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Kitchen house rules


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major House rules by sections of a good Kitchen compiled by

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Kitchen house rules

  1. 1. How to write Quality standards for kitchen from finediningindian.comQuality standards that keep the kitchen process together also give a proper guidelines for your staffin performing the standards up to your expectation and there by achieving high results in customerservice
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  3. 3. FINEDININGINDIAN.COMFunction: Blast ChillingWhy?:: To cool down any food stuff to 5ºC within 90 minutes in order to comply with Food SafetyRegulations.How?:(1) Place the food stuff on a trolley within the Blast Chiller and place a probe into the core of the food item.(2) Close the door and set timer on 1½ hours and press Blast Chill.(3) Fill in the Blast Chiller form, entering day, date, food description, and probe temperature and employee name. (See form attached)(4) When the food has cooled down, fill in the probe temperature and remove the food item from thechiller.(5) If you are leaving the food item overnight, the chiller will automatically switch to storage after thetimer has finished. The food item should then be removed the next morning.(6) The blast chiller is highly powered and air velocity is much higher than normal, thus drying outfood very quickly.Results:(1) There will be no hot food left in kitchen which will create a better shelf life.(2) The risk of food poisoning will be reduced due to the appropriate handling Procedure.(3) The quality of the product is increased by the rapid cool down.(4) The kitchen will have an efficient work plan and organisation by giving the products a longer shelf life.(5) Spot checks will be carried out by Chef IN CHARGE /Sous Chef.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by_______________________________Date___________
  4. 4. FINEDININGINDIAN.COMFunction: Communication SkillsWhy?:: To communicate with staff through the staffing structure.How?:(1) Better communication can be passed on by the following methods: a. By mouth. This is the quickest and most effective method because it involves on the job training b. By memo. This is also very important because you can keep records of information to go back to if past communication fails. c. Don‟t rely on a third party to pass messages on, as they can be told incorrectly. d. Pass over book. Another good method this is very good between two members of staff working on the same section e.g. vegetables, sauce larder. e. Hand over book. This is between the head chef and the Sous chef, it is very important for the day to day running of the kitchen(2) By following these methods a very good working practise should evolve.(3) Better working conditions and fewer mistakes should be made.(3) It is an employee‟s duty to inform their senior chef or duty manager if they identify any hazards.Results:(1) Produce a hand over sheet for departmental sections.(2) Use good clear communication between senior chefs and staff, menu, etc; once signed there isno excuse for it not to be executed.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by______________________________Date___________
  5. 5. FINEDININGINDIAN.COMFunction: Bread and Dairy ChecklistWhy?:: To ensure correct stock levels of highly perishable goods.How?:(1) The Dairy and Bread Order Form must be filled in on a daily basis in the morning, ensuring that the correct number of items is entered.(2) The form must be passed to the Head Chef or senior Chef, giving any other relevant information.(3) The stock must be rotated by placing the oldest stock at the front and all fresh items at the back.(4) The How? will be a double check on Date Stamping How?.Results:(1) At no point will any Kitchen Personnel be using out of date Bread and Dairy items.(2) Wastage will be minimised through efficient ordering.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by_______________________________Date___________
  6. 6. FINEDININGINDIAN.COMFunction: Butcher ListWhy?:: To help plan mis-en place and control stock and wastageHow?:(1) Fill in the form in Butchery when taking meat out if the Butcher is not present.(2) Always ask senior chef on duty if you are unsure of meat cut quality.(3) Always report any stock taken.(4) Check date stamp and freshness of the product.Results:(1) Prevent wastage.(2) How? will support the stock control system.(3) Harmonise Menu Standards.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by_______________________________Date___________
  7. 7. FINEDININGINDIAN.COMFunction: Colour Coded Chopping BoardsWhy?:: To ensure that the correct chopping board is used for each of thedifferent Food Groups to avoid Cross Contamination, therefore complying with Food HygieneRegulations.How?:(4) Each colour relates to a Food Product Group  - Red Raw Meat  - Brown Cooked Meat  - Blue Fresh Fish  - Green Fruit and Vegetables  - White Dairy Products  - Grey Fruit and Vegetables Always refer to the Wall Chart if in doubt.(5) To prevent Cross Contamination between different food groups, always use the correct chopping board for food preparation.(6) You should only use the board for one task, always replace.(7) Under no circumstances should the board be wiped clean. All boards should be sanitised by placing the board through the dishwasher.Results:(1) The number of reported Food Poisoning allegations will be minimised by maintaining hygienic working conditions.(2) The Senior Chef will provide „On the Job‟ supervision.(3) All Kitchen Porters will receive training in Sanitising Procedures?sDrafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by______________________________Date___________
