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Inlander fronts
Inlander fronts
Inlander fronts
Inlander fronts
Inlander fronts
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Inlander fronts


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Inlander front pages designed by Michelle Finkler.

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Inlander fronts

  1. 1. the InlanderAUGUST 2009 | Vol. 23, No. 8 knowledge for newspapers Mailed Monday July 27 from Algonquin, Ill. Inform post office if it arrives after Aug. 10. Address service requested. InlandSpecial Sections training Special Report Last chance “The Webinar was helpful. I can’t take all my account reps to register out of the office but the quick and to-the-point presentation is good info.” — Tina West, Courier Times, New Castle, Ind. Aug. 6-8 newspaper business Newspaper Business development Conference Development Conference Share ways to make money through new and emerging print and online products. Who should attend? Our group includes pub- Aug. 6-8, Doubletree Hotel, Arlington Heights, Ill. lishers, ad directors, marketing personnel, specialty products managers and special sections To register, visit Click on editors—people who are ener- “Event Registration” under the “Training” tab. gized and able to take back to their papers practical solutions that they can put to work quickly. For more information, call 847-795-0380 To read the report, see pages 12-13 the doubletree hotel, arlington or visit heights, ill. Aug. 11 | Webinar the sales CompensationDo you know how to lead your people in a bear market? dilemma: a webinar Presentation and By Adolfo Mendez gating and helping employees grow. discussion EDitor E is for Emotional Intelligence. Nothing impacts sales behavior, Now a popular trend in business, EI (or positively or negatively, more than compensation. Discussion It’s a bear market, but EQ, emotional intelligence quotient) will center on reviewing current Bill Osborne, a consultant refers to the ability to manage your plans and their effectiveness in who has spent his entire emotions and the emotions of others. today’s changed and competitive career with newspapers, The concept was the brainchild of Dan- environment, in driving the sales behavior and results you seek and isn’t bearish. iel Goleman, a psychologist and author in hiring and retaining the best Osborne said the word of the 1996 book, “Emotional Intelli- sales personnel. “bear” can serve as a gence.” with larry Maynard, President, ngM Partners, oswego, ill. useful acronym when A is for Attention. To successfully discussing newspaper give employees the attention they desire Aug. 13 | Webinar leadership in tough times, begins with being able to observe and and he explained how during a recent properly interpret their behavior. driving Productivity Inland Webinar. R is for Rewards. Recognize em- through employee Leaders can be effective if they return ployees so they can feel good about engagement to what he described as the BEAR ne- their work, stay motivated and perform The Gallup Company has reported cessities. Those are: to your expectations. that up to 29 percent of employ- ees can be actively engaged in B is for Basics. Return Osborne said leadership and manage- your business, and that means 70 to the basics, such as ment are different. Leadership is the percent can be disengaged. Find leading by example, ability to get people to act in a specific out how you can determine what percent of your employees are serving your team, dele- lEADErship: ContinuED on pAgE 8 engaged and learn the eight steps to driving employee engagement as well as how to align recognition Contest winners reader Contributions blogging suCCess and rewards systems to support Here are the winners of the Relying on readers for content is A California newspaper high productivity. with Mark ernst, J.d., President, ernst 2009 Newspaper Business nothing new for this North Carolina company’s blog site on pets enterPrises, llC. Development Contest. paper. gets readers engaged. Additional training information on pages 19-22 or visit Select “Event Page 5 Page 7 Page 10 Registration” under the “Training” tab.
