IA & UX: Where Great Design Journeys Begin


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You've seen the acronyms: IA, UX. In these 20 FINE Slides we try and explain what they mean, what they involve, and why they're so important to designing digital experiences. And why you're starting to see this kind of "user experience" thinking permeate all kinds of marketing activities offline and online.

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IA & UX: Where Great Design Journeys Begin

  1. 1. 20 FINE Slides IA + UX Where Great Digital Brand Journeys Begin
  2. 2. UX UCD IA IxD UI HCI User Experience Information Architecture Interaction Design User Interface User Centered Design Human Computer Interaction One Big Happy Family!
  3. 3. Usability Navigation & Labeling Systems Content Organization Information Storage & Retrieval Things IAs Look At...
  4. 4. IAs consciously organize content and flow based on principles derived through observation and evidence.
  5. 5. Stakeholder interviews User interviews, Focus Groups/Listening Labs Site evaluations Competitive/ Comparative analysis Traffic analysis Audience analysis Time and task studies Surveys/Questionnaires Testing on real users Card sorting exercises Paper prototypes Academic papers on HCI Researcher papers Tools & Methods
  6. 6. Site map Navigation & Labeling Systems Flow diagrams Conceptual Diagrams – centralization of core issues Wireframes Taxonomy Personas, Use Cases Requirements Documentation Functional Specifications Common IA Deliverables
  7. 7. “Three Circles of Information Architecture” CONTENT USERS CONTEXT IA *as defined by Louis Rosenfeld and Peter Morville
  8. 8. Information Architecture is just one part of the whole User Experience IA UX
  9. 9. UX recognizes that a good digital service isn't just about functionality.
  10. 10. It’s about the way it does things. It’s about how it makes people feel. UX recognizes that a good digital service isn't just about functionality.
  11. 11. Everything’s right where I’d expect it to be! How did I ever live my life without this?! The Difference Between Great Information Architecture Great User Experience
  12. 12. User Experience promotes rich, engaging interactions between users and systems.
  13. 13. As we move from static and reactive to predictive and proactive experiences, IA and UX become increasingly critical.
  14. 14. Every digital tool or destination begins with information architecture, from a formal product to an informal byproduct.
  15. 15. But is it only digital experiences that should be predictive and proactive?
  16. 16. Or is the practice of IA + UX changing our expectation of how brands must interact everywhere we go?