  8. 8. FINEDININGINDIAN.COMFunction: Closing ProceduresWhy?:: To ensure that the Kitchen is left safe and lockedHow?:(1) Ensure that the date, time and signature is recorded onto the form.(See attached)(2) Following the form, check all appliances, doors and locks and tick the relevant box once thecheck has been completed.(3) When checking the fridge‟s ensure that the temperature is correct.Results:(1) All Health and Safety Hazards will be minimised.(2) The possibility of thefts and other breach‟s of security will be eliminated.(3) There will be no report from the Night Manager stating breach‟s of security.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by_______________________________Date___________
  9. 9. FINEDININGINDIAN.COMFunction: Complaint handling for staffWhy?:: To ensure all guest complaints are dealt with appropriately and the guest is satisfied with the outcome.How?:1) Where possible take the guest somewhere quiet, away from other guests.2) Introduce yourself to the guest by name and Function and ensure that you find out the guests name and use their name throughout your conversation.3) Always listen, letting the guest explain the problem in full, (take notes to help you).4) Apologise.5) Respond and check your understanding of the problem.6) Find out, if you don‟t know already, exactly what the guest wants (i.e a new room, fresh steak etc).7) Explain to the guest exactly what you can do.8) Discuss and agree action and then you must ensure that the action is taken immediately.9) Always follow through by checking that the customer is satisfied with the action.10) Apologise again.11) If at any point you feel that you can‟t resolve the problem yourself then explain the problem to your Departmental Manager who will then take over.Results: 1. All complaints will be dealt with in an efficient and professional manner. 2. Increase in customer satisfaction when the problem is resolved. 3. Decrease in Drafted complaints to the Managing Directors. 4. No loss of business due to complaints being handled inappropriately. 5. New standards will be communicated to staff reducing and minimising mistakes made through lack of knowledge about the standard. 6. There will be no complaints regarding staff not complying with the new How?s. 7. General communication within department will improve.Drafted by _______________________________ Date______________Revised by ______________________________ Date ______________
  10. 10. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM DUTY MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITIES Responsible for the well being of the hotel and it‟s grounds. Supplying, controlling all keys/locks within the hotel complex. Contact person for the system and it‟s equipment. Contact person for isolating fire zones for any cleaning or other reason. Any accident that occurs should be reported to the duty manager and the appropriate form filled in and the accident logged. Any irregularities within the hotel or its grounds should be reported to the duty manager. Any thefts from within the hotel should be brought to the duty manager‟s attention. In the absence of either the Executive Head Chef or a Food and Beverage manager the duty manager will have the authority in conjunction with the Sous Chef, for any decision concerning a kitchen or food and beverage matter that affects the hotel and its guests. Outside the hours of 08.00 – 16.30 Mon – Fri any maintenance matters should be brought to the attention of the duty manager. The duty manager has access to the hotel stores outside normal hours for emergency’s only. Any problems with staff accommodation can be brought to the attention of the duty manager in the absence of the personnel department. Contact person for housekeeping matters in the absence of a senior member of housekeeping. Responsible for lighting and heating within the hotel. Responsible for all security in the hotel and it‟s site (surveillance equipment).The above list is not exhaustive and forms the basis for guidelines only; other departments may useit as a reference.
  11. 11. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM FIRE ProcuduresACTION ON DISCOVERING A FIRE 1) RAISE THE ALARM: By breaking the glass of the nearest red Alarm call point. CALL POINTS: 1) By Kitchen Exit Doors. 2) ATTACK THE FIRE: Using the correct fire fighting Equipment, but only if it is safe to do so. FIRE APPLIANCES: 1) CO2 by Exit Doors. 2) Water Extinguishers in Kitchen, XYZ Room and …… Room. (Do not use Water Extinguishers on Electrical Fires). LEAVE THE AREA: If the fire is too big to tackle or if you feel that you are in danger. FIRE EXITS: 1) Down stairs and along back. 2) Via …… Room or 3) Via XYZ Room. 4) Through door at back of Kitchen and then through Games Room.ACTION ON HEARING THE ALARMWhen the Alarm sounds, Switchboard or Reception will Fire Page the Fire Team, The Fire Team willmake their way to Reception as quickly as possible. The first Two members of the Team will be sentto investigate the cause of the Alarm. The Investigating team will then report back to the DutyManager.If the Alarms sound in the XYZ Kitchen, carry out the Evacuation How? as your Zone may havetriggered the Alarm.IN THE EVENT OF A REAL FIREThe Duty Manager will activate all the alarms and evacuate the hotel. When the Alarms sound in thearea of the XYZ Kitchen, carry out the Evacuation How?.EVACUATION HOW?This How? is only to be carried out if there is no personal danger. If you feel in danger at anytimeleave the building immediately.By the Senior Chef present: 1) Turn off all Electrical Points, but leave the overhead lights on. 2) Turn off the mains Gas Supply. 3) Collect the Staff Rota.