  2. 2. the InlanderAPRIL 2010 | Vol. 24, No. 4 knowledge for newspapers Mailed Monday March 29, from Algonquin, Ill. Inform post office if it arrives after April 12. Address service requested. Inland Enter the 2010 Attend Inland’s training& Newspaper Business Development Contest ADVERTISING “I thought the Inland Webinar on classifieds was excellent! It was very informative. I would EXECUTIVES definitely recommend this ses- sion to others. I will be making Attend the 2010 changes in my department based on this Webinar! Thank you!” New Business Development Conference CONFERENCE Carin Wharton, supervisor, classifieds, Riverside (Calif.) Press Enterprise June 15-16 April 6 | Webinar Contest deadline is July 9. Weekly newspaper For more information, see page 5. Doubletree Hotel Chicago Focus: Effective Web Conference is Aug. 5-7 at the Doubletree in Arlington Heights, Ill. Sites For Weekly newspapers Hotel Chicago in Arlington Heights, Ill. For more, see page 4. We’ll cover the basics of what you need on your Web site and what you don’t, how to keep it activePioneer Newspapers’ Facebook face-off and what kinds of costs you might incur. How much should your Web site reflect the paper or go be- yond it? This Inland Webinar will address design and user research,Two papers use contest staffing, writing for the Web and new revenue opportunities. Thisto grow audience on isn’t intended to dive deep on any topic but to give you a solid over- view of how you stack up, wherepopular social network you should go and what not to bother with! WITh BILL OSTEndORF, PRESIdEnT, CREaTIvE CIRCLE MEdIa COnSULTIng,By Adolfo Mendez PROvIdEnCE, R.I.Editor April 13 | Webinar Like a couple of teenagers racing to get the driving Productivitymost Facebook friends, two Pioneer Newspa- and Motivating Withpers on the West Coast recently competed non-Financial Practicesagainst each other to see who could get the most and IncentivesFacebook fans. This Inland Webinar will focus on The stakes were high: three large combina- the management practices thattion pizzas and bragging rights. can drive productivity without in- While both papers were successful in using creasing costs. We will also focus on the role non-financial incen-Facebook to grow their audience, there was a tives have on changing employeeclear winner: The Herald & News, a 15,000-cir- behaviors. This Inland Webinarculation daily in Klamath Falls, Ore. will encourage attendees to assess Annah Backstrom (from left), Holly owens and Joanna Markell, members of the copy desk at the Herald & News the business’ engagement practic- Ironically, the idea for the contest didn’t in klamath Falls, ore., hold up their digital Now Superstar awards given to them for general excellence by es; identify the actions that mustcome from the winning paper. Pioneer Newspapers. the Herald & News recently beat a sister paper in a contest to determine which would be change to move to an account- FAcEBook: coNtiNuEd oN PAgE 8 the first paper to grow their Facebook fans by 100. IMAgE by ANdREw MARIMAN ability culture; discuss strategies for implementation of actions; and discuss the importance of nEW MEMBER PROFILE PICTURE PagES FOR ManagERS alignment of recognition and re- ward systems. The New Haven (Conn.) Register A pictorial spread of the 23rd If your staff isn’t working WITh MaRk ERnST J.d., PRESIdEnT, ERnST combines compelling content Annual Key Executives Conference the way you’d like, could EnTERPRISES, LLC. with latest technology. held in Captiva Island, Fla. you be the problem? Additional training information on pages 18-21 or visit Select “Event PagE 6 PagES 12-13 PagE 17 Registration” under the “Training” tab.
  3. 3. the InlanderJANUARY 2010 | Vol. 24, No. 1 knowledge for newspapers Mailed Monday Dec. 28, from Algonquin, Ill. Inform post office if it arrives after Jan. 11. Address service requested. Inland training Small “The conference was wonderful. The information was extremely Newspaper useful, and the networking opportunities were excellent. See you next year.” — Carla Zuill IN The Royal Gazette Bermuda Focus 10 LA Jan. 12 | Webinar W 20 20 specific steps to EB ND take if you seriously Want growth in classified line ads IN An Inlander Special Feature Fo This Inland Webinar will offer 20 r mo specific steps to take if you are AR re, serious about having a classified se ep section that is good for the read- ers, good for the advertisers, good ag S es for the staff, and that meets rea- 16 sonable budget expectations. The Grow circulation, page 12 an first 10 steps should be easy. The Publisher raises prices, page 13 d1 second 10 steps are considerably 7. tougher, but are critical to reach- ing excellence in your classifieds. Richard Clark has 33 years of clas- sifieds experience. This is yourAvoiding the pitfalls of social networking chance to tap into his knowledge base and get your classifieds back on a growth track. With richarD clark, PresiDeNt, classifieD DeveloPmeNt, JohNsoN city, teNN.By Adolfo Mendez lot different from a Facebook.” Washington, D.C. going to really nail that son of aEditor