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Modern Art Painting Classes in Delhi


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Fine Line Art Academy is a pioneer fine art institute/school in Delhi and NCR, and has been helping numerous students and artists from across the country to achieve their dreams in which people create beautiful or interesting objects, for example painting and sculpture Visit Us :-

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Modern Art Painting Classes in Delhi

  1. 1. Developing hobby into knowledge Hobby classes in Fine Arts are in great demand today. Young generation is sparing enough time to build their career based on their hobby. These hobbies may differ like dancing, singing, panting, instruments and many more. As a result of this changing trend, more and more academies are concentrating on offering hobby classes either on part time basis or as full time course. Fine Line Art Academy is one such place that offers one to be free and innovative to pursue a career in their respective hobbies. They are offering a program called Diploma in Fine Arts, which can be completed in a year or two either as a part time course or as a full time course. Apart from this the firm also holds special oil/acrylic painting classes in Delhi, which is attended by a large number of students. Today not only the young lot, but also the parents are accepting the fact that hobby development is a positive approach of building a strong personality in their children. Diploma in Fine Arts Diploma in Fine arts is an acclaimed course of either one year or two years of duration, which can be completed as a part time course or as a full time course. The course enhances natural skills in an individual who are inclined towards fine arts. The course makes them adaptive to latest techniques, methods and materials that are used today. The course is meant for kinds of students who are at different levels of knowledge. The academy conducts introductory classes, workshops for intermediate as well as advanced level students. The course structure is also quite flexible that offers a thorough knowledge of different kinds of fine art forms with their technical features. All these are offered at a very economical and budget friendly price. Hobby classes in Fine Arts like this one nurtures the young and creative mind and sometimes a hidden talent is also exposed during such hobby classes. Oil/Acrylic painting classes in Delhi Fine Line Art academy has been offering oil/acrylic painting classes in Delhi for some time now. The classes are meant to develop the interest in oil painting from beginners as well as experts. The academy offers hands on training in creative and applied arts through various workshops that give practical knowledge. Experts and professionals in the same fields design the curriculum, so that students gain expert knowledge of the painting technique that is in huge demand today. The fees for developing hobby classes in fine arts are quite affordable and fit the pocket.