  12. 12. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM 4) Collect any important invoices or documents. 5) Leave the Kitchen closing all the doors behind you. 6) Check that the Kitchen is clear. 7) Leave the Hotel by the nearest available exit and go to the Assembly Point. 8) Conduct the Kitchen Staff Roll Call. 9) Report to the Duty Manager with details of the Roll Call.10) Stay at the Assembly Point in your Departmental group for further instructions.By Kitchen Staff. 1) Leave the Hotel by the nearest available exit and go to the Assembly point. 2) Stay at the Assembly Point in the Kitchen Departmental group for Roll Call and wait for further instructions. 3) Do not re-enter the Hotel until told to do so by the Duty Manager or Fire Service. ASSEMBLY POINT IS THE AREA IN FRONT OF …………………..Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by_______________________________Date___________
  13. 13. FINEDININGINDIAN.COMFunction: Escape RoutesWhy?:: To comply with Fire Precautions Act and maintain a safe working environment.How?:(1) All fire escape routes should be inspected in every shift to ensure that they are free from obstruction.(2) This should be recorded on the temperature checklist, therefore ensuring it is carried out both in morning and afternoon.(3) If there are any problems or obstructions then report them to the Duty Manager. If you can remove the obstruction yourself then you should, still informing Duty Manager.Results:(1) All records will be kept in Chefs office for 3 months.(2) All Fire Exit obstructions will recorded and removed, complying with Legislation(3) Duty Manager and Security will make visual checks during shift walk roundsDrafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by______________________________Date___________
  14. 14. FINEDININGINDIAN.COMFunction: Date Stamping of Food StuffWhy?:: To ensure good stock rotation and compliance with the Food Labelling Regulations.How?:(1) Upon receipt and / or preparation of food stuff, the weekly colour coded labelling system must be applied (see sheet attached).(2) All high risk foods have a 3 day shelf life including the day of production.(3) Vacuum packed foods carry a 5 day shelf life.(4) All products out of the freezer carry a 3 day shelf life.(5) Always add your initial to the day/date sticker next to the date.(6) Distributors of stickers are situated in the Loading Bay, Butchery, Gallery, Larder and sauce section.(7) Additional labels should be filled out with any „Home Freeze Food Stuff‟, detailing date, time in, time out and employee‟s name.Results:(1) There will be a reduction in the amount of food wastage.(2) The above How? will guarantee that fresh quality products will be used at all times.(3) The risk of food poisoning will be minimised and a reduction in the amount of allegations.(4) Spot checks will be carried out on a random basis by Chef/Sous Chef.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by_______________________________Date___________
  15. 15. FINEDININGINDIAN.COMFunction: Energy ConservationWhy?:: to cut down on wastage of energy through negligence, and reduce costs, and preserve theenvironment in which you‟re workingHow?: 1. switch on equipment as and when necessary 2. make it your „business‟ every time you see energy been wasted to act upon it and to report it to the appropriate person 3. do not overuse products, it does not clean better or work faster 4. pay special attention to dishwashers and waste disposals 5. behave as if you are paying the billsResults: 1. better management of energy 2. better prevention of incidents 3. better work conditionsDrafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by______________________________Date___________
  16. 16. FINEDININGINDIAN.COMFunction: Early Shift Duties for Senior ChefWhy?:: To ensure the orderly and efficient running of the KitchenHow?:(1) Check that everything is open including all fridge‟s and doors.(2) All rotas should be checked to ensure that all employees are on duty.(3) The Dairy and Bakery stock-take should be completed.(4) Ensure everything is double-checked with regard to the days xyz sheets.(5) Carry out all the ordering with the Chef.(6) After the 9.30am Heads of Department meeting, confirm any changes with the Chef and the requirements of the day in a 10am meeting.(7) Ensure that this information is communicated to the relevant kitchen sections.(8) Ensure the Hygiene schedule is implemented throughout the kitchen.(9) Conduct a temperature checklist and sampling of food items.(10) Supervise all kitchen sections throughout shift in line with the day‟s requirements.Results:(1) There will be no problems or complaints from kitchen staff through lack of communication regarding the requirements of the day.(2) The day will go accordingly to the xyz sheets and the possibility of complaints from guests regarding timings, menus and standard of food etc will be minimised.(3) The productivity and efficiency of kitchen staff will increase.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by______________________________Date___________
  17. 17. FINEDININGINDIAN.COMFunction: Dry Store and Cellar RequisitionsWhy?:: To ensure efficient planning of the ordering of goods through careful monitoring of xyz requirements.How?:(1) All requisitions should be completed in ink giving the day, date and section.(2) The requisition must be handed to the senior chef the night before or by 9am the same day.(3) The requisition should be completed in conjunction with mise en place checklist, which enables more efficient planning for the arrival of guests ensuring maximum freshness of all products used.(4) Always work with other sections where possible to share stock.Results:(1) There will be a reduction in wastage through efficient ordering.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by_______________________________Date___________
  18. 18. FINEDININGINDIAN.COMFunction: Departmental UniformWhy?:: To be able to identify staff within a department and hold the image of XYZ, with an emphasis on practicality.How?:Results:1) All kitchen staff will be recognisable to guests.2) All members of the kitchen department will uphold the image of XYZ.3) The Head of Department / Supervisor will check everyone‟s uniform on arrival to work.Drafted by _____________________ Date _________________Revised by _____________________ Date ________________