Newspaper publishers engage in For example, editorial employees [expletive deleted] this time.” Jan. 13 | Webinar social networking when they try to who are not careful on their per- Appearance often accounts for Due and Done: “total The Internet’s social networking get readers to comment on stories, sonal Twitter account or Facebook more than the actual facts, Hart time managementstrengths are a boon for newspa- use blogs to engage readers and pages—or even company e-mails— said. “I’ve been representing jour- for the New year”pers, but it’s also made publishers encourage them to e-mail a story to can suggest that they are not “a nalists for 23 years, and I have Why are some people so effectivecontend with inappropriate content a friend. neutral and dispassionate reporter never in my life met a reporter who at getting what’s due DONE? Theyand comments posted to their sites “Anything that somebody in the just reporting on the facts,” Hart published a story with actual mal- seem to have endless energy andby readers, and contemplate setting community puts on your site is said. ice, with knowledge of falsity or move from one project to anoth- er—always staying focused onlimits or establishing policy on em- user-generated content,” Marcano “You want to take battle meta- serious subjective doubt as to truth, whatever they are doing (and ableployees’ use of social networks. said. “And the reason there’s a lot phors out of your newsroom,” Hart but I’ve seen some plaintiff’s at- to keep their cool). These people “When people think of social of interest in user-generated content said. “Errors are inevitable in the torney make a very good go at are not only fun to be around, butnetworks, they often think of Face- is that more and more people are fast-paced world of news reporting. showing a judge that a reporter had, they know how to get great re- sults. Make 2010 the year that youbook, MySpace, Twitter. They doing it.” Errors do slip in to stories from in fact, published with actual mal- join their ranks. You’ll learn fourdon’t think about social networking But the digital era not without its time to time. You want to be able ice and they’ve always done that basic concepts that will makein the context of newspapers,” said pitfalls, so publishers should take to defend those as errors that oc- based on statements that were made your job more rewarding thanRay Marcano, Internet general specific steps to protect themselves, curred in good faith. You don’t that were taken out of context and ever before. This Inland Webinar is a “whole life” course becausemanager for Cox Ohio Publishing. according to Jonathan Hart, an at- want to have an e-mail from a re- what you learn for your job can be“A publisher’s social network is a torney with Dow Lohnes PLLC, in porter to an editor that says, ‘I’m SociAl NEtworkiNg: coNtiNuEd oN pAgE 10 used at home, too! With DaN chioDo, PresiDeNt, imPact traiNiNg aND DeveloPmeNt, JoPliN, Niche PublicatioN oNliNe DisPlay aDs eNter iNlaND coNtests mo. How a Michigan paper helps Improve your Web site and The deadlines are fast approaching luxury resort reaching wealthy you’ll improve your advertisers’ for Print Quality and New Frontier Additional live training information on clientele. results. contests. pages 16-17 or visit Select “Event Registration” under the Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 “Training” tab.
  4. 4. the InlanderFEbRUARy 2010 | Vol. 24, No. 2 knowledge for newspapers Mailed Monday Jan. 25, from Algonquin, Ill. Inform post office if it arrives after Feb. 8. Address service requested. Inland An Inlander Special Feature training SALES Help your sales staff make the most of 2010 with these proven “Great presenter and great FOCUS techniques from top industry experts. See pages 12 and 13. reminders by e-mail so we Additional articles throughout this edition of The Inlander focus didn’t forget to attend. It was on your classifieds department, special sections, qualifying leads easy to get logged onto the and handling tough sales. Webinar. I appreciated the opportunity to ask questions during the presentation, and I appreciated receiving thea preview of the 2010 Key executives conference presentation so that I don’t forget anything! Please contact me in the future for moreBy Kathy Ballanfant classifieds-oriented Webinars.”Inland Press assocIatIon PresIdent-elect — Malia Miller, advertising Tired of the winter weath- manager, The Daily Courier,er? Blustery winds, chapped lips Prescott, Ariz.and hands, stuffy noses and heavyclothing can take a vacation—and Feb. 3 | Webinarso can you—if you join Inland embrace a Press Association reader-centered members this Feb- classifieds model to ruary at Florida’s South Seas Island grow the franchise In this Inland Webinar, you will Resort on Captiva learn the best ways to grow reve- Island. nues and strengthen your classi- The sugary sand fieds franchise by identifying and beaches, waving meeting your readers’ needs. Your advertisers don’t actually wantKathy Ballanfant palms, cocktails ads, they want their ads to pay around the