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Published in: Design
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  1. 1. Tools - ArchiFM
  2. 2. Manage Space, People,Furniture and Equipment
  3. 3. Manage• Tenants and ContractsTrack• Rented Areas• Utility Charges• Operating and cyclic expenses• InvoicesGraphically display rented rooms
  4. 4. Reports are generated usingintegrated Crystal Reports
  5. 5. Integrated Crystal Reports
  6. 6. Web site access to database and graphics for online collaboration
  7. 7. Web site access to submit maintenance events and track issues
  8. 8. Record maintenance events and review logged issues
  9. 9. Review maintenance events on equipment/ space by time and status
  10. 10. Review events to forecast and develop long range resource plans
  11. 11. Overview of capabilities• Space Management• Tenant Management• Inventory Management• Key/Access Management• ArchiFM Breakdown Maintenance including Cyclic activity• ArchiFM WebServer• ArchiFM Maintenance HelpDesk• Breakdown Maintenance• Preventative Maintenance• Resource Planning