  19. 19. FINEDININGINDIAN.COMFunction: Departmental Fire How?sWhy?:: To ensure that every member of staff knows and understands the Fire How? that must be followed within their department.How?: 1 Departmental Fire How?s should be issued by the Head of Department on the first working day. 2 A general walk round of the department, showing where the call points, fire exits and fire appliances are situated and a visit to the staff assembly point will be carried out by the Head of Department. 3- All specific duties that the employee is expected to carry out during the Fire Alarm will be fully explained. 4- The two basic How?s that must be followed are: Upon discovery of a fire Upon hearing the Fire Alarm 5- There will be a Basic Fire Training sessions carried out on a regular basis by the Security Manager. This will be for all new starters and as a refresher for other members of staff.Results: 1. There will be a short verbal test given by the Head of Department to check the understanding of departmental How? and responsibilities within 2 weeks of start date. 2. All employees will receive departmental Fire Instructions before their Basic Fire Training Session. 3. The Fire How?s will be adhered to at all times including false alarms and mock evacuations.Drafted by ____________________________ Date _________________Revised by ___________________________ Date _________________ ON DISCOVERY OF A FIRE
  22. 22. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM ACCOUNTSFunction: Completion of Purchase Order FormsWhy?:: To ensure that all hotel purchases are correctly authorised prior to placing the order and to assist delivery of the goods and processing of the invoice.How?:(1) Each department has its own purchase order book and only purchases relevant to that department should be entered.(2) See enclosed copy for all sections to be completed. Department heads should countersign orders and orders over £500.00 should be approved by the Line Manager before going to the Managing Director.(3) All orders should be correctly authorised before the order is placed. Up to ….00 Head of Department Up to …..00 Line Manager Over ….00 F&B Director(4) The four copies must be correctly distributed at the relevant time. White -To Accounts Payable once the goods have arrived and the order is satisfactory Yellow - Immediately to the person receiving the goods Blue - Immediately to Accounts Always take a copy for your own recordsResults:(1) Efficient & accurate acceptance of deliveries(2) Prompt processing & payment of invoices(3) Reduced number of queries on purchase ledger system(4) Timely monthly management accountsDrafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by_______________________________Date___________
  23. 23. FINEDININGINDIAN.COMFunction: FLEXIBILITY/ NATURETo become the best Work placeWhy?:: to understand the nature of catering and customer‟s demands, to enableF&B operationsHow?:1- chefs knows “the buzz” of service, equally important its little bit extra, which makes the customer feel special2- to understand everyone else “job” and “problems, thus helping you to be more flexible3- to help carry out other duties, within reasons, when ask to do so by a supervisor4- to respect all positions, everyone job is as important as yours is5- to be of “good nature”, no Gordon Ramsay is welcome in this kitchenResults:1- to help harmonise work conditions2- to help with harmony between dept.Drafted by___________________ _______________Date___________Authorised by________________________________Date___________
  24. 24. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM ACCOUNTSFunction: Hiring Of EquipmentWhy?:: To ensure that all charges for equipment hire are invoiced correctly and that items are returned promptly thus reducing additional costs.How?: See attached form(1) The person ordering the goods must fill in sections highlighted in orange.(2) The Purchase order should be completed in the normal manner apart from „Description of Goods‟ where “as per attached sheet” may be Drafted. The Purchase order should be totalled and authorised in the correct manner. A price for breakages/damage should be ascertained at the time of order.(3) A copy of the hire form should be attached to the yellow copy of the P/O and both the yellow and pink copies should be sent to Accounts prior to the arrival of the goods. N.B This is the only occasion when the pink copy of the P/O should be sent to Accounts prior to delivery as they will be responsible for receiving and returning the goods.(4) When returning goods to the delivery bay for pick up, please advise Accounts of any breakages/damages etc. These discrepancies should be conveyed to the person ordering the goods prior to them being returned.(5) Accounts should fill in all the sections highlighted in yellow and ensure all signatures are obtained.(6) All breakage/damage charges invoiced by the hire company must be authorised in the normal manner.(7) Accounts should check return dates on hire equipment forms on regular basis to ensure goods have been returned on time.Results:(1) No items on hire unnecessarily(2) Reduced charges for equipment hire & breakages(3) Fewer discrepancies on purchase ledger invoicesDrafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by_______________________________Date___________ Quality Standard Kitchen
  25. 25. FINEDININGINDIAN.COMFunction: Food poisoning / Reporting illnessWhy?:: To prevent a spread of illness through the department.How?:(1) As soon as the member of staff phones in sick with a problem, they should see their doctor immediately.(2) Once diagnosed with an illness if sickness is over 3 or more days then a sicknote is required from their doctor.(3) If the illness is found to be food poisoning, they should not come into contact with any of the chefs or other food production staff.(4) The local environmental health officer should be informed by the patient‟s doctor, if this is not carried out then it is our responsibility to do so.(5) In any case like salmonella all kitchen staff are required to give a stool sample these should then be given to the relevant authorities for examination.Results:(1) Diagnose the problem as soon as possible.(2) Good health and food hygiene should be carried out.(3) Only contact the environmental health officer once food poisoning has been diagnosed.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by_______________________________Date___________