pool, off. Only your readers can giveand friendly manatees peering from advertisers the results theythe water will be a refreshing trop- want. Even though the process of embracing market-driven classi-ical break for most of us. You can fieds requires a substantial shift inplay tennis or golf, learn to sail, rent mindset, the actual process isa jet ski or charter a fishing boat— straightforward.or just loll about in the sun sipping with richard clark, presideNt, classified developmeNt, JohNsoN city,soda through a straw. teNN. Put that together with a terrific Feb. 10 | Webinarprogram (see page 24), focusing onissues to help you make money and who else wantsinterest readers, lots of networking the south seas Island resort on captiva Island, Fla., the site of the 2010 Key executives conference, is a tranquil tropical- to sell more web?opportunities with fellow newspa- island destination along the Florida Gulf coast. PhoTo by KAThy bAllANFANT CPM selling is the pits. You needper professionals, a fabulous pro- to evaluate the CPM of your ban- ner inventory to calculate the ef-gram for spouses, and you have an about paid content, social media complete details). Monday, and Tennis and Golf fective rate you deserve. But nev-invitation you can’t turn down! and community engagement. Na- But don’t worry—there’s plenty Tournaments will be on stage Tues- er tell the advertiser what it is— Take a look at the program for tional advertising—as well as po- of time for networking (and play), day afternoon. For those who don’t especially if you are trying to sellKey Executives—there’s informa- litical advertising—and how to get too. An oceanside reception and play tennis and golf ... well, there small- and medium-sized busi- nesses! Want to sell more Web?tion about E-readers, ad networks your share are sure to be sessions sunset festivities will be the eve- Start by attending this Inland We-and sales management, sessions that will be packed! (See page 4 for ning attraction both Sunday and PrevIew: contInued on PaGe 9 binar, where you’ll learn about a proven model that has generated millions of dollars in new online New member profile Niche publicatioNs classified ad departmeNt revenue during the past year! with mike bliNder, presideNt, bliNder A Canadian paper offsets Newsletters attract an increasing Are you maximizing your group iNc., New port richey, fla. single-copy sales decline number of readers and advertisers classified sales department Additional training information on pages with gains in home delivery. in Florida. for optimal success? 19-21. To register, visit Select “Event Registration” under the page 5 pages 6-7 page 11 “Training” tab.
  5. 5. the InlanderJULY 2009 | Vol. 23, No. 7 knowledge for newspapers Mailed Monday June 29, from Algonquin, Ill. Inform post office if it arrives after July 13. Address service requested. Inland Inland Press Association’s training124th Annual Meeting New Models, “The Webinars are a very efficient way of keeping informed of the latest information. They are greatly appreciated.” — Mark Wolf, The Truth, Elkhart, Ind. New Revenues, July 14 | Webinar Putting stories, New Solutions sales in Motion via Video Today’s story telling can’t be con- fined to simple headlines and text. We’ll examine the video PREVIEW tools and training you’ll need to connect with today’s action-ori- ented, visual audience. With chris Krug, general Manager, Vice President Of neWs and cOntent, shaW suburban Media; and J. tOM Plan to attend this year’s For more, shaW, Vice President Of MarKet deVelOPMent, shaW suburban Media Annual Meeting on Oct. 25-27 at see page 5 July 15 | Webinar the Renaissance Chicago Hotel how does a newspaper cultivate and Profit from a Vibrant ‘localU.S. dailies see declines in revenue, profits over 5-year span Marketplace directory’? Discover how to create a profit- able online community for thoseOperating profit remains in the Trend Analysis: Five-year trend (2004-2008) advertisers in your market who would traditionally not look to your print or online product as andouble-digits despite the downturn Circulation Advertising Revenue News & Editorial Expense Operating Profit advertising resource. Develop a user-friendly source for your com- munity advertisers with upsell op- 15,000 or less 4.3% 9.2% -64.8%By Adolfo Mendez five-year period ending in 2008. tions to grow their business andEditor Overall, daily newspapers of all 15,001 to 25,000 -9.8% -0.3% -50.2% your bottom line. With sara WilhelM, Vice President, circulation sizes have experienced 25,001 to 50,000 -14.7% -10.6% -190.4% sales and business deVelOPMent, A triple whammy of declining double-digit and even triple-digit 50,001 to 80,000 -18.6% -7.2% -82.9% MediaPhOrMedia/laWrence JOurnal WOrldcirculation, advertising and classi- declines in operating profit, thefied revenue has been eroding the study found. The steepest decline 80,001 and up -28.9% -10.2% -100.1% SoURcE: INLANd PRESS ASSocIATIoN July 16 | Webinarprofits at U.S. dailies over the past in profits has occurred in daily pa-five years, according to a report by pers in