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Gamification: Priming Your Market For Sales


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Gamification is the application of game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them more engaging.

More than "badges", more than loyalty, more than swag incentives, gamification taps into the heart of the customer. It gives them a reason to get involved with your brand - and each other.

Using case studies of actual trade shows and events with BoothTag, the presentation demonstrates an approach to customer engagement that delivers measurable inbound traffic and primes the pump for sales.

You'll wrap up with a fresh approach to attracting, motivating and retaining customers and influencing their behavior.

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Gamification: Priming Your Market For Sales

  1. 1. Gamification Priming YourMarket For Sales
  2. 2. Gamification is a business strategythat applies game design techniques to non-game experiences to drive user behavior.
  3. 3. What’s The Problem?• Low participation• Low interest• Undocumented ROI
  4. 4. What Gamification Is Not Gamification != GamesGamification != Sham IncentivesGamification != Playing for Prizes
  5. 5. Gamification = Motivators Autonomy Mastery Relationship Purpose Progress
  6. 6. Think “Ordinary Heroes”Leverage existing keyelements of your product orservice to integrategamification features.
  7. 7. Elements of Gamification• Activity/Participation• Achievement• Recognition• Reward
  8. 8. Why Should You Care?• Powerful dynamic among participants• Planning > Experience > Activity > Measurement
  9. 9. Gamification > Marketing FrameworkBoothTag Marketing Framework• Personalization • One-to-one marketing• Player-centric focus • Audience targeting• Connectivity • Affinity• Business Tools • Value proposition• Real-time recognition • Customer engagement• Feedback • Customer relationship• Measurement • Marketing metrics• Lead generation, capture • ROI
  10. 10. Powerful dynamic among participants• Internal• Customer
  11. 11. Case StudyDeliver Traffic. Drive Engagement. Before After
  12. 12. Eco-System For you: ATTENDEES Market space Target Audience Distributors Your brand experience TRADE SHOW EXPERIENCEEXHIBITORS PRODUCERS
  13. 13. Existing Process For you: Channel markets Distributor communications Sales call Customer RFI Customer Education Thought leadership
  14. 14. Integrated, Multi-ChannelBoothTag/Gamification: For you:• Website • Website• Mobile Apps • Mobile Apps• Print • Print• Email • Email• Event • Event• Person-to-Person • Person-to-Person• Analytics • Analytics
  15. 15. Value Proposition For you: • Connecting internal and external customers with customers • Personal relationships • Thought leadership • Community
  16. 16. “People don’t want to connectwith brands. They want toconnect with each other.Fascinating companies createmore opportunities for people toconnect with each other; throughthe brand.”— Sally Hogshead, Author of Fascinate 17
  17. 17. Measurement and ROIFor BoothTag: For you:• Pro-active connections • Sales conversation – People • Company tour – Exhibitors • Third-party – Sessions recommendation – Anything, really • Product education• App analytics • Website analytics• Timeline playback • CRM• Download lists
  18. 18. What’s the Difference?• Personalization• User-centric focus• Connectivity VS.• Business Tools• Real-time recognition• Measurement
  19. 19. A Dozen ThingsWe’ve Learned
  20. 20. People love to compete.
  21. 21. It’s not foreveryone.But mosttimes it is. People who People who play People who play don’t play. just enough. tooooo much.
  22. 22. Gamification is not a stand-alone.
  23. 23. Privacy is important.So is voluntary participation.What was your value proposition again?
  24. 24. Goals need to be clear.External = rewards, recognitionInternal = interpersonal connectedness inbusiness relationships
  25. 25. Engaged = ResponsiveCompetition changes the energy.Smart marketers use it to focus activity.
  26. 26. Time matters.Higher adoption occurs withtime-based urgency or immediacy.
  27. 27. People do business with people.
  28. 28. ___________ are (not) lazy. • Exhibitors • Distributors • Attendees
  29. 29. Tools get used in different ways. And that’s good.
  30. 30. Communication is critical.Before, during and after. Anything.
  31. 31. Personal attention wins.Customer service is king.
  32. 32. Lucky 7 Success Factors• Clearly state goals• Create value with existing offerings & product• Consider your eco-system• Meaningful recognition and reward for action• Be your best, real, engaged self• Put skin in the game• Measure and respond, but let them play
  33. 33. Discussion
  34. 34. Be the feedback loop. Thank you!