  26. 26. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM KitchenFunction: Freezer ChecklistWhy?:: To ensure there is adequate rotation, ordering and stock levels of frozengoods.How?:(1) Every Wednesday a stock take of all products within both freezers should be carried out and the information filled out onto the appropriate form. (Excluding Meat Stocks)(2) Enter Day/Date and signature onto the form.(3) Ensure that the amount entered is correct i.e. boxes, cartons, cases.(4) Always check Date Stamp and Use by Date.(5) To report any items and /or misuse of freezer.Results:(1) Wastage will be reduced due to correct ordering and stock rotation.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by_______________________________Date___________
  27. 27. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM KitchenFunction: Hand-washing FacilitiesWhy?:: To meet the responsibility of „Due Diligence‟ by working in strict hygienic conditions and preventing cross contamination.How?:(1) All food handlers must wash their hands at the following times; - Upon entering the premises. - After using the toilet. - After smoking. - After handling chemicals. - Before and every time you handle different food items.(2) Hand wash soap should always be used for washing hands.(3) Always use disposable paper towels to dry hands.(4) Each member of kitchen staff are responsible for maintaining this facility within their respective sections.Results:(1) All Kitchen personnel will promote a clean and hygienic image throughout the Hotel.(2) The risk of cross contamination will be minimised.(3) The responsibility of showing „Due Diligence‟ will be met by every employee, thus creating safe and pleasant working conditions.(4) Spot checks will be made by Chef/Sous Chef.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by_______________________________Date___________
  28. 28. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM KitchenFunction: Hazard IdentificationWhy?:: To prevent any personal injuriesHow?: 1. The responsibility lies with the senior members of staff, to inform the maintenance supervisor or general manager. 2. It is an employee‟s duty to inform their senior chef or duty manager if they identify any hazards. 3. Each month a hygiene hazard check list should be carried out, to ensure hazards are spotted before they become dangerous. 4. Any problems found on the check list should be reported and fixed immediately. 5. Subsequent monthly reports should determine whether or not action has been taken to fix the problem.Results:Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by______________________________Date___________
  29. 29. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM KitchenFunction: Hygiene AuditWhy?:: To ensure practical compliance with Food Safety Policy, adhere to high standards of personal hygiene and highlight areas for action in respect of maintenance repairs.How?:(1) The hygiene audit should be carried out every month by Executive Chef or Sous Chef(2) It is important to work in an efficient manner following the audit through each area outlined on the sheet, taking into account the previous report and action to be taken.(3) As you work through each area, if there are any serious points then the Executive Chef or relevant manager should be informed immediately so prompt action can be taken.(4) All points should be prioritised based on the following; 1. Immediate Action 2. Action within 3 months 3- Action within 6 months(5) Always ensure that you delegate the action to the relevant member of staff and enter their name in the relevant column.(6) All actions points delegated to someone else should be followed up to make sure they happen.Results:(1) Due diligence will be met in line with Food Safety regulations.(2) Increased standards of Hygiene, reducing risk of contamination.(3) Decrease in the number of action points in subsequent hygiene reports.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by______________________________Date___________
  30. 30. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM KitchenFunction: Health and Safety in the KitchenWhy?:: To ensure that all staff to comply with Health & Safety Legislation so the kitchen environment is a safe, healthy place to work.How?:(1) Every employee has a legal responsibility to ensure that they take reasonable care for their own Health & Safety and that of others who may be affected by their actions.(2) They must co-operate with their employer by following Safety Policy‟s, rules, practice and safe habits without taking shortcuts.(3) They must not interfere or misuse anything provided in the interests of Health & Safety.(4) All employees‟ must look for Hazards and report them immediately to their supervisor or manager.(5) All accidents must be reported, no matter how trivial, to the Head of Department who will fill out an accident form .This information will then be entered into the Hotel‟s accident book. This is a legal requirement.(6) There is a first aid box in Reception, FOH Office, Maintenance Office, Personnel Office, Housekeepers Office , Main & satellite Kitchens. All staff should be aware of the location of the nearest box. If a Qualified First Aider is required then Switchboard should be contacted by dialling „0‟ stating name and location of accident and they will page the first available First Aider.(7) Attached is information specifically related to Health and Safety in the Kitchen. It is important that this information is understood and related to your particular department and all safety How?s are adhered to.(8) The Training & Development Officer will carry out basic Health and Safety training.