the 25,001- to 50,000-cir- Tim Mather, Inland’s financial significant decline in profits, the leadership inthe Inland Press Association. The culation size, which, together, aver- studies manager, who helped pre- Trend Analysis average overall tough timessole circulation group showing a aged a 190 percent decline from pare the 2004-2008 Trend Analysis, shows newspaper operating profits Leading in tough times requires taking personal accountability,hopeful sign was the under 2004 to 2008. said newspaper profits remain still ranged from more than 11 per- building trust and creating a moti-15,000-circulation category, which Inland’s analysis of financial strong. “It was interesting to see cent to 15 percent of gross revenue vational environment. Whetheractually showed a 2.5 percent data sheds light on more than 120 that, despite the downturns in virtu- in all circulation groups except it’s a layoff, economic downturn,growth in gross revenues during the papers across the country. ally all revenue sources and the StUdy: ContinUEd on pAgE 15 bankruptcy or other change, this discussion will provide proven leadership techniques that will bring about results. Online case study niche PrOducts self-defeating acts With bill OsbOrne, President, the Georgia paper finds success with Why an Indiana paper took a Are you making these five PeOPle business, arnOld, Md. building a ‘sense of community’ on ‘more is less’ approach with management mistakes that its Web site. special sections. undermine revenue growth? Additional training information on pages 19-22 or visit Select “Event Page 9 Page 12 Page 15 Registration” under the “Training” tab.
  6. 6. the InlanderMAY 2009 | Vol. 23, No. 5 knowledge for newspapers Mailed Monday April 27, from Algonquin, Ill. Inform post office if it arrives after May 11. Address service requested. Inland Build your classifieds training AN INLANDER SPECIAL FEATURE Need Some “One investment we hold sacred is our Inland Press Association Improve your paper’s bottom line with Revenue-Generating membership. We’ll be more resilient through any economic swing by belonging to a strategies that grow classifieds. Ideas? nuts-and-bolts organization like Inland.” — Dennis Waller Attend the Newspaper Business Publisher, The Chronicle See pages 12, 13 Development Conference Centralia/Chehalis, Wash. Aug. 6-8 at the Doubletree Hotel May 7 | Webinar in Arlington Heights, Ill. How to Improve Your Recruitment Packaging and Positioning Learn how to improve your sales Visit efforts, visibility and results for lo- cal recruitment sales, current agen- For more conference information, see page 4. cy sales and agencies not currently running with your newspaper. WItH LaRRY MaYnaRd, CHaIRMan, nGMdownsizing your work force isn’t a cure-all PaRtneRs, LLC, OsWeGO, ILL. May 13 | Webinar the next Great Frontier By Adolfo Mendez eliminated more than 26,000 jobs through layoffs and Has arrived: Mobile Editor buyouts since June 2007, according Paper Cuts, a Web The immediate revenue potential of mobile technology may be lim- site about the industry that is updated by a journalist. ited, but remember when they What’s a newspaper to do when revenues keep dropping Downsizing, in general, could prove to be a costly mis- said that about the Internet? but people costs don’t go down at all? “Obviously, the take, Greene said during an Inland Webinar titled, “Man- Now’s the time to learn how mo- American answer is: ‘Downsize immediately,’” said Rob- aging Employee Costs in Difficult Economic Times.” bile technologies will affect your readership. ert J. Greene, CEO of Reward Sys- “One of the interesting issues about downsizing is that WItH RaY MaRCanO, InteRnet GeneRaL tems Inc. in Glenview, Ill. the research tells us it rarely works effectively,” said ManaGeR, daYtOn (OHIO) daILY neWs, U.S. newspapers have Greene, who holds a Ph.D. “Certainly it doesn’t produce and JIM MaxWeLL, VP OPeRatIOns, Rust COMMunICatIOns InC. the results that the paper was convinced it was going to.” May 14 | Webinar Before embarking on layoffs, human resource de- partments should count the cost. “We want to be Local sales Work ForcE: continuEd on pAgE 9 account targeting Most advertising managers want all sales reps to sell all products to all accounts. This is an unrealis- tic goal set up for failure with a dramatic negative impact on ad- vertisers, on your advertising rela- tionships and your sales results. This session will discuss how to be successful today by helping sales associates determine which prod- ucts should be presented to each client based on that client’s unique business needs. WItH LaRRY MaYnaRd, CHaIRMan, nGM New member profile VIdeO adVeRtIsInG Niche Products PaRtneRs, LLC, OsWeGO, ILL. Nebraska paper proves content Are you taking advantage of the Stuck in a rut? Here’s how to doesn’t have to be entirely free on growing trend toward online video restore value to your Additional training on pages 19-22 the Internet. advertising? not-so-special sections. or go to page 6 PaGe 7 Pages 15-16 Select “Event Registration” under the Training heading.
