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Shopify Trade Manager

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Shopify trade manager pp

  1. 1. Shopify Trade Manager
  2. 2. • Shopify is an e-commerce platform designed for small business to build e-commerce• Shopify gathers thousands of web advertisers in one web site, with their own domain name & logo• easiest for the user to design a new website even with basic information technology skills,
  3. 3. • Shopify offer various options to their customers like uploading product pictures,managing customers orders & providing a secured business cooperation between buyer and seller• As a Shopify subscriber you act like you own a part of a company, & you have freedom to work with your timetable• With Shopify your success is in your own hands as an advertiser
  4. 4. Revenues• Shopify’s revenues are much based on customers monthly registration fees• Over 20000 online stores are powered by Shopify in 80 different countries• four classes of customers: *Basic one *Professional “the most popular one” *Business *Unlimited class• Advertising on Shopifys web site• Shopify App Store “collection of plug-in”
  5. 5. Shopifys Limitations & Difficulties• Limitation of features because it is a hosted solution• depends of the monthly registration fees• To extend the web functionality user should buy more efficient applications• or to develop it if he/she is able to do that• payment method, freight and customs costs may vary from country to another: High Cost
  6. 6. • much time and money wasted in replying to customers inquiries!!!• communication channel between web advertiser and customer is not really efficient• message is sent and received more or less late “time zones”• limitation of free of charge applications, to communicate with advertisers
  7. 7. Possibilities to Develop Shopify?
  8. 8. Shopify Trade Manager
  9. 9. Helps customers to focus in trading and less time on managing trades.
  10. 10. • STM is a free instant messenger service to chat in real time with buyers/suppliers• Optimizing customer & advertisers relationships• Stay in touch and be available for their inquiries and updated news• Manage your trade contacts “class”
  11. 11. • Send files of any size and format “convert upload it file to PNG format: Error”• STM permits you to search for the trustworthy supplier/customer where ever in the world• Application break down language barriers with real time translation on your message ”Eng-Fre”
  12. 12. • Live conference with audio/video broadcasting• Price watch of different new coming products• Daily news regarding top sellers, new applications and most watched websites...etc.• Multiple trade manager account: different customer segments ” one message to several customers”
  13. 13. • STM will be available also for different mobile phone OS: Windows, Mac, Android & iPhone.• Easy to install!!
  14. 14. Shopify trade managershortcuts trading so advertiserhas more time for trading andspends less time for managing trades!!!