  31. 31. FINEDININGINDIAN.COMResults:(1) Employee awareness of Health and Safety issues will increase through training sessions and Training Officer and Head of Department will test knowledge.(2) The risk of accidents will be minimised through all employee‟s practising good Health and Safety habits.(3) The risk of the Hotel and individuals being brought to court over breach of Health and Safety Legislation will be minimised.Drafted By__________________________Date___________Revised by_________________________Date___________
  32. 32. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM ACCOUNTSFunction: Food & Beverage DeliveriesWhy?:: To ensure that all food & beverage deliveries are of the highest quality and are not contaminated.How?: See attached form(1) All the food supplier vans should be checked at least once a week with the temperature probe. If at the time of delivery chilled food is above 10 C or frozen food above –14 C the delivery should be rejected.(2) Food should not be left on the floor unattended for long periods of time.(3) The time of all fresh or frozen food deliveries should be recorded on top of the delivery note and the Chef should be notified immediately. The kitchen porters should collect these goods within 30 minutes of delivery. If this is not done, it must be brought to the Chef‟s attention.(4) There should be a chef present for all meat, fish and French vegetable deliveries to check the quality and shelf life of all the products.(5) Any cause for concern over the cleanliness of the delivery personnel or vans should be reported to the Head Chef.(6) The sell by dates of all food & beverage should be checked on delivery and a correct How? of stock rotation should be followed. The kitchen porters should date stamps all dairy produce.(7) Any items damaged or not of the correct standard should not be accepted and the paperwork adjusted accordingly.(8) The delivery bay must be maintained in accordance with the quality standard Drafted for health & hygiene.Results: 1. Products should be of a better quality and have a longer shelf life, thus reducing food costs. 2. There should be fewer negative comments on the health & hygiene report.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by_______________________________Date___________
  33. 33. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM KitchenFunction: Dish of the Day FormsWhy?:: To ensure that the correct form is completed for the requirements of the Dish of the day.How?:(1) The form must be filled out including Date & Prepared by information(Provide a format) and handed in to the chef‟s office the night before.(2) You must always obtain the selling price and authorisation signature from Senior Chef.(3) Always try to use your imagination and products that require usage when deciding on the plat du jour. If in doubt, always consult the Senior Chef.(4) Always inform the Restaurant Staff exactly what the „Dish Of The day „is.Results:(1) The Senior Chef will receive the correctly filled out form each evening for the next day‟s Dish of The Day.(2) The specials will always be correct as the senior chef will check them upon receipt(3) Wastage will be reduced through effective use of food products.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by______________________________Date___________
  34. 34. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM KitchenFunction: Kitchen structureWhy?:: to understand everyone else position and duties thus helping with the smooth running of thekitchen Executive head chef Executive Sous chef Sous chef Juniors Sous chef Chef de partie grade 1,2,3. Demi chef de partie grade 1,2 Kitchen assistant grade e 1,2Results:Iip standards are linked with job description and will be at anyone disposal, in order to familiaryourself with other people‟s task and make a more accurate picture as to how the whole deptoperates and job linksDrafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by______________________________Date___________
  35. 35. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM KitchenFunction: Personal HygieneWhy?:: To avoid the possibility of bringing bacteria into the workplace and ensure that everyone looks professional.How?:(1) You must only change into your chef whites once you are within the Hotel.(2) Once dressed, avoid leaving the Hotel as you can pick up bacteria from outside the Hotel i.e. bin area, refuse, and animals such as dogs, cats & birds. This bacteria can cause contamination.(3) Your whites should be laundered every other day or daily if required. this will help prevent perspiration and contamination.(4) Always use plastic gloves and aprons if moving between raw and cooked food products.(5) Always clean hands and nails after using the toilet, sneezing, blowing nose, disposal of waste and smoking.(6) All long hair should be tied up and netted, then covered with a cap or hat. All short hair should be covered with a hat and kept short and tidy.Results:(1) Senior Chef will make a visual daily inspection.(2) The risk of contamination will be reduced.(3) All individuals will receive guidance and support in these matters to ensure that they look after their own Personal Hygiene.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by______________________________Date___________ Quality Standard Kitchen
  36. 36. FINEDININGINDIAN.COMFunction: Xyz Menu Advice Memo BoardWhy?:: To ensure all food requirements meet the customer‟s expectations and all Changes in numbers, timing‟s, and special requirements are known to all.How?:1) To check every morning and confirm at 10.00am meeting all requirements and follow up several times throughout the day, the master copy outside Chefs Office.2) Inform all staff members within your section of all changes.3) Always double check with the Head Chef or Sous Chef if you are unsure about any requirements such as timing‟s, venue and numbers and never assume any of this information.4) Always fill in Section Mis en Place list and ensure any amendments are made. (see attached form)Results:1) Supervisors will check Mis en Place list.2) 10.00am Meeting will confirm changes after 9.30am departmental meeting of numbers.3) There will not be any negative comments about the quantity or timing of the food.4) Each xyz will run smoothly through better planning and will increase the amount of positive comments from organisers.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by_______________________________Date___________
  37. 37. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM KitchenFunction: Mise En Place FormsWhy?:: To ensure that work is planned in advance in order to manage time and increase productivityHow?:(1) The form must be completed with the time, number of covers and quantity required.(2) By assessing priority of work a time scale can be used to monitor quality of work and promote efficiency.(3) By using forms, section ordering can be made more efficient and enables chefs to be more productive and further Mis En Place can be planned ahead.Results:(1) Senior Chef will use forms to monitor workload and production on a daily basis or as required.(2) Efficiency and productivity will increase helping to reduce costs.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by________________________ _____Date___________
