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Modern indian food styling skills e-book


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a Great insight to develop a stylized food presentation compiled by

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Modern indian food styling skills e-book

  2. 2. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian Cuisine Work By Supriya @ www.finediningindian.comAll contents copyright 2011 by All rights reserved. No part ofthis document or the related files may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, byany means (electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without the priorwritten permission of the publisher.Limit of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranty: The publisher has used its best efforts inpreparing this book, and the information provided herein is provided "as is." makes no representation or warranties with respect to theaccuracy or completeness of the contents of this book and specifically disclaims anyimplied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose and shallin no event be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damage, includingbut not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages.Copyright -2011
  3. 3. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian Cuisine 1. About 2. What Is Food Styling 3. The Three Factors of Food Styling 1. How 2. What 3. Where 4. Food Styling as a Career 5. Modern Indian Food Presentation PicturesCopyright -2011
  4. 4. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian CuisineTo represent modern Indian cuisine to world as a pioneer cuisine &strong contender to be one of the top cuisines in the is created with an intention in supporting greatIndian cooking to reach a worldwide popularity; we plan to achieve thisby developing new cooking techniques & positive eating habits throughIndian cuisine.Our aim is to popularise Indian cuisine change the myth of "oldfashioned curry" & "mouth firing spicy foods"Our vision is to showcase finest Indian cuisine, recipes & best Indianchefs. We provide the best possible support for Indian chefs to achievethe best chef’s jobs by featuring their culinary skills & gastronomiquecreativity to the world Facebook LinkedIn TwitterCopyright -2011
  5. 5. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian CuisineFood styling can be explained as a process of presenting food inSuch a manner, so that it will provide an aesthetic appeal to thepresenter & to whom it’s presented.Ones perception of food will not be same as otherEven the colours we like may not be yours. So many points adds up toa great food presentation“There is a great saying we eat first with oureyes”, it’s a very true statement a shabbily presented food will notincrease your appetite or tickle your taste buds.We can undoubtly compare a beautifully presented food with a well-dressed lady or wonderful piece of paintingAfter reading this article if you can gain some wisdom about presentingan excellent dish our vision is achieved in supporting fine Indian chefsplease pass the knowledge you gained to your colleagues & in leading a next generation Indian cuisine movement foodpresentation is the art of modifying, processing, arranging, ordecorating food to enhance its aesthetic appeal.The visual presentation of foods is often considered by chefs at manydifferent stages of food preparation, from the manner of tying or sewingmeats, to the type of cut used in chopping and slicing meats orvegetables, to the style of mould used in a baked dish.Copyright -2011
  6. 6. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian CuisineThe food itself may be decorated as in elaborately iced cakes, toppedwith ornamental sometimes sculptural consumables, drizzled withsauces, sprinkled With seeds, powders, or other toppings or it may beaccompanied by edible or inedible garnishes.The arrangement and overall styling of food upon bringing it to the plateis termed plating some common styles of plating include a classicarrangement of the main item in the front of the plate with vegetablesOr starches in the back, a stacked arrangement of the various items, orthe main item leaning or shingled upon a vegetable bed or side item.Item location on the plate is often referenced as for the face of a clock,with six oclock the position closest to the diner. A basic rule of thumbupon plating, and even in some cases prepping, is to make sure youhave the 5 components to a dish; protein, traditionally at a 6 oclockposition, vegetable, at a 2 oclock position, starch at an 11 oclockposition, sauce and garnish.In Today’s Modern World of Chefs This Clock Styles Are out Datedmany don’t follow a rule it’s an Abstract style, Line style or Pattern StyleIt’s all The Creative freedom of Chef & His Choice how hisFood will get its Fair Share of Appreciation .Some even serve FoodStraight on the Cooking PanCopyright -2011
  7. 7. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian Cuisine WHERE HOW WHATCopyright -2011
  8. 8. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian CuisineThe three factors those are significant in producing a fantastic foodpresentation.These factors has to complement each other, but even contrastingnature will result in excellent,You have noticed our colour selection in Cover page it is verycontrasting .but it steels your concentration. Sometimes you need toplay with contrasting colours when presenting complex dishesCooking is the art and science of good eating. Also, it can be defined asthe study of food and culture, with a particular focus on gourmetcuisine. One who is well versed in gastronomy is called a gastronome,while a gastronomist is one who unites theory and practice in the studyof gastronomy.Many food presentations is closely related to the people culture & theireating habits , Even Religions Have Greater influence how food iscooked & presentedIn Indian Cuisine The cultural Influence is food is very High and asIndian we have to preserve our Cultural Heritage. Being Modern inCooking & Presentation skills is not to Copying The west but to presentin Global standards while keeping our Authenticity.Copyright -2011
