out line the gab for each component in the cultural DNA and develop plans for how to fill these gaps. !6 Cultural Due Diligence Determine the Gap between the current and desired cultural DNA Develop change plans for each of the levers One to three Months Implement changes to each lever Assess the effect and influence of behaviour and performance Adjust actions on each lever Phase2:IterativeImplementation When we know what has do be done and we have prioritised the tasks together with you we will start facilitating the implementation process. You will be highly involved in this process because it is a cultural change process that will go on forever and you need to acquire the skills to do it yourself. Your company’s corporate culture will have to go through a constant change like any other culture in order for you to remain competitive, remain attractive to customers, employees and any other stakeholder. Gugin will stay with you as long as needed Gugin - -
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 !7 Whatarethe mainoutcomes ofworkingwith Guginonthis? This is what you get: 1. Lower operational costs 2. A winning, long-term sustainable culture 3. An organisation with lower undesired employee turnover 4. Improved organisational effectiveness 5. Improved operational agility 6. Increased customer- and employee satisfaction 7. A more admired company Gugin - -
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 !8 Cultural due diligence: We assess the 8 levers through quantitative and qualitative analysis (questionnaires, observations and interviews). The Cultural due diligence either forms a baseline or lead to a gap analysis between current and desired state. Gugin does most of the work, but we need your availability and support Develop change plans We change the corporate culture by changing the levers. Depending on where we want the corporate culture to we suggest an carry out changes to each lever. It is an interactive process between Gugin and your senior management team. We will come up with a suggestion for you how to implement the changes and in which order, but at the end of the day it is entirely your decision. Delivering tangible results – fast Reducing costs or employee turnover are some of the most common drivers for changing the corporate culture. We always work on delivering visible and tangible results fast as they serve as a key motivator for other changes that might take a little longer time. Changes to communication style are often the obvious place to start together with adjusting the motivation- and reward systems. Thisishowwe worktogether withyou Gugin - -
  9. 9. Andherearesomeofourclients Gugin - -