  38. 38. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM KitchenFunction: Night Room Service ChecklistWhy?:: To ensure that a sufficient stock of Food at the required standard is left en – place for the Night Staff.How?:(1) Always check with the Senior Chef the Hotel occupancy and the quantity required.(2) The date stamp and freshness of the product must always be checked.(3) Always replace and add stock as required.(4) After the fridge has been checked and stocked, you must always obtain signature from senior chef on the completed form (Provide Form).(5) Always double check through the list with the Duty Manager as and when required.Results:(1) The possibility of the Night Staff running out of food items will be minimised.(2) Complaints from Guests regarding the availability and quality of food items will be reduced.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by______________________________Date___________
  39. 39. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM ACCOUNTSFunction: RequisitionsWhy?:: To ensure that departmental requirements can be met on time and where goods are not available they can be quickly acquired. It ensures accurate stores control and monitors the expenditure of individual departments.How?: See attached form(1) Each department has its own set of requisition books and items must be entered in the correct book i.e.: food in the food stores book, stationary in the general stores book. NO ITEMS WILL BE ISSUED WITHOUT AN AUTHORISED REQUISITION.(2) All requisitions must be filled in correctly and authorised by the Head of Department, or in their absence, their deputy.(3) All requisitions should be placed in the Accounts pigeon-hole by 8.00 a.m on the day for which they are needed. N.B the Stores is not open on Sundays so requisitions for the week-end should be submitted no later than 8.00 a.m on Saturday.(4) Goods should be collected from the stores no later than 12 noon. Issued & received columns should be completed and items checked thoroughly.(5) Requisition books can be obtained from Accounts but a new one will not be issued unless the old one is returned. If a requisition is cancelled the bottom copy must be left in the book and the appropriate explanation Drafted on it. The white copy should be sent to Accounts.(6) The Stores are manned by Accounts from 8.00 a.m to 17.30 p.m on Monday through to Friday and from 8.00 a.m to 12.00 noon on Saturdays. Outside of these times items can only be requisitioned by the Duty Manager with the keys being signed in & out accordingly and the relevant paperwork MUST be completed before the goods are removed from the Stores.Results:(1) Fewer Stores variances on stock takes(2) Reduced departmental expenditure(3) Requisitioned items always available when requiredDrafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by_______________________________Date___________ Quality Standard Kitchen
  40. 40. FINEDININGINDIAN.COMFunction: Reporting Maintenance RequirementsWhy?:: To maintain the kitchen facilities in optimum condition to promote an efficient, safe and professional work environment.How?:(1) Always report any defective equipment to the Chef or Sous Chef immediately by filling out a Maintenance Request Form. (See form attached)(2) The request forms are found on the large notice board in the Main Kitchen.(3) All maintenance requests are logged in the relevant book, the actioned, following How?s.(4) Other information that should be logged is follow up on maintenance requested and date of action.(5) All requests should be retained on file for a minimum of 3 months.(6) Any re-occurrence of problems should be directed to the Chef.Results:(1) A formal record of all maintenance requests will be kept and problems will be prioritised.(2) The Health and Safety Regulations will be adhered to at all times.(3) Records will enable the department to trace history of handling problems.(4) The Head Chef will be fully aware at all times about action being taken to carry out maintenance requests.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by_______________________________Date___________
  41. 41. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM KitchenFunction: Safe Storage of FoodWhy?:: To ensure that all Food Items are kept pest free and to preserve shelf life.How?:(1) Only Food Grade plastic should be used for food storage.(2) Under no circumstances should any containers that have had chemicals in be recycled for food storage.(3) All food containers that have had mayonnaise and ice cream in should not be recycled for food storage.(4) All storage containers should have a reusable airtight lid.(5) Butchery Trays and fish trays are for that Why?: only to prevent cross contamination or tainting.(6) Any damaged containers should be replaced.(7) All containers should be kept clean and sealed. They must be sanitised through the dishwasher.Results:(1) The risk of cross contamination is minimised through correct use of storage containers.(2) All containers will be checked by chefs as they are being used and through Hygiene Audit.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by___________ __________________Date___________ Quality Standard
  42. 42. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM KitchenFunction: Sanitising How?sWhy?:: To prevent the transmission of diseases transmitted through unsafe handling of food and food borne diseaseHow?:(1) Always use hand wash basin, not food or equipment sinks to wash hands.(2) Always use the correct diversity of product as per your HACCP training.(3) Always use plastic gloves for dirty jobs.(4) Always wipe spillage‟s.(5) Always apply the minimum contact of sanitising agent when cleaning.(6) Ensure that your hands and nails are washed frequently.(7) Never mix chemicals, use the right dosage according to instructions, more powder doesn‟t mean better cleaning.(8) Always wipe surfaces dry with a squeegee or disposable paper, never use cloth towels.Results:(1) The transmission of bacteria and germs will be minimised therefore reducing the possibility of food poisoning outbreaks.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by_______________________________Date___________