  9. 9. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian CuisineHow - will define the material in which you are going to serve the food. Itcan be any kind of material – metal, ceramic, wood... But to make sureit doesn’t react with food ingredientsPlates can come in any shape or sizes. You should be carefully selectappropriate plates.Food placed in the plate should get 100% attention so the plate youselect should act as a canvas for your foodFor dark colour food items try to choose white plateFor light colour food items you can try colour or shaded platesFor saucy dishes try deep plates with larger rimsKeep one thing in mind whatever the plates are it has to be largeenough to leave enough empty space.The plates can come in any size & shape you must select theappropriate one we will suggest strongly you should try same food indifferent plates to find the apt one.Copyright -2011
  10. 10. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian CuisineWhat –The Food you are putting on the plate,The food you place on the plate should get the prime focus and yourplate will support you to get the result.When you plan your food it should be balanced in colour, texture &flavour. These three factors in food are the first we experience throughour senses. It has a big impact in presenting the foodColours you can bring by combining or using natural ingredients alone.Spinach, tomato, turmeric, milk, squid ink, and so many ingredientsPeople associate certain colours with certain flavors, and the color offood can influence the perceived flavor in anything from candy to wine."Natural" foods such as oranges and salmon are sometimes also dyedto mask natural variations in color. Color variation in foods throughoutthe seasons and the effects of processing and storage often make coloraddition commercially advantageous to maintain the color expected orpreferred by the consumer.Copyright -2011
  11. 11. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian CuisineTexture/Body/Mouth Feel is a products physical and chemicalinteraction in the mouth, an aspect of food rheology. It is a conceptused in many areas related to the testing and evaluating of foodstuffs,It is evaluated from initial perception on the palate, to first bite, throughmastication to swallowing and aftertaste. Many will Relate Texture to aproducts water activity, hard or crisp products having lower wateractivities and soft products having intermediate to high water activities.You can always have the liberty to provide external textures to yourdish if it lacks Texture combinations. Eg: tuile, parmesan crisp,vegetable crisp, freeze dried fruits…Flavor We Chefs Call it Aroma- The sense Which Makes Us feel thefood Appetising .If we Preserve the Flavor till it Gets to the Table Weare Successful .In Indian Cuisine We have numerous Spices that Caninfluence Flavor in a Food. Use it wisely, some flavour can Stop us fromeating the food where as some can Tempt us having MoreYour Liking of Flavor will not be your Guest, so act clever keep acommon Flavor balance, if you are trying something new ask for opinionwith your colleagues & Regular guest Before Putting the Dish on theMenuCopyright -2011
  12. 12. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian CuisineFlavor is the sensory impression of a food or other substance, and isdetermined mainly by the chemical senses of taste and smell. are alsovery important to the overall gestalt of flavor perception.The flavor of the food, as such, can be altered with natural or artificialflavorants, which affect this senses.Flavorant, is defined as a substancethat gives another substance flavor, altering the characteristics of thesolute, causing it to become sweet, sour, tangy, etc.Of the three chemical senses, smell is the main determinant of a fooditems flavor. While the taste of food is limited to sweet, sour, bitter,salty, and savory (umami) – the basic tastes – the smells of a food arepotentially limitless. A foods flavor, therefore, can be easily altered bychanging its smell while keeping its taste similar. Nowhere is this betterexemplified than in artificially flavored jellies, soft drinks and candies,which, while made of bases with a similar taste, have dramaticallydifferent flavors due to the use of different scents or fragrancesIt is the taste That makes You Feel Like Licking Your Finger After aTasting Meal. If we Identify That Mixtures we can replicate the DeliciousUmami Effect in to each Of Our Dishes.In Indian Food Knowingly Or Unknowingly we Use lot of Umami RichIngredients. Our Kind of Taste Enhancer "Chat masala” is UMAMI rich.That’s why our Traditional Tandoor Chefs Dust Every Kebab WhichChat Masala & makes You Feel Want More.Copyright -2011
  13. 13. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian CuisineWhere - the Most Important Factor that will determine how you food willbe perceived. You would have come up with a fantastic presentation,excellent food, and great plate. Well! All of this will be worthless if thefood you going to serve will be in a Multi coloured Discotheque or Dimlight Pub.So this Factor is very much important even though we talked about thislast. The Food Presentation is a cyclic process each factors is veryDependant .if you oversee one factor then the purpose is not served.Don’t mind you can always re-look the process before you finalise yourdishes.We will strongly suggest when you do plating ,food trials or tasting dotaste the food as a guest would do even if you pay for the cost that willbe great so you understand the value you will get as a guestSome points we can consider when talking about The Where Factor.  Color or Lighting of the Place  Table Cloth  Out Door or Indoor  Theme of the Service  Time Of ServiceCopyright -2011