  7. 7. the InlanderSEPTEMBER 2009 | Vol. 23, No. 9 Mailed Monday Aug. 31, from Algonquin, Ill. Inform post office if it arrives after Sept. 14. Address service requested. knowledge for newspapers InlandHonor your journalists LAST CHANCE training TO REGISTER “Very informative especially for small papers such as ours. We’ll do more.” — Marshall Smith, Enter the 2009 Group Executives Idyllwild (Calif.) Town CrierNewsroom Sept. 2 | Webinar Conference selling and Packaging direct Mail advertising Contests Learn how to create direct re- sponse advertising and what the most important elements are in a Sept. 21-23 Program information direct mail campaign. The pre- and registration is at senter trains sales staffs to sell di- InterContinental Hotel Click on rect mail/direct response adver- Kansas City, Mo. “Event Registration” under tising. Find out why newspapers are getting into direct mail, how DEADLINE IS SEPT. 11 the “Training” tab or call 847-795-0380. to set up a direct mail program in- house, the do’s and don’ts and Inland For more information, see page 4 Co-sponsored by Inland Press Association best practices. With sue Beck, PresideNt, PriNt Works for You or visit and Suburban Newspapers of America MarketiNg coNcePts, iNc., houstoN, texas Sept. 9 | Webinar Mind the gap:Stop the Presses: Newspapers have a future the key to exceptional customer service The gap between exceptional cus-By Adolfo Mendez That’s not to suggest today’s tomer service and service that dis- appoints is only a small gap. Excep-Editor market isn’t very challenging. “Al- though we have certain challenges, special report: the digital tional customer service is not that hard to achieve, and you can really A daily diet of negative stories we’re actually a very formidable differentiate your company by fo-about newspapers can confuse you and successful industry,” he said, transition of Newspapers cusing on the little things. Find out how to determine what level ofabout the facts, according to Larry adding that newspapers, for in- customer service you are actuallyMaynard, chairman of NGM Part- stance, didn’t try to seek billion- delivering, how to align recogni- WSners LLC in Oswego, Ill. dollar bailouts from the federal tion and rewards systems to ce- “There are a lot good things go- government. NE ment in quality service and how to develop feedback mechanisms toing on in newspapers today,” said “Although our industry is evolv- ensure exceptional service.Maynard, who spent 25 of his 40 ing, the foundation of our business With Mark erNst, J.d., PresideNt, erNstyears in the newspaper business is very strong,” he said. eNterPrises, llcworking for Copley Newspapers. So what’s there to be happy Sept. 10 | Webinar“Sometimes we lose sight of about?that.” In most cases, a newspaper has important lessons from Maynard said the “true state of the “one of, if not the, strongest brand daily Newspapersindustry” is that newspapers have equity” in its local market, May- The Kubas Group will present les-“unknown strengths,” which they nard said. “More often than not, To read the report, sons from North American daily newspapers that have successfullyshould be reminded of. “Each of us nobody is more familiar with the see pages 10-13 grown ad revenues. Two case studies will be presented. You’llhas many strengths, though some ofus may have lost sight of them.” FuturE: CoNtiNuEd oN PAgE 9 learn why cost-cutting is not the way to succeed and what legacy sales and business practices to avoid and how these practices Niche Products rethiNkiNg PriNt classifieds hoNoriNg Morley PiPer limit future ad revenues. A paper in Dubuque, Iowa, gets its Taking a fresh approach can Colleagues bid former New With chris kuBas, vice PresideNt, the kuBas grouP, toroNto, oNtario sales reps excited about selling for a produce better results for England Newspaper Association revamped holiday publication. the paper and advertisers. head a fond farewell. Additional training information on pages 20-22 or visit Select “Event Page 8 Page 14 Pages 18-19 Registration” under the “Training” tab.