  43. 43. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM KITCHENFunction: SANITISE CHOPPING BOARDSWhy?:: to comply with health and safety regulationsHow?:1-for late shift duties2-get the correct container filled with the right amount of dbx powder with boiling water.3-immerse the boards and apply weight to keep the board submerged.4-leave overnight5-for early shift duties6-remove boards and place through dishwasher7-never sore flat, keep on the special racks8-place in section according to chartsResults:1-Prevention of cross-contamination2-Proper storage will ensure good hygiene and ease of working conditionsDrafted by__________________ Date___________Authorised by_________________Date___________
  44. 44. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM KitchenFunction: To cope with Pressurised or Busy PeriodWhy?:: to help everyone coping with unexpected requests/circumstances in order offer, bettercustomer serviceHow?:1-to use common sense and to remain calm and collected2-to refer any request to immediate senior person available3-within reason, request should be met4-in difficult case refer matter to senior F&B manager available to handle with customer5-do not get into an argument with the waiting staffResults:1-to reduce complaints2-to eliminates misunderstanding of problems and reduces friction within departmentsDrafted by_______________________Date___________Authorised by_____________________Date___________
  45. 45. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM KitchenFunction: Stock RotationWhy?:: To maintain a High Quality of all Products, reducing wastage and food cost.How?:(1) The Hotel applies the „First In, First Out‟ rule by placing all new food products behind or underneath the „Old‟ product.(2) To be able to recognise the older food products, you should always use the „Date Stamping‟ How? as outlined in the Drafted Quality Standard. These older products should always be used first.(3) It is important to take account of the business levels and existing stock before re-ordering.(4) To ensure that stocks are not duplicated, always check your stocks and liaise with other sections.Results:(1) Food Wastage will be minimised.(2) Senior Chef will carry out spot checks on stockDrafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by______________________________Date___________
  46. 46. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM KitchenFunction: Team leaderWhy?:: to enable everyone to be part of an effective and pleasant workforceHow?:1- anyone works better in a good atmosphere2- in restricted working conditions , differences have to set aside , and a professional conduct is expected3- anyone turning problematic situation into a personal „vendetta‟ is in breach of professional conduct and could face disciplinary action4- been a team player is as much as about listening as trying to impose your own view5- listening and discussion promotes understanding and respect for each otherResults:1-to harmonise working conditions2-to promote good spirit, thus giving customer service3-to enjoy work and Colleagues CompanyDrafted by__________________________________Date___________Authorised by________________________________Date___________
  47. 47. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM All Departmental ManagersFunction: Telephone MannersWhy?:: To ensure that the telephone is answered quickly and correctly in a clear and polite voice throughout all the departmentsHow?: 1. The telephone must be answered within 3 rings. If it takes longer then you should add “sorry to keep you waiting” to your greeting. 2. Ensure your speech is clear and not to fast to enable the guest to understand you clearly. 3. Familiarise yourself with the 2 types of ring. Continuous ring = internal call Intermittent ring = external call. 4. You should answer all telephone calls by stating “good morning, afternoon, evening” state the relevant department and say “how can I help you”. 5. Where possible always use the callers name. 6. If you have to keep the guest waiting then you should use the “R” or silence button which will keep them on hold and they won‟t be able to hear your conversations. 7. When transferring a call you must state that you are transferring them. 8. Always close the call by thanking them for the call or simply saying goodbye and ensure the guest has replaced their receiver before you replace yours. 9. Never eat, drink or chew gum whilst you are using the telephone.Results: 1. No guests will be keep waiting for an unreasonable amount of time and an apology will be given if they have to wait. 2 There will be no complaints about employee attitude and manner on the telephone. 3. The Departmental Manager will monitor calls on a regular basis by listening and observing to ensure the standard is being set.Drafted by ____________________________ Date _________________Revised by ___________________________ Date _________________
  48. 48. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM KitchenFunction: Temperature ChecklistWhy?:: To ensure that the temperature of all Food Items is monitored during storage and production to comply with Food Safety Regulations.How?:(6) All fridges within the kitchen are numbered for ease of identification. (Provide Form)(7) A temperature checklist form must be filled in twice a day at AM and PM. (see list attached)(3) The reading is taken from the LCD panel display and entered in the corresponding columns on the checklist form with your initial, time and day.(4) Every second day a random check will be carried out by the Sous Chef using an infrared laser guided thermometer, giving a more accurate reading.(5) All forms will be stored for a minimum of 3 months.(6) The Shelf Life column should be filled out after examining the food stuff.Results:(1) The risk of wastage will be reduced due to active prevention of breakdown of fridges.(2) At any given point the Chef will have full knowledge of the contents of each fridge and the freshness of each product.(8) The responsibility of showing „Due Diligence‟ will be met through good food safety and handling.(9) Spot checks will be carried out on a random basis by the Head Chef.Drafted by________________________________Date___________Authorised by_______________________________Date___________
  49. 49. FINEDININGINDIAN.COM KitchenFunction: TimekeepingWhy?:: to ensure everyone reports for duty in time as per rotasHow?:1- to ensure all work shift is started in time, and report to supervisor2-laundry should be picked up outside working hours (kitchen time does not cover laundry services)3-all breaks are to be taken with a supervisor„s approval and recorded in timesheets4-to ensure customer‟s requirements are met in time and prevent shortcut in work practise5-to maintain team spirit by not „letting down‟ workmates repeatedlyResults:1-efficient running of kitchen2-improved atmosphere3-internal&external customer‟s requirements metDrafted by_______________________________Date___________Authorised by_____________________________Date___________
  50. 50. FINEDININGINDIAN.COMMany Thanks for downloading if you plan tointroduce the a standardised house rules inyour Kitchen please feel free to write Creative team