  14. 14. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian CuisineFood Styling through Photography is a specialization of commercialphotography, aimed at producing attractive photographs of food for usein advertisements, packaging, menus or cookbooks. Professional foodphotography is a collaborative effort, usually involving an art director, aphotographer, a food stylist, a prop stylist and their assistantsFood stylist is to make the food look attractive in the finishedphotograph. The main difference between how a home cook or chefmay present food and what a stylist does is the time and effort a stylisttakes to carefully and artfully arrange the food. Also required is thevisual know how, and ability to translate the perception of taste, aromaand appeal that one gets from an actual dish, to a two-dimensionalphotograph.Food stylists have culinary training; some are professional chefs orhave a background in home economics. In addition to knowledge ofnutrition and cooking techniques, food stylists must also be resourcefulshoppers. As creative professionals, they envision the finishedphotograph and style the food accordinglyCopyright -2011
  15. 15. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian CuisineThe process of food photography begins with the purchase of the foodand ingredients. Because only the most visually perfect foodstuffs areacceptable and multiple backup or test items are usually needed, this isa very time-consuming process. The best-looking of the purchaseditems is selected and marked as the "hero", i.e., the item that will befeatured in the photograph. During the setup and for test shoots, it isrepresented by a cardboard stand-in.The actual photography takes place in a studio under controlled lightingconditions. The light, background and setting are carefully prepared soas to present the food in an as attractive way as possible withoutdistracting from it. The color and texture of the background is selectedso as to effectively complement that of the food and to assist with itslighting.In addition to choosing, preparing and composing plated food, foodstylists use numerous techniques to make appear the food as attractiveas possible. These may include:Creating steam with cool air nebulizers or a combination of chemicalsthat give off smoke that gives the appearance of steam;Spraying food with water or mixtures of water, corn syrup, or otherliquids to keep food looking fresh;Copyright -2011
  16. 16. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian CuisineMaking a mixture of solid shortening, corn syrup, and powdered sugar(essentially a very stiff frosting) that can be scooped to stimulate realice cream;using a variety of browning agents (usually mixtures used to browngravies or sometimes heat activated liquids used in commercialbakeries) to enhance the colour/brownness of cooked meats andpoultry;using heavy cream instead of milk in bowls of cereal to prevent flakesfrom becoming soggy too quickly. The use of white glue is generallydiscouraged, and is not usually encountered. (as most cerealcompanies prohibit this practice).Blanching green vegetables to just bring up their bright colour, ratherthan cooking them completely. Other vegetables and foods may becooked just to colour, so they do not brown or become wrinkled if theymust stand under the camera for a while.Adding water to beverages so light will filter through better and addsparkle to the drink.NB: “For us Chef’s Food styling can be used as a Restaurant, Menu, orself, Marketing Tool. Many Ideas can be used in our day to dayoperation provided you plan these Styling steps in advance.”Copyright -2011
  17. 17. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian CuisineAt we constantly update our skills & knowledgewith a view of creating some Amazing Food Plates equally or Betterthan any stylised cuisine in the World.When we present our Great Indian Cuisine with a Modernist way it Takeout automatically the Myth of Heavy & rich food Tag Indian Cuisine Hadfor YearsThis Food Presentation & Dishes are a Brief Idea for you to create yourown plates.We concentrate mainly on Sustainable & Very economic ingredientswhen trying out new dishes.If You use high cost ingredients & Products you can get to aboveaverage presentation by the quality of item used. But what is theCreativity & innovation in it.Indian Cuisine always stand our Utilisingyour local ingredients & local produce so we deliberately focus on thoseingredients that are very hand to all people around the world. This willhelp us in making Indian cuisine more popular & More nearer to everyhouse holdAll Dish presented in this book is being Developed in Our HomeKitchen-Our Culinary Workshop and Ingredients that most Indian HouseUses. Our Creative Mind given us the Freedom to Present those dishesin High Standard Manner that most Fine dining Restaurants will do.Please Enjoy our Creations & do Write to us In ResponseCopyright -2011
  18. 18. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian CuisineCarrot Pudding, Saffron & Cardamom Ice Cream, Brown Coconut sand{Our Own Authentic Gajar Ka Halwa } On Its Variation unleash yourCreativity start Doing Your own Plates keep this is presentation as apathCopyright -2011
  19. 19. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian CuisineCrispy Fried anchovies on Hook, Caramelised SambarOnions, Gin & Cinnamon Cured chilly spiked country yolk DipCopyright -2011
  20. 20. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian CuisineWings In Traditional Travancore style, Cubes of Pan-fried Idli,Garlic cress & Mustard FlowersCopyright -2011
  21. 21. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian CuisineLamb cutlets cooked on lava stone, Tender Lamb Buna , MiniDakhai Paratha, Coconut Rice on GoldCopyright -2011
  22. 22. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian CuisineSous-Vide Cooked Chicken Biriyani, Mint Raita & GarlicPickleCopyright -2011
  23. 23. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian CuisineA Healthy Breakfast – Steamed Idli, Dosa Pancake, Chilly &Coconut ChutneyCopyright -2011
  24. 24. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian CuisineOUR NEXT’ s Takes on Traditional Indian CookingWe challenge many cooking ideas, such as Why Deep frying Why notShallow Frying, Why Shallow Frying why Not RoastingHas it affect the Dish any way in Texture , Aroma, Color & AuthenticityWe will publish a chef Journey From Classic Indian Cuisine to ModernIndian Cuisine“Change is Inevitable whether you are part of it Or NOT”Stay In Touch With UsMail : For Our - Free NewsletterThanks For Choosing & Supporting UsSupriya.PCEOwww.finediningindian.comCopyright -2011
  25. 25. Full Version Specially For you As A Supporter & Contributor of Indian Cuisine Thanks ISBN-978-1-4477-6385-7Copyright -2011